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The moment i started to see preview photos of the 'Guerlain Meteorites' from the Winter Fairy Tale 2015 Holiday collection i knew i just had to have it, no matter the cost. This year has been an amazing year for highlighting products in the cosmetics industty. This is actually my first ever meteorites purchase from Guerlain, in fact i haven't branched out much into Guerlain products mostly because of the price and also because my local Guerlain stand is tiny with hardly any products on display. The staff at my local John Lewis Guerlain counter could do with being a bit more approachable also, giving out smiles to potential customers tends to help an empty counter and Bobbi Brown is still one of the best friendliest counters out there in my eyes. I think in some ways Guerlain is one of those brands like Clarins and Estee Lauder where you establish them with more mature ladies but now i am in my thirties i am more into these sorts of brands. I would like to try out some of the Guerlain ifoundations and bronzers ( if i can figure out my shade ). I initially was put off of Guerlain when i purchased a couple of the Ecrin 6 Colueurs eyeshadow palettes and was left disappointed with the quality and pigmentation for the price point. However i decided to give the brand another go when i saw this release, and i swear it is love. Why oh why did it take me so long to purchase some of the infamous meteorites? but boy oh boy am i glad i did wait until this particular collection because this packaging is to die for and pretty impossible to resist.....

Guerlain Winter Fairy Tale Collection for Holiday 2015 - Meteorites Perles des Neiges/Météorites Flocons Enchantés

Continuing on the topic of the packaging, the Perles Des Neiges Météorites contains 1.oz of Météorite coloured pearls and unique snowflake-stars housed inside a beautiful snow globe-like container. It very much reminds me of a delicate Christmas ornament or a crystal ball, very whimsical and magical looking. The container is made of sturdy, white lacquered plastic and doesn't feel cheap at all. The top of the lid is transparent with a frosted detailed finish showcasing the exquisite metallic-gold design inside. I like that the bottom on the Snow globe/Ornament compact is flat it makes it perfect to display and prevents it from rolling over. Every bloggers dream since things are always rolling away when we are trying to take photographs on a flat surface. Inside is also a pretty and very soft powder puff with a pretty gold bow.

For the first time the infamous powdered pearls contains a marriage with pretty star-snowflakes. The powder is made of light-reflecting iridescent particles which even out the skin-tone and illuminate at the same time to create a wintry-frost like finish; helping to add a radiant iridescent glow to the skin. Apply lightly all over the face as a finishing powder to achieve that luminous glow, or you can build up slightly for a more precise highlight on the highest points of the face, neck and Décolletage area which is what i personally do. The shade is best described as a translucent shimmery beige ( almost white ) with a touch of gold which mimics beautiful snowflakes on a crisp winters day. The Meteorites contain fine shimmer that contains enough luminosity to give life to the face especially over top of matte foundations which many of us gravitate towards during the colder months. These pearls make it easy for those who like a matte finish but want to achieve the seasons strobing trend without it being too intense. The pearls themselves are finely milled making them super soft which means they transfer easily onto any brush without having to pick up a lot of product or kick up a lot of powder-dust either. However because they are so soft they are far too delicate to ever carry around for travel as they would break too easily. I find this wears around 7-8 hours on me when using a makeup setting spray and it can make me a bit more oily depending on the foundation used underneath. My favourite part of the product is the scent, I absolutely adore the sweet aroma it reminds me of these purple lilac candy-sweets i used to have when i was a young child. I think this smell could be replacing my Chanel Les Beiges foundations as my no.1 cosmetics fragrance.

If you can get your hands on these Météorites i would highly recommend and it would make the perfect special holiday gift for the woman who is tasteful when it comes to makeup. The Guerlain Perles Des Neiges Météorites is limited edition and part of the Neige & Merveilles 2015 Holiday collection. It is currently retailing for £45 from Escentual or £50 from Debenhams and House of Fraser for everyone in the UK for a limited time only. From what i have seen when researching is that in the USA it is currently sold out but was being sold for $80 through Nordstrom & Dillards. I am unsure if they will restock.

Have you purchased anything from the Guerlain Winter Fairy Tale Collection?
What do you like to do with your Météorites?

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