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My eyeshadow collection is always ever growing. I only started really getting into makeup just over 2 years ago and eye shadow was one of the first things I quickly became addicted to buying. I started off with drugstore eye shadows like Makeup Academy & Bourjois (Bourjois and Rimmel being the first eye shadow's i ever owned) and i soon wanted to branch out and try other brands of eye shadows. 

I soon became addicted to Mac. Mac eyeshadows are Great because you can choose your shades and make your own custom palette. With a large array of shades and finishes its easy to get every colour you need. I am very fortunate to have a Mac store within walking distance to where i live in Cambridge (Grand Arcade linked to John Lewis). Occasionally i would find myself in the other shopping center (Grafton, it has cheaper parking lol) and I kept walking past a store called Inglot in the mall. A popular and affordable Polish brand. I decided to research Inglot more and discovered that their eyeshadows and lipglosses were their most raved about items. 
Upon first glance Inglot can appear very intimidating when you first walk in, just like a Mac store. You are greeted straight away with an overwhelming array of products and beautiful colours at every glance. Inglot's most popular items being their eyeshadows are made the centre of attention in my local store, with it's own island in the center of the store making the magpie in all of us makeup addicts gravitate straight towards it.  

My 1st collection of Inglot eyeshadows i picked out my usual neutral shades, as i felt i would get the most use out of these on a daily basis. After i filled up my First 10 pan of eyeshadows, which came to a total of £50 plus £12 for the palette. I soon found myself very addicted to Inglot eyeshadows, especially their AMC/Shine shadows as they have the most amazing pigmentation & blend like a dream. I soon set out to build up my kit with the help of Ebony Maize Makeup's inspiration.

My custom 40 palette

Firstly lets talk price. Compared to Mac, Inglot is super affordable. With Mac pan shadows retailing for £10 each Inglot shadow retails at £5 each and holds more product than Mac. Some Inglot stores regularly have 30% off of selected shadows too (who doesn't like a saving). I personally prefer the single plain shadows but Inglot also offers rainbow shadows which have 3 shades in one square (I have heard great things about these, especially the matte shades) and these retail at £6.50 each

The freedom system eyeshadow palettes start off as an individual/single (1 square) at £5.50 pretty much adding 50p each square as it goes up in size. The most popular size palettes for eyeshadow are the 5 square £8, 10 square £12 and 20 square £18. Mostly makeup artists purchase the 40 square palette £29 as its rather large, so it takes up a lot of storage and it holds pretty much every eyeshadow you will ever need to create any look. Again i blame Ebony Maize Makeup for my frivolous purchase of the 40 square palette. However i have had great fun filling it and only need 10 more until it is complete. Though i am sure i will fill my 10 pan back up again also. I kept my 10 square to use when i go travelling and only need a select few.

Row 1: 35, 453, 08, 36, 23, 358, 313.
Row 2: 155, 31, 402, 406, 52, 402, 360, 342.
Row 3: 09, 605, 607, 450, 12, 15.

Row 4: 14, 446, 319, 334.
Row 5: 32, 413, 426, 316, 61.
Detailed swatches below.

Inglot freedom palette systems are pretty versatile and you can store so many of their products in them. From Fragrance/Perfumes Eyeshadows, Lipsticks, Blush, Brow products, Concealer, Face powders & Bronzers. You can get systems that are just for single items (ie shadows, lipsticks, blushers) or you can mix and match in systems and store face powders with blush, eyeshadows & lipstick in one place for a complete look. I personally opted for my eyeshadows and blush to be separate, as i store each product in different locations of my vanity.

 Eyeshadows come squared and rounded. As for the palette, (you can see in the photo above) how they are laid out. I like that they have separated wells with a nice 2mm gap in between them. Which helps to prevent shadows from blending into each other (something that my z palettes do not do). The magnet is super strong (stronger than Mac) so believe me when i tell you that it is hard to get your eyeshadows out once you have them in, those little suckers aren't going anywhere. However i remove mine using tweezers but it can scratch a few of your eyeshadows in the process (as you can see by some of my shadows in my photos). I find using a pencil to write each eyeshadows number next to it or applying stickers on the back helps me to remember each shade. The frosted front cover (with the Inglot logo all over) slides off using magnets to hold it closed. The packaging is super sturdy and travels well without damaging any eyeshadows. As for convenience I personally find the Z palettes & Mac palettes easier with their lid openings as i can use just 1 hand when i am in a rush, so sometimes i transfer my Inglot shadows into a Z palette for convenience at home.

I decided since so many of you kept asking me over on my Instagram for swatches that i would do this post for you. With every shade i own and a brief description on which are my personal favourites. If i could own and swatch every single Inglot eyeshadow out there i would. I feel Inglot could benefit from showing swatches on their website like Makeup Geek, often how something looks on their website and in the pan isn't how it looks on the skin. So here we go:

35 Shine - Shimmer satin white. Great for highlighting brow bone & tear duct.
453 Pearl - Richer more opaque version of 35.
08 Shine - A pretty champagne gold another great highlighter shade.

23 Shine - Dark shimmery grey, beautiful on lid and perfect smoky eye shade.
36 Shine - Silver shimmer, stunning on the lid with a bold wing liner.

358 Matte - Light Cool toned brown with grey undertone.
313 Matte - Yellow based Cream, perfect lid colour for a simple day look.

155 Shine - Yellow based gold shimmer.
31 Shine - Taupe gold duo tone shimmer.

 402 Pearl - Shimmery Taupe, beautiful lid shade.
406 Pearl - Brass Gold shimmer.
52 AMC - Satin cocoa brown with gold glitter flecks, beautiful in the crease.

402 Pearl - (I only just realised i have 2 of these lol).
360 Matte - Cool toned brown a darker version of 358.
342 Matte - Neutral matte brown my favourite Inglot shadow for blending out crease.

607 Pearl - burgundy red.
605 Pearl - Burnt orange (Dupe for Mac coppering).
09 Shine - Rose gold shimmer.
 450 - Cranberry red (Dupe for Mac Cranberry eyeshadow).
12 Shine - Soft bronze with silver glitter reflects.
15 Shine - Soft peach smoothie shade with gold glitter reflects.

14 Shine - Soft lilac with silver glitter reflects.
446 Pearl - Dark plum purple duo chrome with brown undertone.

319 Matte - Light dusty rose baby pink. Great on the lid with rose gold shades.
334 Matte - Lilac purple.

32 Shine - Sea foam green with silver reflects.
413 Pearl - Mermaid blue with green duo chrome.
426 Pearl - Deep royal blue.

316 Matte - Aqua green.
61 AMC - Black with blue glitter reflects.

I have arranged my eyeshadows in my 40 palette into shades and finish. The top 3 rows being my neutral everyday shades (mostly warm shades) and the bottom 2 rows being brights and more colourful. AMC shines of the left and mattes to the right. The empty spaces are for shadows i need to fill (i already have an idea which ones). 5 more matte shades and 5 shine/pearls.

If you cannot get to an Inglot store which i personally find more fun. 
You can buy Inglot eyeshadows online

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