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I was really delighted when i saw that i had received the BECCA The One Perfect Brush. I had been lusting after the Rae Morris Radiance Brush for well over a year but i just couldn't justify spending that much money on more brushes ( i'm sure in the future i will lol ) so it's obvious to say that i was beyond excited to receive this brush and test it out as part of my foundation routine. After several months of using this brush i thought i would finally share my view... 

I think we have established that BECCA is one of my favourite cosmetics brands, and my love for their products is undoubtedly strong growing fonder and fonder. BECCA are known for their exceptional highlighters, but they have so much more to offer than just a beautiful glow. 'The One Perfecting Brush' by BECCA is the first brush that i have tried by the brand and i would love to try more in the forseable future, I am surprised and how much i absolutely adore this brush for applying foundation.

Becca claims this brush to be "A true beauty multi-tasker, this patent-pending brush cuts makeup application time in half by replacing 10 other brushes and tools. " From start to finish, primer to powder, The One Perfecting Brush can be used with liquids, crèmes, powders and anything in between. Non-porous, high-quality goat hair allows product to sit on top of bristles rather than absorbing, ensuring a seamless application with no wasted product. The bristles are reinforced with shed-resistant technology".

The brushes bristles are densely packed in a 3.5 inch horizontal design, allowing you to effortlessly and evenly cover larger or smaller surface areas of the face and body. The flat edge of the brush makes the brush easy to fit into the natural contours of the face, while the curved corners allow for more targeted and precise application ( perfect for getting around the nose and under the chin down the neck ).

The brush can be used effectively as a foundation brush, powder brush, contour brush, bronzer brush, stipple brush, blush brush, fan brush, concealer brush or kabuki. It really is an all in one multi-functional brush. I use the brush personally for cream, liquid and powdered mineral foundation application. Sometimes i use it to blend out harsh contour lines, it is also great for bringing powdered bronzer down the neck due to the density and the large size of the brush. The density of the brush helps to creates an even, smooth airbrushed application which i love. I love how this makes my skin look and how quick and easy my foundation application is, making it perfect for mornings when i want to look put together but only have a few minutes to spare. I would recommend this brush to anyone who is after a multi-functional tool that needs to get ready in a rush as this one brush can apply and blend out all of your face products and save time. Then of course this means you have less brushes to wash at the end of the week. Yay such a win in my eyes.

I love that the goat haired bristles are free of dye, ensuring they will not lose shape or softness over time, and the shape of the handle allows complete control during application. The bristles are super soft and it doesn't feel scratchy at all on the face or body. Though BECCA claim the bristles have shed-resistant technology, the brush does shed some hair strands during use when you first get the brush; but as with like the 'natural hair' on your head this is completely natural with a natural haired brush and the shedding does lessen over time with usage and proper brush care ( the shedding is nothing on Sigma brushes i have tried ). I would advice cleaning this brush once every week if using liquid products, or every 2-3 weeks if using powders to pro-long the life of the brush, and to get rid of bacteria. I gently wash like i do all my brushes with anti-bacterial hand-soap and baby shampoo in lukewarm water without submerging the handle into the water. I use lukewarm water as the bristles are natural hair and hot water can destroy and weaken the bristles. If you prefer to use a brush cleaner i would recommend an alcohol-free one, due to the natural hairs. Also avoid tugging on the bristles too much when cleaning to prevent more bristle loss. Once clean gently pat dry the bristles with a clean flannel or kitchen roll and leave to dry on a flat surface. To prevent frizz on the brush i sometimes use a tiny bit of watered down conditioner on the end of the bristles before laying flat to dry, this also helps to soften them.

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The BECCA The One Perfecting Face brush retails for £36-£40 and can be purchased through QVC £36 or Space NK £40. It retails for $49 in the USA through BECCA directly and Sephora.
The Rae Morris Radiance Brush retails for £45 via Rae Morris Directly or $64 for everyone in the USA. If you would prefer to buy within the UK it retails for £75 from LoveMakeup or £68.75 from my favourite beauty website BeautyBay. In the USA the brush can be found for $95 from Beautylish ( another of my favourite websites ).

I will be purchasing the Rae Morris at some point in the future ( along with a few more of her brushes ) so that i can compare the two. Would you ever consider using a multi-functional brush?

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