Eye Of Horus Cosmetics Review - Mascara, Eyeliner & Brows

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'The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health'.

I was intrigued by a brand i had seen on Instagram called 'Eye of Horus cosmetics' and was particularly intrigued by their eyeliners. So i was beyond gratified when they contacted me to see if i wanted to try some of their products. Everything i was sent compliments my dark brown eyes beautifully. I am extremely picky about products i use around my eye area especially eyeliners and mascaras. I have tried every 'over-rated/over-hyped' eyeliner out there that has been bragged about by companies and other fellow beauty connoisseurs, however not a single one of them has stayed put on my eyes longer than 20 minutes! I was starting to feel like nothing would ever work for me....

A little bit about the company
Eye of Horus are a cosmetic company based in Byron Bay, Australia. All of their products are Paraben and Animal Cruelty free using only Natural Ingredients inspired by formula's of the Ancient Egyptians. As the ingredients are natural their products are fantastic for those with sensitive eyes, and are also made to be highly pigmented and long-lasting. Eye of horus cater to the mystical type of woman woman who likes to accentuate her eyes with dramatic eye make-up and bold liner ( Cleopatra anyone? ) adding a real touch of glamour and inspiring a sense of spiritual mystery, awe and fascination.

I have extremely sensitive eyes if the wind blows, sun shines, or a rain droplet lands on my lashes my eyes will water up like the Niagara Falls. I swear the amount of times my eyes water in a day i must lose so much fluid no wonder my under-eyes are dehydrated lol. You may notice that i do not wear eyeliner in my tight-line or water-line in any of my photos as i find applying pencil eyeliner to my waterline and along my lash-line irritates me eyes ( sometimes it hurts ). My eyes end up feeling itchy and sore, therefor my eyes natural response is to water and flush anything bothering my eye out. When i do apply eyeliner the result was always eyeliner under my eyes looking like a raccoon after only 20 minutes, i so i just quit wearing it especially after i kept ending up with allergic conjunctivitis on the regular i later found out after having an allergy test done that i was allergic to something in some kohl liners and even mascaras (as well as some lash glues containing latex). Both my Dr and Optician advised me to avoid wearing any eyeliner, mascara or makeup on and around my eyes all together but i love makeup too much to give up the things i love. I do however consider my health and don't wear eyeliner or mascara daily. I disposed of all my eyeliners and mascaras i owned as i could not pin point which ones were affecting my eyes and set out to find ones that would not irritate my eyes and would last longer than a few minutes. I have been testing out the products in this post over the past few weeks.....

I will say that the Eye Of Horus Goddess Eyeliner Pencils exceeded my expectations greatly! Not only are they a creamy, luxurious-consistency but they are also insanely pigmented and glide smoothly without dragging the skin. No more days of feeling like i am stabbing myself in the eye with a stick, or swiping repeatedly to get some eyeliner to adhere to my lower lash-line and achieve the opaqueness i am after. The pencil is completely waterproof once set and i find them to be extremely long-lasting also. Each Goddess Pencil is inspired by Ancient Egyptian formula's and are enriched with Botanical Waxes and Oils. Boasting of a natural and cruelty free formula which helps to nourish the delicate eye. The eyeliners can be blended/smudged out along the lash-lines, applied directly along the waterline & tight-line and can also used to shade in the entire eyelid for an eyeshadow base that will last all day. Each eyeliner pencil is sleek and black with the ingredients listed on the packaging ( which i really like ) and a given shelf-life of 12 months. Each pencil also comes with a smudging tip to smoke out the lash-line but my eyes are super sensitive so i prefer a softer pencil brush. Each box and pencil lid shows the exact shade of the eyeliner making it easy to find in your collection or kit ( especially when you have as much products as i do ). The eyeliners are your average size of 1.2g the same size as Urban Decay 24/7 liners. Overall I am very very impressed and would definitely repurchase.

The Eye of Horus Goddess Eyeliner Pencils
Bronze Amulet - A rich coppery-bronze
Smokey black - A rich opaque classic black
Teal Malachite - Jewel-toned topaz turquoise-blue - my favourite colour

I was very curiously about the Eye of Horus Dual Brow Perfect - Dynasty eyebrow crayon and brow gel duo. The Brow duo is supposed to Tint and Perfect the brows, so it is ideal for someone who has sparse brows that need filling in to add definition and help to frame the face. The Brow Duo comes with a twist up eyebrow crayon on one side which is angled ( like the hourglass eyebrow crayon ) and has a tinted brow gel on the other end. Personally i think this is an ingenious idea, its so handy having both items in one place and it makes this product the perfect travel companion.
 There are only 3 shades to choose from: Dynasty, Husk & Nile. The colour i received is in the shade Dynasty Brown which is a Dark Ash-Brown, pretty much spot on for my brow shade. I must admit that i am no longer a big fan of the triangular angled brow crayons anymore, as i find i can overdraw my brows too much giving them that more 'drawn on' appearance and i have to go in with makeup remover to clean it and and concealer, it just becomes too much work. However, i was pleasantly surprised by this crayon. It seems more waxy than the usual firm crayons on the market (very similar to the Etude House brow pen and the Burberry eyebrow definer). The easy to grip pencil is enriched with Vitamins and Carnauba Wax and glides along the brow line. The angular sides help to achieve a natural looking brow that is effortless. I use the wider end to outline softly and the smaller end to fill in using a bit more pressure. The brow gel has a nice consistency and the brush is the perfect size for shaping my brows nicely and holding them in place. I did notice that Eye of Horus also have another brow product which is the 'Eye of Horus Brow Define' which is the same tiny pointed shape i am used to like the Anastasia brow wiz, which is currently my holy grail brow product (The Mac would be if it wasn't so soft and didn't break so easily). I think i will definitely be purchasing that next. After all if it is made of the same formulation as this Brow Duo i already know i will love it and would recommend you to try yourselves. The Brow Duo has a 6 month shelf life.

Moving on to my favourite item by this brand the Eye of Horus Liquid Define - Babylon Brown. This instantly became one of my favourite liquid liners upon first use ( my previous 2 favourites being Rimmel exaggerate & Kat Von D tattoo liner). I am probably the pickiest person ever when it comes to liquid liners and i have tried and tested so many but have been left continually disappointed. Most liners do not glide smoothly over eyes that have excess skin and are not perfectly taught, resulting in bleeding and an uneven wing. As i also have hooded eyes so i need an eyeliner with a thin tip that can leave a thin line of colour over my lash-line without it taking up the whole eyelid, resulting in my eyes look more closed and droopy. I absolutely love a Bold winged liner on other ( cough...younger people ) but for myself personally i like my eyeliner to be simple and make my lash-line appear thicker and my eyes more open. Occasionally when i am feeling brace i will add a small feline flick to elongate my eyes and pull them upwards. This liner has a tiny tip ( identical to the kat von d tattoo liner ) that gets thicker making it perfect for achieving both a thin or thick line by using less or more pressure. Eye of Horus have this eyeliner in both black and brown, i am actually really glad they sent me the Babylon Brown shade i personally love brown eyeliners and have been trying to find one to replace my discontinued Maybelline one. Babylon brown is perfect because it is the perfect neutral brown and does not pull too warm like a lot of brown liners can do. The eyeliner is very pigmented and opaque so you only need light pressure to achieve the perfect line. I will definitely be purchasing this liquid liner in black especially as it is cheaper than the Kat Von D and easier to get a hold of here in the UK. If you struggle with liquid liner then i highly recommend you give this product a shot. The liner has a 6 month shelf life.

The last thing i got was the Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara again i am super picky about mascara's. I have tried and hated so many, mainly because most transfer under my eyes and within minutes i am looking like a raccoon, then have to take my concealer off and start all over again. This mascara does not run, smudge flake or transfer which is a huge bonus (seeing as 90% of mascaras i have tried have done at least one ), however i didn't find it helped me to achieve thicker longer lashes. Mascara is one of those items that always comes down to personal preference. I did notice the Goddess Mascara separates and lengthens my lashes so i find this perfect for blending my natural lashes to my false-lashes and using it to separate my bottom lashes (as i am not blessed with many bottom lashes at all). I did try layering this mascara with other mascaras i use regularly but i found it clumped so i would recommend if you wear this mascara to wear it alone. I test every mascara out alone and also over my Diorshow lash maximizer and it applied beautifully. The brush is a silicone hourglass like shape, that is super bendy making it perfect to get around every single lash. The mascara is Formulated with Natural Waxes and Oils along with Antioxidants, essential Fatty Acids and Vitamins making it perfect for sensitive eyes like my own. The mascara promises to achieve maximum coverage whilst lengthening, volumising, protecting and nourishing the lashes. If you want a mascara that separates, adds length and gives that fanned out doll eye appearance (for all you kylie jenner fans out there) then i would highly recommend this mascara especially during these hot months where mascara seems to transfer easily in the humidity, however this bad boy will not budge! The Goddess Mascara has a shelf life of 6 months.

L-R: Swatches of the Eye of Horus Goddess Pencils in Teal Malachite, Bronze Amulet, Smokey black - Babylon Brown eye definer and the Dynasty dual brow perfect.

Overall i am very happy with Eye of Horus Cosmetics and happily enjoy using them all in my makeup routine. I love that all of their products are Paraben Free and Cruelty friendly too. The products are accessible through several websites that i will list below. I really hope this brand branches out and expands adding more products to their name. The prices are fairly affordable being around the same price range as MAC or Clinique, it is a bit more pricey than Drugstore brands but not as expensive as high-end brands like Chanel, Ysl or Tom Ford. I think for the quality of the products they are perfectly priced.

Retail prices
Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara £19
Eye Of Horus Goddess Eyeliner £17
Eye of Horus Liquid Define Liner £17
Eye of Horus Dynasty Dual Brow Perfect £15
Eye of Horus Brow Define £15 find here.

All of the cosmetics featured in this article were kindly provided by Eye of Horus Cosmetics. You can shop their products directly through their website here and if you join their VIP Goddess List you get 10% of your first order. I also have a coupon code Use 'Review' at the checkout to get and additional 15% off.
Alternatively you can buy their products through Beauty Bay  and Cocktail Cosmetics if you are in the UK.
 Also feel free to follow their gallery and see products first hand on the Eye of Horus Instagram page.

Have you tried any Eye of Horus Products before?

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