Viseart Neutral Matte Palette Review & Swatches

The Viseart Matte Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral Matte has been going around the Makeup and Beauty world for quite a long time now, but it wasn't until it launched in Sephora in America last year that it got it's recognition from Makeup Enthusiasts and Bloggers worldwide ( oh the good old world of Youtube and Instagram ); No longer a wonderful kept secret for makeup artists, becoming easily accessible for us non makeup artists to purchase. Though the Viseart palettes have been available to purchase in the UK for quite a while now ( only through one website ) they were always sold out and i got impatient and decided to purchase both the Neutral Matte and the Sultry Muse palettes together from Sephora instead. What appeals to so many about this particular palette is that it offers 12 shimmer-free completely-matte eyeshadows, but the price tag is expensive and most people who are not in the 'makeup industry' would not fork so much money out on this. So lets find out in the hefty price tag is worth the purchase shall we....

Viseart Neutral Mattes 01 Palette

Viseart is a health conscious French makeup brand founded by Anastasia Van Dusen and created for makeup artists. Viseart’s store is located in the Marais district of Paris. This company it very well known by professional makeup artists around the world as The premier professional brand of choice. All of their products are made by hand in France and they produce tightly controlled batches to maintain the pigment quality, powder integrity and consistency. Viseart fuses quality with integrity, hence superior quality products. All of Viseart's eyeshadows are created with highly micronized pigments that are triple milled for a very smooth, buttery consistency. A lot of time and thought has gone into each eyeshadow palette by Viseart. As all of the palettes are made by hand and as Viseart is still a small brand ( despite being well known by makeup artists ) that is why the packaging is basic. There is nothing fancy here but personally as much as i love gorgeous packaging ( rose gold anyone? ) i would prefer great quality products with basic packaging, than exquisite packaging with mediocre quality items. The packaging definitely reflects something you’d find in a make up artist’s kit rather than a personal makeup bag, but as stated these palettes are aimed for the use of professional makeup artists. Viseart products are made without petroleum, parabens ( yay ), silicons, butylene glycol or propylene glycol, phthalates or any artificial dyes. As i have got older i have been looking more into the ingredients in the products that i use; Specifically foundation, concealers, eyeliners and eyeshadows. Basically anything i either wear all over my face on the daily or is worn around my sensitive eye area.

The Viseart Neutral Mattes palette fell into the 'I don’t need it, but I really want it’ category on my makeup wish-list ( just like the The Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette which i also purchased recently ); but who am i kidding, that pretty much sums up every single eyeshadow palette purchase nowadays. I definitely do not need anymore eyeshadow palettes, so i think it is fair to say that i have a slight unhealthy addiction towards neutral eyeshadow palettes, but i just keep buying.... A girl can never have too many neutral palettes right? So, i waited until i had saved up a significant amount of pennies to place a big Sephora order ( i spend too much money on makeup to have proper savings anymore lol ) and i purchased a couple of the viseart palettes.

Viseart Neutral Mattes 01 Palette

Now, if i am honest when i first got this palette and swatched the eyeshadows onto my arm i was actually rather disappointed. Though the shadows are buttery smooth they are of a bit more dry consistency compared to some other eyeshadows i use like Lorac, Makeup Geek or Tom Ford ( which my Lorac palettes have major fall-out and the Viseart has zero fall out, i think the slightly dry consistency is what gives these shadows such amazing longevity and pigmentation ). I think for the price tag, I had very high standards for this palette and was expecting some kind of magic upon first swatch ( like i get with Tom Ford eyeshadows ). However, it was from the moment that i dipped my blending brush in and applied to the eyelids that i literally said out loud "WOW". Which is very rare for me! I swear, on the eyelids these eyeshadows really are like some kind of magic. The magic is in the texture, the depth of colour, and the way the super finely-milled powders behave on skin; They pretty much just blend themselves and blend into each other seamlessly.I always say that 'just because a product swatches great on the fingers, does not mean that it applies well on the lid' ( which is the case with a lot of drugstore eyeshadows ). This palette is the opposite it swatches nicely but not enough to wow you ( considering the hefty price tag ), but it's the application on the eyes that is phenomenal and they honestly last all day and night. Viseart shadows really excel above all others when it comes to blending! Making them a worthwhile investment.

Viseart Neutral Mattes 01 Palette

I find the quality and formula is what you would expect for such a high-end price tag. On the brush the eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and you only need to lightly tap your brush to get a good amount of product. The colours glide effortlessly over the eyelids with good pigmentation and not a hint of chalky dust in sight. Honestly a makeup beginner could create a perfect eye look with these shadows ( not that the price tag would be justifiable to someone just starting out ). So if you do manage to swatch this in store somewhere DON'T be put off not to purchase because, i tell you once you apply to the eyelids is when you realise the price tag was all so worth it! These are honestly the longest-lasting powder eyeshadows i have ever used in my life ( and my Ben Nye & Tom Ford are pretty long-lasting ). They hold up throughout my 16 hour long days and are guaranteed to still look the exact same way i applied them at 7am when i look in the mirror at 10pm. I even made the naughty mistake once of falling asleep with my makeup on one night and my mascara had come off but the eyeshadows were still there, Amazing! I have used this palette every week since buying back in September and it has become one of my makeup staples. The only downfall for me ( which is a silly and minor one ) is that none of the eyeshadows come with shade names or numbers to use for reference when doing tutorials on the palette. However i did manage to find the names ( via sephora ) which i have linked below.

Eyeshadow Shades:

1.) Cannelle -  Rich Warm Peach
2.) Beige - Cooler Beige
3.) Sable - Warm Apricot Beige  
4.) Ivoire - Ivory / Off white

5.) Chocolat - Dark Neutral Coffee Brown
6.) Brique - Dark Burnt Orange/Terracotta
7.) Taupe - Warm Cocoa Brown
8.) Cafe - Cool Medium Brown 

9.) Charbon - Black
10.) Souris - Medium Dark Grey
11.) Cendre - Cool toned Taupe ( with slight grey & plum undertones )
12.) Tabac - Neutral slightly Warm Medium-dark Brown

Swatches of Viseart Neutral Mattes 01 Palette

The top row consists of mostly skin-tone beige shades and an off white ivory, which i find to be more flattering than a stark white. There is not much in difference between the shades Beige & Sable, except that Sable is slightly warmer ( it's my perfect blend in skin-tone shade ). The middle row has warm deeper shades Brique may look intimidating to some in the pan, however it is a bit more muted and flattering on the skin than it is in the pan and Chocolat takes a bit more laying, but it feels softer than all the other shadows. The bottom row has more dark shades with a staple black which is a so pigmented and a true matte black and some cooler toned shades.

Swatches: Keep in mind that these are just one light swipe! Holy Pigment...

Swatches of Viseart Neutral Mattes 01 Palette
Swatches of Viseart Neutral Mattes 01 Palette
Swatches of Viseart Neutral Mattes 01 Palette

The palette retails for $80 or £59.95 which i have heard many people say is extortionate - for myself i disagree; That makes each eyeshadow just £5/ $6.70 each, much cheaper than that of MAC, Urban Decay and the same price as makeup geek. Yes the price tag is high but not much higher than that of a Lorac palette. The Viseart palette contains lots more product than that of a Lorac Pro or Mega Pro palette ( which costs £60+, its £75 here! ) yet people pay the extortionate price tag for Lorac and Tom Ford palettes because they are a more well known brands. I personally do not mind putting my money towards better quality products and therefor you will see that i have a lot of high-end products in my makeup collection - Quality over Quantity. You get a whopping amount of product in this palette, 24g to be precise. Because so little product is needed when applying, this palette will last you a very long time. I am sure that the price tag is higher because they are hand made and you are paying for the ingredients and the quality of the pigment, which in my opinion makes it so worth it. The palette is surprisingly small & compact compared to some other palettes making it a great palette for travel; though you will need to take a separate mirror as this palette does not contain one.

Overall Thoughts:

The superb quality, wearable everyday shades and 24g of product make this a really good buy. The performance is phenomenal and you can create a wide array of eyeshadow combinations, layering the colours taking you from day to night. Little product is needed to create an eye look, meaning this palette will last you a long time. It is also great to have an entire palette made up of matte shadows, but is this something a non-makeup artist needs? Probably not.... but if you are a beauty and makeup enthusiast like myself and wear eyeshadow on the regular then i would highly recommend this palette! I have started freelancing doing other people's makeup occasionally, and this palette is a staple. If you are just starting out in makeup and want something a bit more affordable then i would recommend picking up a 35 palette from Morphe, the quality is no where near as amazing as the Viseart ( and its made in China - we all know how i feel about that if you read here ) but they will do for beginners and everyday use. Viseart have a total of seven Eyeshadow Palettes and also have Lip palettes, Powder CompactsCream Foundations, a Corrector/Contour/Camouflage palettes, blushers and so much more available. Which if the quality is anything like the eyeshadows i definitely want to try out in the future. I intend to purchase the Bridal Satin 03, Dark Mattes 04, Paris Nude 06 and Cool Mattes 07 eyeshadow palettes this year.

Price and Purchasing

The Visart Neutral Matte 01 palette retails for £59.95 and is available to purchase from Love Makeup for all of us in the UK.
It retails for $75-$80 in the USA and is available to purchase from Sephora, Alcone Co, Frends Beauty ( which has a huge selection ) and Beautylish.

You can follow Viseart Paris on Instagram here and you can also follow the wonderful Beautylish here. Like Viseart's on facebook here. The Viseart Paris website is currently under maintenance, so their social media is the best way to get in touch and find out what is new.

The Viseart Neutral Mattes and Viseart Sultry Muse Palettes

What do you think? Could you justify the price and purchase this palette?

 Thanks for Reading Lovelies

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  1. Which one do you find better - KvD Shade & Light or Viseart 01? Without taking price under consideration :P

  2. Thanks for this. I have the smaller six pan viseart and I love it. I was considering purchasing the more expensive palettes and I need some honest opinions to justify the purchase. Especially since I like you can't just stop at one, I feel like I need at least four to get the full scope of the product and so for that much money I want to make sure it's a quality product.