MUA Cosmetics Summer 2015 Collection Review

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Makeup Academy came out with some New items for this summer, which release in stores sometime next week. I was one of the lucky girls who won their competition over on Instagram and was very lucky to have been sent all of these goodies to keep, so i thought why dont i review them for all you lovelies on my blog.
I must admit that when the little black package from them turned up I was very very pleasantly surprised by what was inside and i thought I would show you their new summer range so that you can rush out and buy it ALL when they release in Superdrug and online....

All of the products came inside a Paper MUA bag, and each item was wrapped intricately in black tissue paper with the MUA sticker labels.

The first item I opened was a *£1 matte lipstick from their range in the shade 'Mystic Marsala'. It's actually a very pretty mauve toned berry shade. I really like this shade and I also like the sweet yet subtle smell of the lipstick (something I usually dislike with drugstore lipsticks). I find that it's not totally matte on the lips but I like that, as i find flat matte lipsticks (like Mac's ruby woo ) really dry my lips out and don't flatter my full yet dry lips well at all, even with exfoliating.

The 2nd item I opened is probably my most favourite from the whole collection. A blush Shimmer stick. (you may have seen the sneak peeks of this over on their Instagram page) Sadly it has no shade name, it just says blush shimmer stick but the formulation of this is Amazing!!! It's so, so creamy and blends into the skin like a dream. This reminds me of Nars Orgasm Multiple but pink. It is such a beautiful light pink with gold flecks of shimmer, i don't even have to wear a highlight with this and it gives the most beautiful glow. Honestly this with a tan is going to be perfection, now I just need to tan for it to look even more beautiful on me. Everyone with a Medium & Olive skin tone should be rocking this during the summer. I truly hope they come out with more blush stick shades, I know they are releasing a highlighter shade too.


I then opened a small square packet to find a beautiful Rose gold compact housing a bronzer/highlight powder and also a contour powder. The contour powder compact is a cute design with the top compartment housing the Bronzer/highlighter shade, then you flip it up to reveal the contour shade on the bottom. I personally love the contour powder, its slightly warm toned but it blends beautiful into the skin. and is the perfect shade for the summer months. The highlighter shade turned silver on my warm skin tone, I usually opt for golden, peachy hues, however i feel this shade would be beautiful on more paler, cool toned complexions. I think this is going to be their most popular item out of the whole collection and its already gaining a lot of attention over on their Instagram page. Plus who doesn't love rose gold packaging??

The last 2 packets were lip products, Yay!!! Now we're talking. If there is any products from Makeup Academy I usually put my money towards it's their lip products (mostly their mua luxe liquid matte lipsticks) buh bye overpriced Limecrime so I was overjoyed when I actually swatched the 6 high pigment powerpout acrylic liquid lipsticks!!! Omg holy pigment!! Makeup Academy were spot on with these this summer, they are definitely stepping up their game in the drugstore cosmetics industry this year. The *Powerpout acrylics are in the shades:

Shades L-R:
- Unwrapped (a pink based nude)
- Wondrous (a 90's brown )
- Supreme (a fun raspberry pink)
- Infinity (a super bright fuchsia pink)
- Potency (a purple grape) 
- Decorous (a poppy red, think Rita Ora red). 

Honestly the pigmentation of these is amazing. They go on glossy but dry down to a happy medium between a glossy and matte finish. I tried these with an without a lipliner and i would recommend not wearing a liner underneath as it caused a white ring around my lips, however without the liner these are perfect and the applicator is so easy to use.I think these are going to be their biggest hit in the collection along with the contouring kit. 

Last but not least the last package i opened was 6 of their *Powerpout Glaze pens. Now initially the moment is saw these, I thought "Oh No chubby lip crayons" (which I hate apart from my nars ones). So I giggled like a little school girl when I removed the lids and saw that they were actually twist up lip glosses (everyone knows stila lip glazes are my favourite)!! I love how convenient lip glazes are for on the go, (I am a busy mom to 4) no need for a mirror just click, swipe, go... The brush is larger on these than the stila glazes but I like that they are not as sticky as the signature stila glazes. The pigmentation on 5 of these was amazing. Now let's get into the shades and swatches....
Hush, Rapture, Allure, Serenity, Enchant, Spellbound.

- Hush- Clear/nude shade with gold shimmer (great dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Ibiza nights lipgloss) and compliments any nude lipstick. 

- Rapture - A very dark terracotta style brown, very 90's style. Its super pigmented in colour considering this are low pigment. Honestly there is no need to wear a lipstick under this shade.

- Allure- A pretty pinky purple berry shade. It is also very pigmented so it can be worn alone.

- Serenity- A pretty rosey toned pink with pink and silver shimmer. Its the perfect shade for a girl  who likes a bit of colour on her lips but not too overwhelming. I think every skin tone can pull this shade off. 

- Enchant- This is the least most pigmented of the glosses. Its a blue based barbie-esque pink. Though this isn't super pigmented on its own i think it would be beautiful over any hot pink/fuchsia shade to add more fullness to the lips. This and Mac Candy Yum Yum would be beautiful.

- Spellbound- this is the same as the Decorous Acrylic, your typical strawberry red shade. This again is super pigmented there is no need to wear a lipstick underneath, just let your lip do the talking.

Overall i am very pleased with the new collection. I only own a handful of products by MUA but what i do own i love. I'm glad i can now add some more of their products to my drugstore recommendations. 

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What will you be picking up from this line?

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