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Eeeek i still cannot believe i am 21 weeks pregnant. This week was a way better week than last ( Thank God ) So much stress last week had me feeling so low. This week saw more changes good and bad. We got to see our baby at another ultrasound this week, and its movements have been bigger this week that other people can now feel them too. So it is obvious to say my other half is happy and my 8 year old cant stop trying to touch my belly lol. I'm almost tempted to get one of those don't touch my bump t-shirts, or at least doing a DIY Job to a maternity dress or something lol.

My Bump this week 21 weeks

Total week & days:
As of today (Monday 7th) I am 21 weeks and 3 days, with each week changing on the Friday.

Any weight gain:
Like stated before i don't weigh myself i would just become too paranoid lol. I feel huge but people keep telling me im not and that i look great blah blah blah. I feel like i have grown a whole extra ass lol. Oh yeah, i seem to have accumulated tourettes this week. My other half says i am Mary Poppins with tourettes (I mean no offence to anyone who does have it). Back to weight, i wouldn't say i feel any heavier this week than last.

Food cravings:
Haha actually this week was a huge change lol, the past 20 weeks i had craved fruit. This week i found i went off a lot of food (Yes even Nando's, well chicken pretty much) and i've been enjoying a cup of coffee. I found the smell of coffee hideous in the beginning. I am still craving fruit juices but i am going off of pineapple (probably because i have had 2 pots each day for the last 4 months lol). I've also had cravings every now for grape juice and again for Chocolate, which is weird seeing as i hate chocolate. Now this isn't a food craving but i have been addicted to sniffing lush bath bombs lol

Food dislikes:
Chicken yuck, still greasy foods and bread. To be honest there's not much i like eating at the moment.

Babies movements:
This baby is still a fidget bum. At the scan it was still lying upside down and refused to budge, infact it was sleeping through the whole thing. The sonographer i had was just giggling. Babies movements can be felt by others now. Only flaw is baby is quite still in the day then from about 9pm until 3am its non stop kicking. So i had a few days of next to no sleep, again. But atleast it was for a good cause this time.

Pregnancy highs this week:
Seeing baby on the big screen again. The sonographer is always good company to be around, she's so sweet. In fact, 3 out of the 4 scans i have had done she has done. She has watched my baby grow from a little seedling to 21 weeks. She works for the NHS Hospital as well as a private clinic i pay for. Baby was still lying upside down and my scan photos came out in great detail. Everyone says just by looking at the facial features that it has my nose and lips lol. Also as mentioned previously babies movements can now be felt by my partner so he's overjoyed.

Pregnancy Lows this week:
Not too many. I have had a problem with fainting and feel extremely dizzy, tired and weak this week. I feel ok until about 1/2pm then i just crash and feel so ill. I feel so weak i cannot function, its like my sugar levels just completely and utterly crash. I keep seeing stars too (like when i had pre-eclampsia) so my midwife advised me to get another blood test to have a full blood count done and to test my iron levels and my blood pressure checked, it was slightly raised but not enough to be concerned, phew. I do however have an appointment with a consultant today, and will continue to do so every few weeks. Besides this and a little mount of sleep only negative thing was getting hit by someone in our car, luckily it wasn't bad.

Pregnancy symptoms:
Still have Spd, (symphysis pubis dysfunction) which seems to be getting worse with each day but i have a physiotherapy appointment this week so i will finally have crutches for my bad days (though  i am sure i will be stubborn and not use them lol). I Still have a sore back, and this week my boobs started getting sore again. I also keep having braxton hicks.

Pregnancy mood & morale this week:
Pretty good. I feel more confident in my pregnancy and am actually really enjoying it. I do however wish most foods didn't make me feel sick, as much as i enjoy being able to stomach a cup of coffee i'd much rather some rice or chicken. So i hope going off these is just a phase.

Any new maternity or baby purchases:
Yes lol, i know i know. But i really don't have many normal clothes that now fit me. I purchased 2 long sleeve tops from blooming marvellous, 1 in purple and the other in grey. As well as a plum coloured jumper/sweater and a black lace dress (for christmas). I need to get some more winter bits like cardigans and a coat that does up around my bump lol.

Babies gender:
Still keeping it a secret, i know i am a spoil sport, sorry.

Baby names:
Same as before, A for a girl and F for a boy, no change there.

Pregnancy/Baby wishlist items:
In all honesty i am almost nearly completely done, just need a diaper bin, cot bedding and baby monitor. As well as staples like diapers, wipes, toiletries etc. But we will worry about those items after we move house.

Best bit of advice for this week:
If you don't feel right, you keep fainting or feeling off balance call your midwife. Get your bloods done and blood pressure checked. I think the midwives in this country make us feel like we are wasting their time sometimes, but you shouldn't feel that way.

Are you also 21 weeks pregnant? How are you finding your pregnancy?

Missy xox

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