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Some months back i was very kindly sent some liquid lipsticks by a new upcoming UK cosmetics brand called 'Labelle,' who's products i had been enjoying admiring across Instagram, so i was over the moon when they contacted me to say that they love the style of my photography and would i be interested in reviewing some of their products. Yes please!!!
So, Labelle are a company who sell makeup products but have recently started to branch out a bit more creating their own line of cosmetics and makeup tools. They currently have matte liquid lipsticks, standard liquid lipsticks and makeup brushes and are also in the process of creating a foundation which is what i am most excited about. A lot of thought and time goes into each product they create so i am excited to see what the future holds for them. I personally love investing my time and money into small growing brands, you can often find hidden little gems and i like to support companies i am passionate about especially if they come from the UK.

In the past i had disliked matte liquid lipsticks with a passion, every single one i had tried dried my lips out and enhanced every single crack, and i naturally have pronounced lines on my lips. I often found some would dry my lips out so badly that my lips would peel... ouch! However, this year i have found myself being sent quite a few and surprisingly i have found some that i like that work well with my dry lips. I would say my world changed when it came to wearing matte lipsticks after i invested in the MAC prep + prime lip balm, which i use after my Lush lip scrub, followed by my bliss lip exfoliator. I will say i am very pleasantly surprised by the Labelle liquid lipsticks and have worn them quite a lot this year. The lipsticks aren't the most comfortable i have ever tried but they don't feel super drying on the lips and are super pigmented and long-wearing, in fact they are longer wearing than any other liquid lipstick i own.

The matte lip creams are extremely rich in pigment and opaqueness. I did find a couple of shades needed layering to achieve the opacity i desire as i have obvious lines in my lips. It is very easy to achieve even coverage, something that can be difficult with liquid lipsticks. As for the longevity they wear all day with a small amount coming away around the inner part of the lip when you eat anything greasy or drink without using a straw, which is the case with most lipsticks. I actually found the 3 darker shades left a stain on my lips which was ideal if i decided to take it all off and just put a clear gloss over the top. I did find that they can stain the fingers too, but they do come off with soapy water. The consistency of the lipsticks are lightweight but not runny, as they have a slightly thicker consistency they build up opaqueness really well unlike more runny liquid lipsticks. I also find because of the consistency i experience hardly any bleeding, but i do use a lip liner with the darker shades just in case. If you do not want to change the lip colour then i recommend a clear/invisible lip liner like the one from Kiko. I do find they take a few minutes to dry which gives me time to reapply to any areas that need a bit extra product without it setting and then flaking.

Labelle sell the liquid lipsticks individually or they sell them in discounted bundle packs. They currently have 8 shades available to choose from and i own four of the eight ( though baby pink is on my wish list for after the new year..... spending ban ). Now lets get into the individual shades shall we....

Labelle Matte Lip Cream Bare - A Peachy Beige Nude

Labelle Matte Lip Cream Party Rock - A bright Fuchsia Pink

Labelle Matte Lip Cream Vintage - A traditional pin-up Red.

Labelle Matte Lip Cream Wild Child - A deep Burgundy.
Wild Child is pretty much Mac Sin in liquid form. It goes on red and dries almost a blackened vampy red.

Labelle Matte Lip Cream Swatches

Labelle Matte Lip Cream Liquid lipsticks when first applied wet L-R: Bare - Party Rock - Vintage - Wild Child.
Labelle Matte Lip Cream Liquid lipstick swatches after a few minutes drying L-R: Bare - Party Rock - Vintage - Wild Child.

Wearing  the Labelle Matte liquid lipstick in Bare

Each Labelle liquid Matte Lipstick retails for £9.99 each which is fantastic considering i prefer these over my Stila liquid lipsticks which retail for £16 each. They also do a bundle or 4 matte lipsticks for £35 and all 8 for £70 You can shop their website here and follow them on Instagram here.

I will also be doing a review and swatches on the New Labelle Liquid Lipsticks.

Which do you prefer standard liquid lipsticks or matte liquid lipsticks?

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