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I really enjoy doing these battles between a high-end eyeshadow palette and an affordable 'dupe' palette. I have already done a post on the Lorac Pro and Makeup Revolution palette which you can view here and i thought with the party season now being here in full effect why not show the Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette dupe i have found; Seeing as the metallic, high shine eyeshadows in these palettes are perfect for the party season. Everyone who knows about makeup knows about the infamous Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palettes, they started the whole neutral eyeshadow palette trend and every other cosmetic brand has followed suit since, an many seeing a gap in the market to create more affordable dupes.

In my experience i have found most drugstore eyeshadow palettes to be disappointing, mainly because of the lack of pigmentation, longevity and the chronic fall out. Pigmentation is a huge thing for me, as a busy mom i don't have hours to spend packing on colour to build up to my desired intensity or redoing my concealer. Therefor i prefer pigmented eyeshadows that i can blend out easily. W7 is another one of those brands like Makeup Revolution who have created affordable dupes, and their products i believe are around the same price and some are even cheaper than MUR. I was very kindly sent some of the W7 Products to try out ( i am already a fan of their soft matte lip creams & the W7 Big Lash Mascara going on 3 years now and i have loved their concealer and powder bronzer in the past ) so i was excited to give some new items of theirs a try. The first thing i noticed when i received the palette is how identical it is to my Urban Decay naked 1 palette. Often 'more affordable' means less quality, so lets see if this is the case with the W7 lightly toasted palette....

Initial first impressions on packaging

W7 In The Buff eyeshadow palette in Lightly Toasted - The packaging is similar to the Urban decay Naked 2 & 3 palettes or the Too Faced Chocolate bar palettes; A slightly chunky click-shut metal tin with raised lettering. The tin is a chocolate brown with cream writing. On the reverse side of the tin is the name of the shadows and the ingredients. The interior packaging is cheap, a flimsy plastic insert with 12 eyeshadows and a brush. I don't like that there i no mirror and that the eyeshadows are deep in wells, it makes it harder to swatch the shadows. 

Urban Decay Naked Palette in Naked 1 - The packaging is brown felt material over cheap cardboard with gold printed lettering. Magnetised closure which is handy for travel and also has a well for a brush. It also comes with a moderately sized interior mirror. The lettering has started to wear off. Not urban decays best palette design.

Now lets move onto the eyeshadows and swatches...

W7 Lightly Toasted Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

As you can see the eyeshadows are very pigmented which i was not expecting.
Now to compare the W7 to the Urban Decay side by side......

Left: W7 Teddy Bear Vs Urban Decay Virgin | Right: W7 Wonderland Vs Urban Decay Sin.

Teddy Bear is Identical to Virgin just slightly less pigmented they both remind me of Mac naked pigment. Wonderland leans more of a rose gold than the Urban Decay Sin. Both colours are stunning.

Left: W7 Cracker Vs Urban Decay Naked | Right: W7 Happy Vs Urban Decay Sidecar.

Cracker is far more warm toned than Naked, cracker is also a bit more powdery than Naked and not as smooth, however i found it to be more pigmented. Happy and Sidecar are almost identical only Sidecar is just a tad bit deeper and warmer, however on the lid they both look the same. One of the most pigmented in the W7 palette. 

Left: W7 Lady Luck Vs Urban Decay Buck | Right: W7 Twister Vs Urban Decay Half Baked.

The two shades are very identical and equally pigmented Lady Luck is more of a neutral brown where as Buck leans a bit more red. Twister in the W7 Palette is actually more stunning than Half baked and more metallic and pigmented! Twister leans more of  an orange based gold ( similar to the gold in the Lorac pro 1 palette ) and Half baked is more of a yellow-gold.

Left: W7 Di Di Vs Urban Decay Smog | Right: W7 Delilah Vs Urban Decay Darkhorse.

These two look identical but when photographed the richness and depth of Smog can really be seen. Di Di is just slightly more red and lighter, making this great all over the lid and Smog in the outer corner to add some dimension to a smoky eye. Comparing Delilah to Darkhorse i must say that the Urban decay darkhorse is disappointing in pigmentation compared to Delilah which you can see is a lot richer in pigmentation.

Left: W7 Magic Vs Urban Decay Toasted | Right: W7 Its a Dream Vs Urban Decay Hustle.

Urban Decay Toasted leans more bronze and metallic than Magic which is more warm toned with an obvious red undertone. Magic is the least most pigmented shimmer-eyeshadow in the palette. Its a Dream and Hustle are almost identical only Hustle leans just slightly deeper. Its a dream also has a lot of fall out where as Hustle is smooth.

Left: W7 Up in Smoke Vs Urban Decay Creep | Right: W7 Dawn Vs Urban Decay Gunmetal.

Smoke has chunkier bits of gold glitter compared to the finely milled shimmer particles in Creep, however Smoke was just one swipe on my hand it took 4 to get the Urban decay to match in pigmentation, Creep is my least favourite/most disappointing eyeshadow in the whole palette. Dawn and Gunmetal are almost identical Gunmetal is just slightly more cool toned and a lighter grey where as Dawn is a medium-dark grey and more pigmented.

The main question i had received from my followers on my Instagram about W7 products was the ingredients used, many people had told me that they had heard bad things about the ingredients inside the products, so i did my research. I did see that there were two forms of Parabens ( Methylparaben & Propylparaben ) Tin Oxide ( inorganic oxide that is naturally found in mineral form used as a bulking agentand Polyethylene Terephthalate ( a polymer resin ) but to be honest upon looking at some of my high end brands like Chanel and Laura Mercier their products contain the same and sometimes more Parabens than W7 and they cost a lot more!!. I know there is this whole controversial topic on parabens but for me personally i use some products containing parabens that i don't use frequently like in blushers, bronzers & eyeshadows. I try to be as natural as i can with hair products, bath products, skincare products and my foundations, but not all are. To me the palette containing the above ingredients is no worse than using Makeup Revolution, Mary Kay or Loreal products as upon inspection they have the same ingredients. I hope this cleared some things up for those of you who asked.

Overall i think the W7 Palette is a great contender/dupe. The quality is the same as it swatches, unlike some cheaper palettes which swatch beautifully but transfer nothing onto the lid. I would recommend using an eye primer as the longevity is not as good as the Urban Decay but overall its a good little palette that is super affordable. I think W7 Products get over looked because of their cheap price point and because they are not sold in drugstores but can be found in discount stores. If the Urban Decay Naked palette is out of your price point ( available for £38 from Debenhams ) and you don't want to spend £20 on the makeup revolution website to get delivery, you can purchase the W7 Lightly Toasted palette for just £4.99 with free UK delivery from JustMyLook.com. I will be buying more of the W7 palettes to do more Dupe comparison blog posts. I will also be trying out the Catwalk Face Shaper contouring kit ( The Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate dupe ) The Makeup & Glow Bronzing Base ( Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Dupe )

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