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If there is one Collection i recommend you buy From Charlotte Tilbury, it is this.
Sadly this post has gone up a day late as i scheduled it on the wrong day :-( Anyway better late than never. The moment I clocked my eyes on the Charlotte Tilbury and Norman Parkinson collaboration collection live on her website, i knew i was going to be broke as i tried to refrain myself from whipping out my bank card. After a slight bit of trying to talk myself out of purchasing anything, i made the decision that they would be mine! I just could not resist the gorgeous new limited edition products; literally all signs of rationality went out the window.

I decided upon just 3 of the items in the line, i did consider the Colour of Youth Lip & Cheek Glow as well but i just could not justify spending £40 price on another product i would hardly use, especially as i still have an army of cream blushes that still need my love and attention. However, I clicked like a mad woman on the 'Filmstar Bronze & Glow Sun Tan & Sun Light' & the 'Dreamy Glow Highlighter'. After adding the pretty Miss Kensington Matte Revolution lipstick to my basket, i swear i had heart palpitations and slight buyers remorse when i looked at the numbers in my basket (as i bought other items from the permanent line also) as i took a deep breathe, i new they had to be mine, no regrets.

I will admit once again a high-calibre quality of beautiful and well thought out cosmetics have been created by the 2 of them in this collaboration. I love that Tilbury's passion for make-up and vintage have both been channelled into this collection all from Parkinsons inspiring photos. 

 I had been drooling for months over the cream filmstar bronzer & highlighter duo that Charlotte Tilbury had been teasing us with. I knew i had to get it but i had no idea what pretty packaging it would be coming in. I have heard a few people in the beauty community say that they have avoided purchasing it because they dislike the packaging. I personally love anything vintage or art deco, and like the packaging myself but as much as i love packaging i am definitely more about the product inside, there is no point paying a lot of money on something simply for pretty packaging. 

The Filmstar Bronze & Glow Sun Tan & Sun Light exceeded my expectations by far I was nervous the bronzer shade was going to be to warm on me, but i actually find on my skin-tone (Mac NC25) that it is the perfect neutral brown. It doesn't show up too warm nor too cool-toned on my complexion and dare i say that it blends more beautifully into the hollows of my cheek bones, than my Chanel Tan De Chanel (Eeek yes i said it) now i just want to try the Tom Ford shade and illuminate. Just like the regular powder version of the Filmstar Bronze & Glow it looks pigmented but beautifully natural at the same time on the skin. I swear its like magic. I use a dense concealer buffing brush to apply to my face for more precision, then i go in with a larger pointed buffing brush to blend out. The Highlighter side of the duo is a beautiful soft warm-gold, it looks stunning on the highest points of the cheek bones and even as a base for eyeshadow. Honestly the impeccable quality of this contour duo Miss Tilbury knocked the ball way out of the park. If you love cream contour and are similar to my skin-tone or lighter who likes more natural makeup, i highly recommend. 
The palette will set you back £55.
 Swatches..excuse my brittle nail

I have been gathering up all the peachy golden shimmery goodness I can get my hands for my golden-bronze makeup looks this summer. The Dreamy Glow highlighter is the perfect glow for glistening in the sunlight, if you are a girl who cannot resist peachy-champagne hues with gold shimmer, then this highlighter is for you. I was nervous this highlighter was going to pull pink on me, so i was very pleasantly surprised. Sometimes highlighters can be so intense i am sure spacemen can notice us from space no matter how much we blend it out, however you cannot overdo it with this impeccable highlighter. It is so unbelievably natural and gives the most amazing youthful lit-from-within glow to the face. I personally use this all over the cheeks with a pop of blush and it looks perfect ,i think this little beauty will be joining my Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight Celestial powder in my top favourites. The formulation is buttery soft and creamy. This applies beautifully with a soft brush like a fan brush or duo fibre for a natural look or a denser blush brush for a bronzed-sun goddess glow. Can we talk about the packaging again? I swear the packaging to this product is the heaviest i have felt of all Charlotte's products, it feels more weighted like a luxurious item (finally!!), move over Tom Ford.... This beauty will set you back £45. 

As a huge lover of baby pink and pinkish-nude lipstick shades i had to get the 'Miss Kensington Matte Revolution Lipstick'. Miss Kensington is a pretty lipstick in the tube, online it looked more pink and in person it looks more nude though it does swatch pink??!!...It is very confusing lol. I would describe it as a light baby pink, neither too warm or cool. If i am honest i have been waiting for this kind of shade from her for ages seeing as i love my baby pinks, but it would have been nice in the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick formula as i feel they are more opaque; i have to swatch several times with the matte revolution lipsticks (in the paler shades) to get them to the opaqueness i desire. I either like my lipsticks really creamy and opaque or sheer, glossy and hydrating. I do feel this is the first lipstick in her whole collection that does not flatter all skin-tones like her other lipsticks in the collection. This line is aimed at the traditional English Rose, which of course do not have deeper skin-tones so some of the shades pull light (reminding me of the Mac Cinderella collection). I have said several times that it would be nice to see more creations aimed at more deeper skin-tones, though personally i don't have an issue with any products but i know some of my friends do. This lipstick looks stunning with her pillow talk lipliner and i definitely think it will be absolutely stunning on someone with my mothers skin-tone of fair skin, blond locks and freckles.
Swatches Left to Right: Sun Tan & Sunlight, Dreamy Glow highlighter & Miss Kensington Lipstick.

Charlotte and Norman have created 2 looks in this collaboration line, which kind of vintage beauty are you? Miss Kensington or Miss 1975? I am a Miss Kensington lol.

Dreamy Glow highlighter £45
Filmstar Bronze & Glow Sun Tan & Sun Light £55
Miss Kensington Matte Revolution Lipstick £23

Shop the Whole Collection here.

What did you pick up from the Norman Parkinson Collaboration?

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