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After falling in love with the Cocoa Mirage palette which i reviewed here I was super excited to get ( what i thought to be ) the Limited Edition Nude Dip Palette, only it sold out far too quick and i missed out. It bugged me for months as i scoped through eBay to see people selling for over £100 which is insane!
So a dear friend of mine Fredrica offered to send the palette over to me if i just sent her the money. She was also kind enough to help get the Pink Sand Blusher i was most gutted for missing out on. Anyway it turns out then that Tom Ford sneakily decided to make the Nude Dip Palette Permanent and it has just recently been restocked again in the UK, typical. With the ordeal we had ordering directly from Tom Ford in the first place to get the palette i wish i had known beforehand ugh, anyway we will move onto that customer service experience shortly....

"Tom Ford quads are designed with 4 shades to compliment each other to help you to achieve a multiple of looks from a simple everyday look, a bold slash of colour to even a sultry smokey eye. Tom Ford quads come with 4 luxurious finishes Matte, Sheer Sparkle, Satin and Shimmer (each quad being different) offering a spectrum of intensity and effects. Every eyeshadow is very long-wearing. Each eye colour quad comes in a protective velvet sleeve to help protect it from scratches and any damage, also included are 2 applicators which i don't use personally but they are ideal for on the go."

I have had my Nude Dip Palette for around 6 weeks now and as with all Tom Ford eyeshadows the eyeshadows in Nude Dip are of High quality and very long wearing. Each rich eyeshadow is exceptionally smooth, finely milled, highly pigmented and an absolute delight to apply on the eyelids, especially when used in conjunction with my Wayne Goss eye brushes. I love that Tom Ford eyeshadows are buttery smooth but do not have a lot of fall-out making them perfect if you just want to blend a bit of shadow into the crease and head straight out the door. Honestly any brush picks up an impressive amount of pigment and they blend out beautifully on the lid for a natural yet defined eye look. I personally have loved wearing these eyeshadows on my simple makeup days where i just want to add a bit of colour and shine to my eyelids to compliment my glowy summer skin. All of the eyeshadows in this quad are neutrals leaning more warm-toned. You have to love shimmer to get this palette as 3 out of 4 of the shades are high-shine and frosty and one has more of a satin sheen. Every shade looks delightful on the eyelid helping to create a multidimensional look and i often find myself using both this palette and the cocoa mirage to create a matte and high-shine look.
The magnificent stately and weighted packaging with its interior mirror and 2 applicators make this quad perfect for travel, as mentioned previously also included with every quad is a protective sleeve to help preserve the luxury brown casing with gold hardware.

Nude Dip Shades:
Golden-Champagne almost a White Gold (Top Left)
Champagne Rose-Pink (Top Right)
 Warm Toned Taupe (Bottom Left)
Medium-Dark Brown ever so slight purple undertone (Bottom Right)

without flash
with flash

Now here comes the rant.....
I personally hadn't ordered anything before directly from the Tom Ford Official website and like i mentioned at the beginning of this post my dear friend didn't have a great experience doing so. She paid for express shipping and the blush arrived 2 days after it should have and lonesome all by itself, no eyeshadow palette, no paperwork, receipt or even a simple email or update on her account, nada nothing! It wasn't even wrapped in any protective layers just tissue paper and thrown into a box to move around everywhere, good job it was a cream product and not powder. My friend spent another 4 days emailing and calling the Tom Ford email address & phone number listed on their website to receive absolutely no response! Talk about bad customer service. In the end we decided to open up a Paypal dispute (as thankfully i paid that way, phew) and she almost instantly received a response to say the palette was out of stock and it will be getting sent recorded delivery in another 4 days (they made a scheduled day) only they attempted delivery a day early of what they have scheduled and of course she was at work and could not able collect. She picked it up 2 days later and then sent it over to me that same day. What took her a couple of weeks to receive from Tom Ford shipping in the same country only took me 5 days to receive internationally. It is very disappointing to hear of this experience especially coming from such a high end brand. No apology was given at all and the lack of communication was off putting, i feel for for my friend and am so so thankful to have such a wonderful and patient friend like her in my life. I do really like Tom Ford products but i will not buy from their website directly ever again, and will continue to purchase though other reputable companies like Nordstrom, Saks, Selfridges and House of Fraser which carry their products and have impeccable and reliable customer service. Anyway rant over lol....As much as it was a struggle to get this quad i am very pleased with the eyeshadow palette as i am always with Tom Ford Products (despite the top left shadow falling out of the quad, seems to be a regular thing with TF Quads).

Investing in a Tom Ford Quads is pricey, but it makes for a nice splurge or an ideal gift from a loved one. Each Tom Ford Eye colour quad retails for £64 in the UK and $79 in the USA
It is available to buy directly through Selfridges & House of Fraser in the UK and Nordstrom & Saks in the USA.

Also on my wish list to add to my Tom Ford Eyeshadow quad collection is Golden Mink, Silvered Topaz, Orchid Haze, Cognac Sable & Titanium Smoke. They are on the pricey side so it might be quite some time until they are all in my collection.

What is your Favourite Tom Ford eye colour quad?

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