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I must admit that i always Gush when i see that Labelle have new makeup brushes over on their Instagram account. You may have seen their limited edition Gold brush series pop up all over my Instagram account quite a bit over the past few months, they just look so pretty in my photos. I had been lusting after these pretty pink brushes throughout the month of November, so i was extremely happy and grateful when they came through my door. I have spent the past week playing with these beauties daily to test them out....
What girl doesn't like pink? Ok, so i may not like the colour pink in the 'decor' of my home ( except in my 1 year old daughter's bedroom ) I just find it a little bit child-like personally for me ( but to each their own ladies ). However i do love the colour pink when it comes to my makeup, makeup brushes and tools. My new pink handled brushes may be aesthetically pleasing but Labelle brushes are so much more than just pretty on the eye....

Labelle brushes are actually really good quality, especially for the price point. They are a new upcoming UK based company who i see great things happening for in their future. The brushes have the same size handle lengths as MAC and Sigma brushes, therefor they are the average size and feel light and easy to use. Each brush has a fuchsia-pink wooden handle with the Labelle logo printed on the front. I am unsure if these are lasered on, as lasered font usually lasts a long time without wearing away ( like Wayne Goss has on his brushes, so take note MAC ). The reverse side of the handle has the name of each individual brush which i find super handy as the Gold brush series did not have this feature. Of course in the world of makeup you can use brushes for whatever your little heart desires, names are just a general guideline for helping you to know which brush to use. This feature makes this brush set perfect for anyone just starting out in makeup. The brushes are a mixture of cream and dark brown synthetic hair fibres. They are super soft, easy to use and an added bonus is they do not malt/shed at all ( something i find rare with many brush brands ). It is something that really irritates me ( you could say it is a pet peeve of mine ) as there is nothing worse than having to pick brush hairs off of your face or using the brush quickly on the go for a touch up and walking around like you have cat whiskers.

I think this particular kit is perfectly ideal as a holiday gift for someone, so Labelle released them at the right time. I would recommend this brush kit to anyone starting out in the makeup industry looking to make it their profession. It is also ideal for a teenage girl who needs good quality brushes and is just starting to get into wearing makeup, after all good makeup application comes from quality brushes; and what teenage girl can resist pink brushes? Hell i cannot resist and i am 31 lol. The Labelle Pink Essential Brush Set has everything you will need to apply a full face of makeup, including a total of 12 brushes ( 5 face brushes, 5 eye brushes, a lip brush and an eyebrow brush ) as well as the pretty Hot pink Faux-leather case/wallet ( who doesn't like to represent vegan products? ). The case has an extra piece of material acting as a flap to cover and protect your brushes from any damage and keeps the brush heads clean and dust free, it also stops dirty brushes from transferring product all over the case and is simple to wipe down clean. I like that instead of being a roll it folds up like a small clutch, making it look stylish as well as being practical for travel or to throw into your freelance kit. The pink brushes also look super pretty displayed on your makeup vanity.

Powder Brush
The Powder brush is a medium sized powder brush, that is fluffy and soft it fans out but comes back in at the top for a slightly off pointed shape. It is perfectly shaped for touch ups as well as applying bronzer and blending out any harsh lines from contouring, blush and highlight.

Blush Brush
The blush brush is a small precision brush that is a mix between full and fluffy and a paddle brush. Its soft yet dense enough to add a pop of colour to the cheeks and blend it out afterwards. Its not quite dense enough for contouring but it could apply bronzer nicely too.

Foundation Brush
The foundation brush is just like every other generic foundation brush out there its paddle shaped and very dense yet is extremely soft, i use this to apply my foundation roughly over my face before going in with my beauty blender. I personally prefer a buffing brush to apply foundation if i was going to use any brush for foundation.

Highlight Brush
The highlighter is perfect for both types of highlighting, applying an illuminating highlighter on the highest points of the face and also for using with pressed or loose powder to set concealer under the eyes. Its soft and fluffy so i like that it does not irritate my eyes.

Tapered Highlighter brush
This brush is not as soft and some of the others in the kit. Looking at the shape you would think it would be for packing eyeshadow into the outer corner of the eye to add depth, however it is a tapered highlighter brush so i used it for its purpose and i will say if you like a in your face highlight that people can see from mars then this brush is perfect for achieving that. It is soft yet dense so blends the highlighter out perfectly too. As for me personally i prefer a duo-fibre brush as i like my highlighter more natural. It applies highlight down the bridge of the nose and on the top of the lip beautifully.

Blending brush
A fluffy yet somewhat dense blending brush for use in the crease. Its shaped like the MAC 224 but is more dense, if the MAC 217 & 224 had a baby it would be this brush. It is quite soft and doesn't feel scratchy on the eye at all.

Crease Brush
 This brush is like a large rounded pencil brush, its a bit too large for my eye shape as i have small lids with no crease and hooded eyes, so i have to create the illusion of having a crease for that i need a small precision pencil brush. However i use this to pack the darkest colour into the outer corner of my eye then go in with a fluffier brush to blend it out.

Shadow Brush
This is the least softest brush in the set, I find this brush very scratchy on my eye but i do have extremely sensitive eyes. That is only if you go in attempting to use it as a blending brush as it looks like a smaller slightly more denser version of the MAC 217. However it packs colour on the eyelid nicely. This brush would have been nice as a flat shader brush instead.

Concealer Brush
A super soft and dense flat brush, its perfect for applying concealer and also cream eyeshadows on the eyes.

Lip Brush
A soft smaller version of the concealer brush, for me personally its not tapered enough to get a precise line with lipstick around my lip shape as i done have a defined edge to my lips, however i love this to apply lipstick all over the lips after i have lined my lips with a pencil.

Angle Brow Brush
The thickness and denseness of this matches the MAC 266 brush. It is super duper soft and i use it to apply powder in the first half of my brow.

Eyeliner Brush
I think this brush surprised me the most as i am extremely picky about my eyeliner brushes, it has to be super pointed, fine and soft. Most usually tick 2 of the 3 boxes yet this ticks all 3. It works beautifully with gel liner and adding detail on the inner corner of the eye.

The Labelle Essential Pink brush set retails for £39.99 and is available to purchase directly through the Labelle website here. Don't forget to follow them on their social media accounts of Instagram and Twitter to see their new products early before they release and of course so many loyal customers enjoying their products.

Limited Edition Labelle Gold brush series

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