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I find many people asking me which hair care and skincare products that i use on a daily basis, so i have decided to use the month of October to answer everyone's questions and write about all of my skincare and hair care secrets and tips. Starting off with my everyday shower morning routine.
I am definitely one for sticking to a routine ( i like organisation & structure lol ). Unorganized chaos in the mornings drives me absolutely insane and sets me up for a 'out-of-control' kind of day. So i tend to stick to a calm and relaxing routine in the mornings, so that i feel like myself and can get all three of my children ready and calmly off to school also in a positive mood. My hair care routine only happens every 5 days due to my hair type; But if you minus the shampoo and conditioner routine, everything else is pretty much the same. I have entire beauty routine down to 30 minutes every morning from my shower to my makeup. So here is my morning ritual... 

Below each step, you can find the links to where to find each product and how much they retail for.
I tend to purchase most of my beauty items from Boots, Lush, John Lewis and Debenhams.

1. As soon as i step into the shower the first thing i do is wet my hair and gently exfoliate my scalp by massaging it with my scalp brush. This helps to remove dead skin and also stimulate blood flow, which not only helps stimulate hair growth but also helps me feel more awake. 

Scalp brush RRP £4.50 buy here ( or search scalp brush on eBay ) 

2. I am still struggling to find a sulphate-free shampoo that won't irritate my scalp and helps reduce dandruff. At the moment i am really enjoying these.... I start off with the Lush Squeaky Green Shampoo bar, which i lather up in my hands and gently massage into my scalp. I then follow on with the Loreal Eversleek Shampoo to clean the rest of my hair ( but keeping it away from my scalp ). I do this because the lush shampoo bar cleans my scalp without irritating it, like shampoo's can, however the bar isn't great at cleansing all of my hair so together they create the perfect concoction. After rinsing the first shampoo out, i then follow up with another shampoo using the Loreal Eversleek Shampoo and rinse thoroughly.  

Lush Squeaky Shampoo Bar RRP £5.50 Buy here.
Loreal Eversleek Shampoo RRP £5.99 Buy here.

3. Conditioner is something i am always switching up, i find that can never stay loyal to just one. I apply a lot of conditioner to my hair once again avoiding my scalp. I have extremely dry and thick hair so a lot of conditioner is an absolute must for me. I need a conditioner that penetrates deep into my hair and managed to coat my entire head of hair. I will say that it does get expensive with conditioners, so i often opt for drugstore priced conditioners. Therefor what i look for is value for money, moisturising oils and ingredients that help combat frizz. Currently on rotation i have Lush Retread Conditioner and Loreal Eversleek Conditioner. Sometimes i use both together. I do own a lot of deep conditioners or hair masks, but i use them in my night care routine.

Lush Retread shampoo RRP £10.25 Buy here.
Loreal Eversleek nourishing Conditioner RRP £5.99 Buy here.

4. While the conditioner is doing it's magic on my Macy Gray hair i use the time to exfoliate my face. I do this everyday. I personally choose to gently exfoliate my face everyday as i find and it helps to get rid of dry patches i have, and it leaves my skin looking healthy and radiant. I find that if i don't exfoliate regularly i end up with dry patches around my nose and chin which i hate. The two exfoliants i live by ( both are long term repurchases ) are the Clarins 1 step exfoliating cleanser and the Origins modern friction face scrub. My face is left feeling instantly refreshed.

Clarins Exfoliating Cleanser RRP £20 Buy here.
Origins Modern Friction RRP £33 Buy here.

5. I follow on by washing my body with a nourishing yet kind to skin body wash. My current favourites are the Shea and Honey shower gel by Original Source and the Sanex Moisturising Dermo shower wash. I love that both of these are natural and good for my skin. My skin can get ashy very easily so i like using a shower product that helps to put moisture back into my skin whilst also cleaning it.

Original Source Shower Gel RRP £2.30 Buy here.
Sanex Dermo body wash RRP £3 Buy here.

6. After rinsing off my body wash, I go back to my face for cleansing. I have loved the Philosophy Purity Cleanser for ages and just repurchased, but at the moment i am enjoying finishing up another all time favourite cleanser the Clinique liquid facial soap for oily skin. I also use the Simple Kind to Skin refreshing face wash sometimes. It usually depends on how my skin is feeling that day. I don't put a lot of money into my cleansers because no matter the benefits they are all gone once you rinse away, and it feels like throwing money down the drain. I prefer to invest my money more into my serum, moisturisers and eye creams. I have been using these cleansers for years and highly recommend if you have oily skin that can be sensitive.

Clinique Liquid Soap RRP £15.50 Buy here.
Simple Kind to skin face wash RRP £3.25 Buy here.

7. I wash my intimate area (yes i know we are all grown here, i just choose to word it that way lol) with my Lush Dreamwash Shower Smoothie. I have very sensitive skin so i cannot use anything in that area (not even femfresh) besides Aqueous cream which Dr's have prescribed for me for years, but i hate the residue so thought that i would try something new. I was recommended to try the Dreamwash and it is the only product besides Aqueous cream that won't irritate my skin. It's also fantastic for people who get bikini rash as it's so soothing and refreshing.

Lush Dreamwash shower smoothie (with camomile) RRP £9.75 Buy here.

8. Lastly, i finish up in the shower by finger detangling my hair while the conditioner is still in it. This helps prevent breakage that i would get from a brush.Once all of the conditioner is rinsed out i turn my shower head to cold and rinse myself from head to toe to help give my hair more shine and wake myself up ready for the day. 

Ready for my day...

I'm then ready to get dry and dressed and follow through with my skincare and make up regime. I know i should moisturize my body with lotion or a body oil, but at present i am 5 months pregnant and its rather difficult bending down, plus i have three kids to get ready for school. I just want to get in, get washed and get out basically. I tend to leave massage oils and lotions for nighttime instead. 

So that is my morning shower routine, done in under 10 minutes. What is yours? Would you try any of the products mentioned? 

In reality i would love a bath every morning but with a busy household they are restricted to nighttime luxury treats.

Because true happiness comes from a nice long hot soak in the bath....

Thanks for Reading Lovelies

Jamey xo

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  1. Loved this hun, those shampoos are lush. I know what you mean about busy mum in the mornings its so rushed in our house I've got my routine down to about 35 mins lol

  2. Ah a great routine
    Cannot believe you have three kids
    Used the purity cleanser before but it is not as pure as you think lots of nasties did not irritate my skin
    What is your skin type
    Your skin is Amazing