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After posting my whole entire Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Collection (which you can view here) i decided to do a blog post dedicated exclusively to my Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks. Lipsticks have fast become one of my favourite makeup items to purchase and shamefully i feel now that a girl can never have too many ( words of a lipstick addict ). Over the past few years i have built up quite the lipstick collection and i have really enjoyed adding the luscious lipsticks from Charlotte Tilburys cosmetics line into my makeup collection and daily routine. Whenever i try out a new makeup brand the first things i gravitate towards testing out are their Foundations and Lipsticks. Lipstick is often the product i got for in limited edition collections also. I love the way wearing a lipstick can change the way you look and feel.

Three years back i never would have considered wearing a lipstick, i just found them to be too high maintenance and time consuming for someone like me who just loves to swipe on some gloss, and go; not having to worry about if it's smeared or transferred onto my teeth. I have also always been the type of person who prefers to blend it rather than stand out, and lipstick i feel can draw attention at times ( i really hate unwanted attention ). Over the past few years transitioning into my 30's i have come to grow quite fond of wearing lipsticks and feeling ( a bit more ) confident receiving attention when wearing a bold lipstick. I have grown to know which lipstick shades compliment my skin-tone, personality and lifestyle. I think Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are perfect because all of her products are created to empower women, and i also feel that there should be No Rules when it comes to makeup.

Talking about the Packaging, Each lipstick comes in the signature Charlotte Tilbury vintage inspired burgundy cardboard packaging, but the magic is in the lipstick tube design. Each and every one of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are housed in a beautiful rose gold tube with the 'CT' initials embossed on the lid. Every lipstick has the shade names on the bottom of each tube also. The packaging feels luxurious and weighted, you really do feel like you are getting an indulgent treat.

There are currently two lipstick finishes in the Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics line.....

K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks | The signature Kissing lipsticks consist of 11 permanent shades ( at present ) which have been curated with both modern and classic beauty icons in mind. From Rich full bodied reds to trendy classics and an excellent compilation of nude shades, there really is a lipstick shade for everyone in this line. The formula is enriched with a breakthrough, secret ingredient ' The Lipstick Tree'. You may be wondering what is the Lipstick Tree? Bixa Orellana seed extract, which is a natural plant colorant derived from a shrub native to South America. Originally natives used the seeds to make body paint and lipsticks, which is how the ingredient earned it's nickname "The Lipstick Tree." It does have beneficial anti-oxidative effects, but it does not protect lips from UV damage like a sunscreenThe rich, creamy texture coats your lips in dense-opaque, saturated color that lasts for hours your lips leaving your lips looking cashmere soft and irresistible. The formula has just enough slip to glide on smoothly, but isn't so slick ( yes YSL ) that it will bleed around the mouth. The special waxes and clever light-diffusing pigments within the lipstick which help to create a subtle shine for alluring, full-bodied lips. Each of the K.I.S.S.I.N.G is a satin coverage.

Matte Revolution Lipsticks | Shade-wise, The Matte Revolution lipsticks comes in 10 colors choices, aimed to complement a variety of skin tones. The Matte Revolution lipstick are described as as the matte lipsticks of the future and provide a "luminous modern matte long-lasting finish," which i find to somewhat true. You will notice that they have a squared off, slanted tip. The aim is that it is shaped more like a 'lip brush' for more accurate application, i personally find it a bit harder work than the standard bullet shape, but it is still do-able and you get an all over even-finish straight from the tube. The wear time is not as long-wearing as other matte lipsticks on the market, a few hours of wear is reasonable to expect. As with most lipsticks, wear time is decreased by drinking, eating ( and kissing hehe ) and the lipsticks do tend to transfer a bit unlike more full matte ( yet drying ) lipsticks. However i personally like this, and i must say the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks are my favourite matte formula on the market, simply because they are smooth and not at all drying. Unlike a flat matte lipstick, you can expect a semi-matte finish with a non-drying feel, rich color pay-off with no tugging and no bleeding into the lip lines ( hooray ). Just like the KISSING lipsticks they also contain Bixa Orellana seed extract which have beneficial anti-oxidative benefits. The lipsticks do have a slight vanilla flavor from the ethyl vanillin extract ingredient within them. Other ingredients include Triglycerides, Papaya and Orchid Extracts. Every lipstick created has a fun name and i also enjoy that the shade you see in the tube is the exact shade you get on your lips.

Now time to get into the Lipsticks in my collection....

My first ever Tilbury lipstick was the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in the shade 'Bitch Perfect' as you can see she is well loved and one of my most worn shades. Bitch Perfect is a pretty baby pink with a slight nude hue. It teams beautifully with the Pillow Talk Lip Cheat Liner. I love how versatile this shade is, i can wear it with natural makeup in the daytime or it can help amp up my look donning a deep sultry smokey-eye at night. I loved it so much i soon added another Nude K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in 'Penelope Pink'  (named after Latino beauty Penelope Cruz) to my collection. Penelope Pink is a nude with a slight pink undertones. It is the perfect nude for those who don't like pink but want a bit more warmth than 'Nude Kate'. Nude Kate is the lightest lipstick shade Charlotte has to offer in the collection. It is a fleshy-toned nude that has just the slightest hint of peach creating the right tone of warmth, to not wash out the complexion and preventing that dead person look ( cough* Mac Myth Anyone? ).Nude Kate was actually inspired by Charlotte's Muse and best friend 'Kate Moss' and it is a perfect neutral nude for lighter skin-tones. Then there is 'Hepburn Honey' in my collection, which is a warmer toned nude with a honey-tint hue. The golden honey-tint to it adds a nice amount of depth and warmth to your lips and flatters tanned and deeper skin-tones beautifully. I do find that Hepburn honey doesn't look great on myself in flash photography, it shows up as a gaunt-like brown; that just doesn't flatter me at all. However on a day to day basis i love it. Both Nude Kate & Hepburn Honey team perfectly with the Iconic Nude Lip Cheat lip liner. 

After falling in love with the creaminess and longevity of the nude KISSING lipsticks i decided to get 'Coachella Coral' ( which i purchased in the Ingenue Gift Box Set  RRP £145 ). Coachella Coral is a medium coral with a pink undertone, it is the perfect coral for those who fear brighter shades and tend to lean more towards pink tones ( well that pretty much sums me up ) bright corals just seem to be a shade i cannot pull off. Coachella coral teams beautifully with Pink Venus Lip Cheat Liner. I also have Confession which is limited edition ( i couldn't find it to put into the blogpost, i know its in one of my handbags somewhere ) Confession is just slightly deeper in depth than Penelope pink and has a touch more pink to it. I recently added three new lipsticks to my collection the past month, one being another K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in the shade 'Stoned Rose' which i would describe as a warm muted-rose mauve, that flatters all skin-tones. It also teams well with the pillowtalk lip cheat and i love it with MAC's Whirl lip liner. I can imagine this shade shows up differently on each skin-tone, appearing a darker mauve shade on fairer skin-tones to a rosey based nude on deep skin-tones. If you are someone who really does not like the boldness of a red or berry-toned lipstick then Stoned Rose is a great alternative, as it's a deeper shade on the lip but not overpoweringly bold. 

Now moving onto the Matte Revolution lipsticks that i have in my collection; the first is the very popular 'Very Victoria' lipstick which is soft golden medium-brow. I find it very versatile and it is ingenious that it compliments every skin-tone. I love the unique hydrating formula for a 'matte lipstick', seeing as most matte lipsticks leave my lips looking super dry and cause them to crack and peel. The other matte revolution lipstick i own is the limited edition  ( sorry ladies ) 'Miss Kensington' lipstick from the Norman Parkinson Collaboration. I love how patriot the British name is. Online the lipstick looks far more of a light baby pink than it looks in person. On my lips 'Miss Kensingtonshows up a neutral light-medium pink, it's the most natural looking lipstick out of my whole Charlotte Tilbury lipstick collection. It has just slight more pink to it than Bitch Perfect. Though it is aimed at your traditional fair skinned English Rose it has enough warmth in it not to wash out medium skin-tones. I would think it would look to ashy on deep skin-tones worn alone.

L-R: Coachella Coral - Bitch Perfect - Miss Kensington - Hepburn Honey - Penelope Pink - Nude Kate - Stoned Rose - Very Victoria.

I love that if you are unsure of what items go together in her makeup collection line, she has created Look Kits/Gift Box Sets to help with any confustion. She also has lip duo's to help create that perfect lip look....

 The Hepburn Honey lipstick is part of the Sophisticate Look.
The Coachella Coral lipstick is part of the the Ingénue Look ( the set i purchased )
Stoned Rose is part of the Golden Goddess Look.
Bitch Perfect is part of the Uptown Girl Look.
Nude Kate is part of the Rock Chick Look
Penelope Pink is part of the Dolce Vita Look.

Lip Cheats in Pillowtalk, Pink Venus & Iconic Nude

So that was my entire Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick collection; I am of course still lusting after more shades in: So Marilyn from the KISSING lipstick line and Love Liberty, Bond Girl, Red Carpet Red, Lost Cherry & Amazing Grace from the Matte Revolution lipstick line. I would also like to add the Red Vixen Lip Lustre & the Kiss'n'tell lip cheat lip liner. Perhaps next year?

Charlotte Tilbury lip products aren't cheap in the slightest but they aren't as pricey as my Tom Ford, Hourglass or Chanel. I enjoy the formulation of the lipsticks and thoroughly enjoy that they do not irritate my lips, so i build up my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick collection slowly. Would i recommend Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks and do i think they are worth it? Yes, yes i would! They are in my opinion some of the best on the market today and one of my best products in her whole makeup line ( but then i love pretty much everything she has come out with ). If you are interested in trying one thing from Charlotte Tilbury first, i would recommend that you start off trying one of the KISSING lipsticks. Be warned though you will soon be reeled in, be hooked and adding everything in her line, like myself.

Have you tried any of the Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks? Which Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks are you Lusting after?

Thanks for Reading Lovelies

Jamey xo

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  1. That was a great read! You can get more Charlotte Tilbury makeup here >>

  2. I found this post an interesting read because I was extremely underwhelmed when I recently tried out the lipsticks at a CT counter. I really wanted to like them but found the textures and colour pay off lacking. I coudn't leave without the Pillow Talk and Iconic Nude pencils or the Blondie and Ibiza Nights lip lustres though - I fell in love with those instantly. I'm pretty sure the range of lipsticks I tried were called Hot Lips - not one you've mentioned. Maybe the matte finish would have more colour payoff?