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I thought i would share with you lovelies some of my go to Autumn eyelid products that i promised you through my Instagram. This blogpost is dedicated towards the eyeshadows ( in powder, stick and cream form ) that i have been reaching for this fall-time and i personally recommend. I see a lot of people say that the Autumn months are their favourite time of year and i have to say i totally agree, and not just because it is my birthday season lol. There is just something magically beautiful about the change that the Fall and Spring seasons bring us. In the Autumn time you just cannot beat warm-toned rusty, dark chocolate, deep bronzed looks; In fashion and in makeup. For me Autumnal eyes are dark, sultry and smoky, the smokier the better. The eyes are rich in colour, layers and deepness. Nothing screams fall than earthy tones like deep and warm browns, burnt oranges, bronzed golds and cranberry shades like fallen leaves on the ground and rich khaki greens. This season i am all about doll like lashes, that are long and flirty but allow the eyeshadow to be seen, i blame Kylie Jenner for this.... 

Lets jump on into my Favourite Eyelid picks of Autumn 2015:
Just to note that i have not mentioned any Pro pan eyeshadows, Mac Eyeshadows or eyeshadow palettes in this post because they will be following shortly in seperate Autumnal blogposts....

Cream Eyeshadow pots & sticks:

Mac Paintpot in Groundwork - £16 from Mac
Mac paint pots are long-wearing and thick in consistency something i usually avoid as my eyelids are dry and i have excess skin, i personally do not find them very flattering on me. However groundwork is my favourite paint pot. This particular shade is matte and is the perfect cool-toned brown base for helping to create any smokey eye look. I prefer to use Mac paint pots as bases because they do not blend out as well as other brands cream eyeshadows do and my eye's have fine lines. As you can see they dry up really quick.

Mac Groundwork Paint Pot
Swatch of Mac Groundwork Paint Pot.

 Max Factor Excess Shimmer in Bronze - £7.99 from SuperDrug
This is meant to be a dupe for the Limited Edition Tom Ford Creme Colour Eyes in Spice that I sadly missed out on. It really is a beautiful copper shade with a slight hint of caramel and very subtle golden shimmer, this affordable creamy eyeshadow has an almost airy mouse texture to it making it a dream to apply all over the lid. It blends beautiful into the crease creating dimension and depth using just one shadow. A must have.

Maxfactor Excess Shimmer 25 Bronze Eyeshadow.
Swatch Maxfactor Excess Shimmer 25 Bronze Cream Eyeshadow

Chanel illusion d'ombre in 84 Epatant & 86 Ebloui£25 from Boots
Chanel Illusion d'ombre eyeshadows are super soft almost bouncy texture eyeshadows that give a somewhat sheer glitter-packed look to the eyelid when applied with the warmth of your fingers. These are perfect for people with dry eyelids as they glide onto the skin smoothly with no tugging at all. Epatant is a beautiful subtle Taupe with a hint of olive green. It is beautiful alone during the day or as a base for eyeshadows that i really want to bring the green tones out of more. Ebloui is a beautiful reddened coppery-brown with subtle micro shimmer. This is simply stunning teamed with Mac Cranberry eyeshadow over top. Just like with the Mac paint pots the Chanel Illusion d'ombre eyeshadows dry out quickly but still stay soft.

Left Chanel illusion d'ombre Epatant - Right Chanel illusion d'ombre Ebloui
Swatches of Chanel illusion d'ombre Ebloui and Epatant.
Chanel illusion d'ombre eyeshadows Ebloui and Epatant.

Kiko longlasting eyeshadow stick in 04 - Golden Chocolate£6.90 from Kiko Cosmetics
Kiko eyeshadow sticks are amazing! They are extremely rich in pigmentation, upon application they are firm yet soft enough to blend out easily; However, they do dry very fast so you have to work quickly so i would recommend doing one eye at a time. These sticks last on even the oiliest of eyelids all day and night! Apply to the lid and blend out into the crease to create a defined eye look with just the use of one shadow. This rich, deep, Chocolate brown with bronze undertone and gold glitter particles is also perfect as an eyeshadow base. Honestly one of the best long-lasting cream shadow sticks on the market, be warned though these eyeshadows are no joke so you will need eye makeup remover or micellar water to remove from the eyelids, making these a dream for people with oily eyelids where eyeshadows wear off throughout the day. £6.90 buy here

Kiko longlasting eyeshadow stick 04 Golden Chocolate
Kiko longlasting eyeshadow stick 04 Golden Chocolate Swatch.

Tarte Smolder eyes waterproof - Rose Gold - $19 from Tarte
This is actually supposed to be an amazonian clay waterproof liner but it is an amazing very long-wearing eyeshadow base. Rose gold is a deep rose gold, with more of a taupe bronze undertone than a pink that most rose golds have, it reminds me of a copper penny. This is similar to the Kiko eyeshadow stick in that it dries very quickly but blends out like a dream. Once its set its set and lasts all day.

Tarte Smolder eyes  Rose Gold 
Tarte Smolder eyes  Rose Gold swatch.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise in Mona Lisa - £22 from Charlotte Tilbury
Charlotte honestly has created the smoothest cream eyeshadow on the market today. As the original creator of the amazing Tom ford cream shadows, she saved the best for your own brand as these are actually better and of course are pocket friendly being more affordable. A little goes a long way with these super creamy, highly-pigmented lightweight feeling cream shadows. Mona Lisa is the perfect dark Coppery-bronze for fall time. It is beautiful both alone or as a base, i love that it is long-wearing yet easy to remove, it really is like some kind of magic.

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Mona Lisa
Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise Mona Lisa swatch

Kiko Cream Crush - 06 Pearly Chocolate - £6.90 From Kiko Cosmetics
This eyeshadow is just slightly more red in tone than the Tilbury Mona Lisa. It is a beautiful rich reddened copper with gold glitter particles. Its almost mouse airy-like texture makes this a breeze to apply to the lids, and the colour can also be built up to be fully opaque. These really work beautifully on more mature skin or people with dry eyelids like myself where shadows seem to get into every single fine line, these are like magic creating a smooth and seamless canvas.

Kiko Cream Crush eyeshadow 06 pearly chocolate

Swatches of all the cream eyeshadows...

Loose Pigment Eyeshadows:

OCC Colour Concentrates - Artifact, Lafayette & Brasstacks$14 from Beautylish 
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Colour Concentrates eyeshadows are insanely rich in pigment loose eyeshadows that offer a slight duo tone effect to the eyes. They are long-lasting and bound to capture attention. Artifact is a deep reddened coppery-brown with pretty gold reflects, Lafayette is a beautiful rich olive green with gold reflects and Brasstacks is a beautiful deep rich gold with caramel undertones. All three shades are simply stunning packed all over the eyelid to give that wow factor.

OCC Colour Concentrates - Artifact - Lafayette - Brasstacks
swatches OCC Colour Concentrates - Artifact - Lafayette - Brasstacks

Inglot AMC Pigment Eyeshadow  in shade 86 - £13 from Inglot
86 is a very unique duo tone pigment. It is more grainy in texture like a mix between an eyeshadow pigment and glitter. It applies best with a wet brush, i use my Kiko mixing solution or Inglot Duraline. 86 is a beautiful cranberry shade with obvious gold glitter and shimmer. I love how this changes colour in different lights. This teams perfectly with cranberry or rose eyeshadow gold shades as well as deep bronzes. Inglot pigments and glitters are honestly amazing and underrated.

Inglot Pigment 86
Inglot Pigment 86 swatch.

Swatches of all the loose pigments.

Standard Pressed Eyeshadows: 

Kevyn Aucoin Eyeshadow Duo in 215 Cool Tan/Ruddy Earth - £34 from Space NK
I have reviewed this eyeshadow duo in a previous blogpost view here, Cool Tan/Ruddy Earth is a Fall-time staple for me. This eyeshadow consists of one cool tone neutral and one warm tone neutral. Cool tan is a cool-toned taupey tan shade and Ruddy Earth is a deep reddened brown.

Kevyn Aucoin 215 Cool Tan/Ruddy Earth
 Kevyn Aucoin 215 Cool Tan/Ruddy Earth swatches

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in 08 Khaki - £23 from Boots
Now this shadow is not as sheer as it makes out and even though it looks a dark khaki in the pan it applies more of a cooler toned olive-green with cool brown undertones. However i do find this is the perfect transition shade in the crease to help intensify any olive green or gold eyeshadows on the lid. 

Burberry Eyeshadow 08 Khaki
Burberry Eyeshadow 08 Khaki

Maxfactor Wild Shadow Pot in 55 Feral Brown - £4.99 from SuperDrug
These pretty little eyeshadows can easily be missed at the drugstore as there is not much selection of shades, but boy am i glad i decided to pick this one up. Feral brown is a rich burnt copper shade with the finest shimmer particles. The eyeshadow is not as soft as high end shadows but because of this i find it layers really well over a cream shadow base and for only £4.99 who can complain? It pairs beautifully with the Maxfactor excess shimmer bronze cream shadow.

Maxfactor Wild Shadow Pot Feral Brown
Maxfactor Wild Shadow Pot Feral Brown swatch.

Kiko water eyeshadows in 205 Chocolate & 207 Sepia - £8.90 from Kiko Cosmetics
Kiko water eyeshadows are amazing... super soft, insanely pigmented and out of this world when used wet. Chocolate 205 is a dark rich chocolate brown, with slight cranberry red undertones. 207 is a dark taupe with khaki green undertone, this shade is hard to describe and is absolutely stunning for a smokey eye look. 

Kiko water eyeshadows 205 & 207
Kiko water eyeshadows 205 & 207 swatches.

Loreal Infallible eyeshadows in  - 021 Sahara Treasure & 009 Permanent Khaki 
Loreal infallible eyeshadows are like pressed pigments and can rival high-end eyeshadows. They seem to be almost impossible to find in store here in the UK anymore ( you lucky American peeps ) however they can be found on Amazon ranging from £2-£15 each depending on the shade. Sahara Treasure is a cool-toned champagne gold and Permanent Khaki is a beautiful olive green with gold sheen. Both are stunning packed onto the eyelid.

Loreal Infallible eyeshadows Sahara Treasure & Permanent Khaki 
Loreal Infallible eyeshadows Sahara Treasure & Permanent Khaki Swatches.

BECCA eye colour powder shimmer - Chintz
Chintz is a deep dark forest green with olive and gold sheen, this is so pretty packed all over the lid and smoked out on the lower lash-line. This is now discontinued but can be found on eBay and Amazon. Inglot also have a similar shade.

Becca Chintz eyeshadow
Becca Chintz eyeshadow swatch.

Kiko Colour Sphere 05 - Spicy Chocolate Special FX - £5.90 from Kiko Cosmetics
05 Spicy Chocolate is a stunning baked dark warm-toned brown with a red undertone and gold glitter reflects. It is beautiful as a lid shade, in the crease and smoked out on the lower lash line. Kiko's baked eyeshadows are super smooth. I really love the baked eyeshadows by Kiko. There are baked eyeshadows an then their are eyeshadows that wish they were baked. 

Kiko Colour Sphere 05
Kiko Colour Sphere 05 swatch.

Kiko Eyeshadow in 133- Pearly Hot Chocolate - £2.90 from Kiko Cosmetics
One of Kiko's original eyeshadows. The kiko standard eyeshadows can be hit or miss with pigmentation and are not as soft as their other eyeshadows. However 133 is super pigmented. Pearly hot chocolate is a dark plum-toned brown with a slight cranberry sheen.

Kiko Eyeshadow 133
Swatch Kiko Eyeshadow 133

Kiko Infinity eyeshadows in 270 / 211 / 212£5.90 from Kiko Cosmetics
270 ( Pearly Fern Green ) is a Dark Forest Khaki Green, with a slight warm-gold sheen, 211 ( Metallic Copper ) is a rich cranberry with bronze undertone and 212 ( Pearly Hazelnut ) is dark rich brown with a bronzed-gold hue. Though none of the shades are totally matte each shade is simply stunning over the lid and also in the crease. Infinity shadows are super pigmented and buttery, they really are some of the smoothest single eyeshadows on the market. I will be uploading a blogpost soon on my entire Kiko infinity eyeshadow collection. 

Kiko Infinity eyeshadows
Swatches of Kiko Infinity eyeshadows

swatches of all the pressed shadows.

What eyeshadows do you find yourself reaching for during the fall?
I must say that these beautiful eye colour shades team up well with a rich berry, a dark vampy or a simple nude lip this season. My favourite Autumn lipsticks

Thanks for Reading Lovelies

Jamey xo

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