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As someone who has fast developed an addiction to top quality makeup in beautiful packaging, it was obvious my makeup obsessed self was going to be drawn to Charlotte Tilbury's Cosmetic products. As an Amazing talented makeup artist to the stars... The clients and the feline cat-eye flick started it all.
Ms Tilbury spent years ghost developing products for some of the biggest beauty brands in the world (hence why you see her products seeming influenced by other high end brands ). In 2011 she founded her company then in 2012 she started her 'How to' videos on YouTube helping us women to create some of her famous signature looks. It all changed in September of 2013 when she finally released her own makeup line to the public here in the UK which expanded to the USA a year later putting her brand firmly out there with some of the biggest beauty brands known today...

I started off slowly purchasing a few of her lipsticks (after seeing them on a few of my friends Instagram accounts) and now i own a whopping 38 Charlotte Tilbury products, shockingly totaling close to £1000!!! There is nothing like adding up the numbers to see how much of an addiction you really have. Now i think it is fairly obvious to say that i do love her products.

"I've always been fascinated by the power of a beautiful woman walking into a room. Glamour really means to cast a spell. As a child I was always like, How can I achieve that X factor? Then I realized, Ah-ha! Through makeup. I realized makeup was my secret weapon" Quoted by Charlotte Tilbury.
It is this exact Creativity, Intelligence, Willpower, Passion and Drive that Charlotte puts into each and every one of her products and inspires others. Statement eyes are the key to her process & success, which involves contouring features by layering products. Many makeup artists prefer to just show their talent with makeup, rather than actually caring about the effect makeup can have on the person in front of them. With Charlotte, it becomes not only about makeup to enhance someones natural beauty but a life enhancer, as she changes the energy around that person. It was once i had read this about Charlotte that I decided to purchase her products after she gained my respect and admiration. She's a great talent for this reason, and it is why so many celebrities are always in line to get her. Charlotte is a driven sensation and an inspiration for many other makeup artists. While critics feel that the beauty industry feeds on women's insecurities, Charlotte believes it offers empowerment. "There are no negatives with makeup, only positives." she quotes.

Charlotte in her London Studio. (All that Makeup!!!)
Photograph is by Philip Sinden found via Google images

Now that we have learnt a little about the Superstar behind the Brand lets delve into the products and how i feel about them..... I will be doing separate products reviews for the products so look out for them.

I must admit i really like the look of Miss Tilbury's stately burgundy & rose-gold vintage inspired packaging. It is a nice change from the usual Black and Gold that most high end brands gravitate towards. Her presentation is one that satisfies any perfectionist, with items perfectly placed in a gift box and wrapped delicately in matching burgundy tissue paper. Everything is utterly beautiful. I feel her personality shines through her creations, packaging and the quality of the makeup. Everything in her line looks very luxurious and is guaranteed to get people asking you questions when you whip them out of your handbag. Whats not to be drawn to? High quality cosmetics in Sleek vintage packaging that enhances true feminine beauty, let me get my card out right now!

I will say that even though the packaging looks highend (i guess i had very high expectations, no thanks to Tom Ford) i was a little disappointed when i noticed the some of the items were packaged in either thin metal or flimsy plastic materials, instead of feeling weighted like other luxury brands, it did kind of let me down. However, that is not to say that the products inside the packaging aren't great or that they feel at all cheap. Due to the material some of the products are not robust enough for travelling my Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder learnt this the hard way (RIP sniff sniff ). I also find that because not one of the products come's with a dust cover there is no way to protect them in your makeup bag and prevent scratches, which i have personally experienced the chipping of the rose gold paint.
Most highend brands like Chanel, Burberry, Guerlain and YSL come with Dust covers. This is one thing i really feel Charlotte Tilbury Products could benefit greatly from, to be in the same league as these brands. I personally would be willing to pay a few £'s more in packaging for it. However packaging aside i really do feel she has created high-calibre good quality products, yes some are dupeable (but not in such exquisite packaging) but that's simply because almost every brand has the same products out nowadays. I do truly feel her products are worth it and her desire and ethics are what make me want to recommend her products. The other thing i did notice is that it seems most of the colours are geared towards light to medium skin-tones. This isn't to say that if you are a deeper skin tone that you should skip the line, but keep in mind that the foundations lean rather light and the blushers are more mid-tone. However you will not have a problem with the lip products as they flatter all skintones. I hope Charlotte will expand her collection for more tanned and deeper skin-tones in the future. 

I will do brand comparisons underneath each product photo to which i feel is the same quality, that way you can get an understanding of the quality of each product and decide whether to part with your well earned pennies on certain items. Lets jump into the products shall we.....

Face Products

Wonderglow Primer £38.50
comparable to by terry

Light Wonder Foundation - Medium 5 £32
comparable to chanel

Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder - Medium £33
(My most used Charlotte Tilbury product)
comparable to Laura Mercier

Filmstar Bronze & Glow £49
(my 2nd most used Charlotte Tilbury product)
comparable to marc jacobs

Filmstar Bronze & Glow - Suntan & Sunlight £55
(Norman Parkinson Collaboration)
comparable to ysl

Dreamy Glow Highlighter £45
(Norman Parkinson Collaboration)
comparable to Rodial

Cheek To Chic - Loveglow £30
comparable to MAC

Rose Gold & Night Crimson Double Pencil Sharpener £5
similar to elf pencil sharpener


Eyes to Mesmerise - Mona Lisa & Marie Antoinette £22 each
comparable to Tom Ford only better!!

Full Fat Lashes Mascara £22
comparable to Loreal

Luxury Eyeshadow Palette - The Sophisticate £38
comparable to MAC

Luxury Eyeshadow Palettes -
Uptown Girl & The Rock Chick £38 each
comparable to Lorac

Luxury Eyeshadow Palettes -
The Golden Goddess & The Dolce Vita £38 each
comparable to Lorac

Colour Chameleon Pencils -
Champagne Diamonds & Dark Pearl £19 each
comparable to Gosh cosmetics

Rock'n'Kohl Eye cheat (Nude Eyeliner) £16
The Classic Audrey (Brown Pencil liner) £16
comparable to urban decay, Eyes of Horus and MAC


Lip Cheat (lipliners) - £16 each
Pink Venus - Iconic Nude & Pillow Talk
comparable to Boots no7

Matte Revolution Lipstick - Very Victoria £23
comparable to Illamasqua

Matte Revolution Lipstick - Miss Kensington £23
(Norman Parkinson Collaboration)
comparable to Illamasqua

K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipsticks - £23 each
Nude Kate - Penelope Pink - Bitch Perfect
comparable to Estee Lauder

K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipsticks - £23 each
Coachella Coral - Hepburn Honey - Stoned Rose
comparable to Estee Lauder

Lip Lustre (Lip Glosses) - £16.50 each
Sweet Stiletto - High Society & Ibiza Nights
comparable to Revlon 

Lip Lustre (Lip Glosses) - £16.50 each
Portobello Girl - Seduction - Blondie
comparable to Revlon

There are of course more Charlotte Tilbury products i am lasting after, in particular The Colour Chameleons in Bronzed Garnet, Golden Quartz and Amber Haze. The Luxury palettes in The Fallen Angel & The Vintage Vamp (I know full well i would never reach for the Rebel or Glamour muse palettes, therefor i will not be purchasing them). Rock ' n kohl pencils in Veruschka Mink & Barbarella Brown. Eyes to Mesmerize cream shadows in Jean & Bette. The Eyeliner brush. Supermodel Body and Cheek To Chic blushers in Ecstasy, Love is the Drug, Sex on Fire and The Climax. That is of course until she releases more limited edition items lol.

I feel the best products i would recommend you check out in this line are: All of the Lipsticks, both K.I.S.S.I.N.G and Matte Revolution..... the Eye Cheats (so creamy and my personal opinion the best on the market), the Lip Cheats (some of the best creamiest lipliners out there), Filmstar bronze and glow,  Blushes (for light to medium complexions), color chameleon eyeshadow pencils, Light wonder foundation, Airbrush powder (a holy grail for me) and the Eyes to Mesmerize cream eyeshadows (i personally prefer these more than the tom ford). The only products i don't think are a complete must have are the Lip glosses and the eyshadow quads though i do love them.

Is owning any Charlotte Tilbury products essential? If you cannot afford them No, but they are ideal for that makeup lover that likes to treat herself every once in a while and anyone who enjoys collecting makeup in beautiful packaging. They also make beautiful gifts for people. Charlotte Tilbury products make you feel old-style glam in a modern day world.

Charlotte Tilbury Is Available to buy directly through her website:

As well as through

Individual reviews on each product will be up on the blog shortly....

What are your favourite Charlotte Tilbury Products?

Thanks for Reading Lovelies

Jamey xo

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