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Everyone Knows about, Loves and Wants the Lorac Pro palettes.... They have built up such a hype in the beauty community and are actually one of the hardest things for us Brits to get our hands on. I purchased mine a couple of years back through Amazon for £50 and i still absolutely love it. A couple of months back my dear blogger friend MissMakeupMagpie recommended Makeup Revolution eye shadow products to me. There is so much to choose from so I decided to purchase a few palettes and see for myself what all the hype was about...

In my experience with some cheaper/highstreet brands i find the eyeshadows to be disappointing, mainly with the pigmentation and chronic fall out. Especially as i prefer to do my foundation and concealer before my eyes. I'm just gonna say that I don't know why it took me so long to try out Makeup revolution eyeshadows as i actually like them. That now makes 2 drugstore eyeshadow brands that i actually like: Makeup Revolution & Gosh Cosmetics. I do like the quality of sleek eyeshadows i just hate the palettes and colour combinations sometimes, so i don't find myself ever reaching for them. Even when i stressed myself out depotting them i still don't use them. If Sleek came up with Pro pan single shadows i would be all over those bad boys, I hope Makeup Revolution do the same as there is a big gap in the market for a UK brand to do that (like Morphe brushes) Anyway.... Makeup revolution is a company known in the bloggersphere and beauty world as a brand who copies highend makeup brands' most popular products, and sells them at a fraction of the price. Perfect for those who get sucked into the hypes on Youtube but maybe cannot afford £50 for a Lorac palette. Often more affordable means less quality but i have not found that to be the case with quite a lot of the Makeup Revolution products i have tried this year. Now that i have shocked most of my Instagram lovelies with that little announcement (as i mainly show highend products) i will get into the Lorac vs MakeUp Revolution Sparring Match...ding,ding,ding.....

Lorac Pro 1

Everyone and their mama knows about the Lorac Pro palettes. I am actually blessed to own the Pro 1, Pro 2 and the Mega Pro palettes. I can create a lifetime of looks with just these 3 palettes alone. They are super buttery soft (which does mean there can be a little fall out) and the pigmentation is equally great (I only found the pigmentation was really disappointing in 1 shadow). The packaging is Sleek yet Sturdy with a magnetic closure. It also comes with a medium sized mirror so this palette is perfect for travelling. However the soft cardboard texture means the packaging instantly gets grubby looking. It stops looking new after your first use. It comes with a row of 8 matte shades and 8 shimmers. Mostly warm tones.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1

Firstly i was shocked by how smooth the makeup revolution shadows actually feel, some felt equally smooth to the lorac shadows. The pigmentation on most of the shades was amazing (very rare for drugstore brands) and some of the shades actually out shined the Lorac palette. Again the shades look almost identical to the Lorac palette, but swatches will show exactly how identical. The palette comes in a sleek palette plastic palette with a muted black top lid and traditional MUR shiny black bottom with hinges to open the palette. It has a very large mirror which i actually love and contains more product than the Lorac. It also comes with a double sided blended brush.


All of the swatches were taken on the back of my hand in natural daylight near a window. I prefer the back of my hand because its the closest to my skintone on my face. I am a Mac NC25 for reference. Whereas the inside of my arm is considerably paler more around NC15. So the colours wouldn't be true to my natural Medium skintone to give a full review on how they show up on myself and also how they blend. People should note that sometimes shadows can swatch well on a finger but transfer differently swatched onto the hand or applied onto the eyelid. Just because something works well with a finger doesn't mean it does with a brush. I tested each shadow out with my Wayne Goss No.18 flat shader Brush, Wayne Goss 03 blender brush, Mac 217 & 224 blender brushes. This post with be an in depth review on both palettes as well as comparisons. Make up revolution eyeshadow swatches are on the Left of the hand & Lorac on the Right. Lets get into it.....

MUR Ghost Vs Lorac White - (Exact Dupe)

Winner: Lorac White

The Lorac 'White' is very soft, softer than MUR 'Ghost'. Even though it is a matte white shade it actually has tiny silver glitter particles to help brighten up the eye. Both the 'Ghost' & 'White' pack onto the lid well and blend well also. The MUR is slightly more chalky and takes longer to build up, but it still builds up really nicely.

MUR Need Vs Lorac Nude

Winner: Lorac Nude

Sadly the pigmentation in the Makeup Revolution shade 'Need' was no where near as pigmented as the Lorac 'Nude' shade. Even with Fix+ or a wet brush i still needed to pack layer upon layer and still couldn't achieve the same pigmentation as the Lorac 'Nude' on my lid. However i actually really like the Makeup Revolution 'Need' shadow as a beautiful subtle highlight on the brow bone. The Lorac 'Nude' is far too pigmented and opaque for a highlight shade, its best as a lid shade. So these 2 shades always come down to preference. Lorac is more cool toned where as Makeup Revolution is neutral. 

MUR Luna Vs Lorac Cream - (Exact Dupe)

Winner: Both

Honestly there is no difference in pigmentation with these 2 eyeshadows. The Makeup Revolution 'Luna' Is a spot on dupe for colour and pigmentation as the Lorac 'Cream'. Both pack onto the lid well and blend out well too. 'Luna' is my favourite of the 4 light shades (1st 4) in the Makeup Revolution Palette.

MUR Dawn Vs Lorac Champagne

Winner: Lorac Champagne

The Makeup Revolution 'Dawn' shade looked almost identical to the Makeup Revolution 'Need' shade only it seemed to appear slightly whiter. Where as  the Lorac champagne shade has tiny silver glitters. Lorac 'Champagne' is super pigmented and blends beautifully. I use this as a highlight on the brow bone and on the lid (obviously not together lol, no one wants a disco ball look now). 'Champagne' is honestly one of my favourite shades in the Lorac palette. Sadly 'Dawn' let me down. (2 out of 16 is pretty great). However Dawn is a nice shade to use in the inner corner to help brighten up the eyes.

MUR Must Vs Lorac Taupe

Winner: Both

I chose both not because they are identical in shade (as they are not) but because both have the same pigmentation and equally blend really well in the crease. I use both of these shades as transition shades. The Makeup Revolution 'Must' is a warm tone brown and Lorac 'Taupe' is a cool toned ashy brown. Both of these shads aren't actually super pigmented compared to the other matte shades in the palettes which doesn't make them the best for all over lid colours, however i find the light pigmentation makes them perfect to use as crease transition shades. Nothing is worse than a super pigmented transition shade that either takes forever to blend out or has to be removed and start all over again, i prefer a colour that can be built up which these shades both do.

MUR Getter Vs Lorac Gold

Winner: Lorac Gold

The Lorac 'Gold' is Intensely pigmented!! It is so beautiful on the lid and has a duo chrome look to it, where it looks a coppery gold in some lights and a yellow gold in others. The makeup revolution 'Getter' is not as pigmented but can be built up using a wet brush. Colour wise i think Makeup Revolution matched the gold coppery undertone perfectly, but as its not duo chrome like the Lorac 'Gold' (where as it changes in the light) so it's not an exact dupe. To be fair its hard to get this strong pigmentation in an eyeshadow that is not a pressed pigment.

MUR Enigma Vs Lorac Lt.Pink - (Exact Dupe)

Winner: Makeup Revolution Enigma

The pigmentation is almost exactly the same with these 2 shadows. Only the colour payoff and pigmentation is slightly better with the Makeup Revolution 'Enigma'. It also shows up more true to colour on the lid compared to Lorac '' which looks pink in the pan but almost turns white on the lid. Both pack colour onto the lid beautifully. 

MUR Breathe Vs Lorac Lt.Bronze

Winner: Lorac Lt.Bronze

The 'Lt.bronze' is really pigmented. Its a slightly warmer peachier version to the 'Champagne' shade in the Lorac palette.  The Makeup Revolution 'Breathe' is very much like the Dawn shade in that its not pigmented enough to be a dupe but it is very very close. Because of the warm tone to the 'Breathe' shadow it cannot be used a highlight shade. Colour wise they are almost identical it just came down to pigmentation with this shadow. However i personally find 'Breathe' is a lovely shade for a neutral everyday look where as 'Lt.Bronze' is very Bam in your face on the lid. 

MUR Fade Vs Lorac Mauve

Winner: Both

I chose both because even though these 2 do are not exact dupes shade wise they are both really pigmented and pack on colour well. They blend out equally beautiful too. The Makeup Revolution 'Fade' is not as pigmented as the Lorac but is a perfect transition shade. Fade is more on the Mauve Pink Side and Lorac 'Mauve' has a grey purple undertone to it so it appears way more cool toned. 

MUR Too Grey Vs Lorac Pewter

Winner: Both

I chose both because once again the colour is beautiful from both palettes. The Lorac 'Pewter' has a slight duo chrome look to it with a tiny hint of purple. Where as the Makeup Revolution 'Too Grey' is a perfect taupe shade. I don't get why it is called too grey, as on my skintone i don't see any grey to it lol. Both colours pack onto the lid beautifully as well as blending out great too. I use the 'Too Grey' for warmer eye looks and the 'Pewter' for cooler tone eye looks. 

MUR Drama Vs Lorac Sable

Winner: Lorac Sable

The Lorac 'Sable' shade is deeper and richer, so is perfect for packing colour on the outer V to deepen the eye and adding depth in the crease. The Makeup Revolution 'Drama'  is a nice colour but its not as pigmented or a rich as 'Sable'. I find Drama is more of a Medium Neutral Brown where as Lorac's 'Sable' Is more of a deeper darker brown.  Both colours blend well. Drama is a bit more chalky than 'Sable' But its nothing i cannot work with. 

MUR Stage Vs Lorac Garnet

Winner: MUR Stage

The Makeup Revolution 'Stage' eyeshadow is OMG super pigmented. It has a duo chrome iridescent look to it. In some lights it appears a copper and in others a cranberry shade. This is definitely one of my favourite shades in the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 palette. The Lorac 'Garnet' is a pretty copper with gold undertone but its not as pigmented as the Makeup Revolution. Both blend well in the crease and pack on colour well to the lid without the need of a wet brush. I personally love both. 

MUR Afflicted  Vs Lorac Espresso - (Exact Dupe)

Winner: MUR Afflicted

'Espresso' was the biggest let down to me in the Lorac pro palette. Its not as pigmented as all the other shades in the palette. It swatches onto the finger amazingly but doesn't transfer the same onto the hand or when using a blending brush. Even when applied with my mac 217 brush i found it went on patchy and required a lot of blending and building up. I prefer super pigmented deeper brown shades, therefore i don't bother using this shade. For this palette i expected better with the darkest brown. However the Makeup Revolution 'Afflicted' is more pigmented and is also a spot on dupe for the Lorac 'Espresso'. It just looks lighter in the photo because the Lorac shade is so sheer.

MUR Addicted Vs Lorac Deep Purple

Winner: Both

The Lorac 'Deep Purple' eyeshadow is more pigmented and the Makeup Revolution 'Addicted' is not as matte as the Lorac. The Lorac 'Deep Purple' Is almost matte, with tiny little gold flecks running through it. Both look almost black as they are very deep plum shades. The Makeup Revolution 'Addicted' Has a slight duo chrome look to it where you see different shades of plums in the light. I personally find the MUR 'Addicted' shade the prettiest for on the lid when creating a purple smokey eye. Both blend well and pack on colour equally great. 

MUR Pitch Vs Lorac Black (Exact Dupe)

Winner: Lorac Black

Though the Makeup Revolution black is almost a spot on dupe colour wise for the lorac only it has a more satin finish compared to the Lorac being matte. I find the Makeup Revolution 'Pitch' to be the perfect black for a black & silver smokey eye look on the lid (Giving the eye that wet look, especially when Fix+ is teamed with it). The Lorac 'Black' is just slightly more pigmented so is great for adding dimension to the crease. Both come off a smoky black shade. The Lorac 'Black' doesn't need any building up where as the Makeup Revolution 'Pitch' can be built up to achieve the same intensity. In my personal experience i haven't found a matte black more pigmented than my Urban Decay Blackout and Makeup Geek Corrupt eyeshadows (I think i may have to do a black eyeshadow swatch post). I prefer the Lorac 'Black' eyeshadow for smoky night time looks and the Makeup Revolution  'Pitch' eyeshadow to help add definition for a daytime smoky look when i don't need the black to be as harsh.

MUR Player Vs Lorac Slate

Winner: Both

The Makeup Revolution got the duo chrome totally on point with this shade, however the Lorac 'Slate' eyeshadow is a deeper gunmetal grey where as the Makeup Revolution 'Player' revolution has a silver layer on top. Both shades are beautiful and blend really well, perfect lid shades for dark smoky eyes. 

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 palette Pro's:

- Definitely the Price Tag Its £40 cheaper than the Lorac Pro

- Pigmentation in darker Shades is on point

- Product for money, you get more quantity of product in this palette so better value.

- Large Mirror

- Easy accessibility, it can be found in stores in Superdrug and online through the MUR Website.

- It comes with a brush, which is ideal for beginners and much better than the cosmetic sponges most brands use.

-Best Shadows: Enigma, Garnet, Too Grey, Fade, Stage, Addicted, Player, Luna & Must.

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 palette Cons: 

- A couple of the lighter shades aren't too pigmented

- Hinges are used on cheaper plastic palettes, but hinges break easily. So be careful when travelling with plastic palettes. 

- Disappointing Shadows: Dawn & Breathe.

Lorac Pro 1 Palette Pro's:

- Pigmentation of all but 1 shadow are good. 

- Thin Sleek soft cardboard packaging means easily to fit in handbag and no broken hinges, so perfect for travel.

- Best Shadows: Nude, Gold, Mauve, Pewter, Garnet, Sable, Deep Purple & Slate.

Lorac Pro 1 Palette Cons:

- No applicator or Brush compared to MUR Palette. Its nice to have a place to put a makeup brush so when you are travelling you take up less space. 

- Soft cardboard Material means it looks grubby all the time (not very highend for the highend price)

- Price is £50 in the UK, super expensive.

- Hard to get in the UK as Lorac have no plans to ship here. 

- Disappointing Shadows: Definitely Espresso. could do with improving in texture and pigmentation.

Overall conclusion....

Overall i think Makeup Revolution have done a fantastic job at creating am affordable dupe. Many of the shadows are exact dupes for the shades in the Lorac Pro 1 palette and some are even better. The couple of non pigmented shades don't make me regret my decision to buy this palette and i would recommend it to people. I will be finding myself reaching for the Makeup Revolution iconic pro 1 palette for everyday looks as every colour you could need is in this 1 palette. One of the best £8 drugstore purchases i have ever got. I'm even more excited to play with more of their eyeshadow palettes now. I own 2 more the Iconic pro 2 and the white chocolate bar palette (reviews to follow shortly). 

The Lorac palette is a favourite of mine for creating night time smokey eye looks yet, I'm not sure with the amount of times i have used it that i can justify having spent £50 on it. My Tom Ford palette is more expensive but more wearable and gets far more use. I would recommend the Lorac pro palette for anyone who wears makeup frequently and likes to create a lot of deeper or going out looks. I would recommend the MUR for anyone who wants colour payoff for an affordable price who will enjoy wearing shadows for daily wear. Do i feel the Lorac pro palette is a must have? No, but it is a nice luxury palette to have. The majority of the shades can be found in the Makeup Revolution palette and similar single eyeshadow shades can be found from Urban Decay which is also cheaper or Mac pigments.

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  1. Such an amazingly detailed review. Could you also do a similar comparison between the lorac pro 2 and the makeup revolution iconic prob2? That'd be very helpful :) keep up the good work!

    1. Aww thank you very much. Yes i will do a comparison review on the Lorac pro 2 :-)