Viseart Sultry Muse Palette Review & Swatches

Viseart has by far, become one of my favourite eyeshadow brands; and i think it is fair to say that i have tested a lot of eyeshadows from a wide variety of brands over the years. The Viseart Sultry Muse palette is the 'be all' of the shimmer palettes. I can now safely say ' that i do not feel the need to buy anymore neutral shimmery eyeshadow palettes' by any other brand, but Viseart! I thought Tom Ford and Charlotte had the best shimmers on the market until i bought this palette, don't get me wrong i still love them, and i would go as far as to say that the best shimmer eyeshadows are by Tom Ford, Suqqu, Charlotte Tilbury and Viseart. I intend to add two other Viseart shimmer palettes to my collection. Honestly if you are looking for the smoothest shimmer eyeshadows on the market then look no further....

Viseart is a health conscious French makeup brand founded by Anastasia Van Dusen and created for makeup artists. Viseart’s store is located in the Marais district of Paris. This company it very well known by professional makeup artists around the world as The premier professional brand of choice. All of their products are made by hand in France and they produce tightly controlled batches to maintain the pigment quality, powder integrity and consistency. Viseart fuses quality with integrity, hence superior quality products. All of Viseart's eyeshadows are created with highly micronized pigments that are triple milled for a very smooth, buttery consistency. A lot of time and thought has gone into each eyeshadow palette by Viseart. As all of the palettes are made by hand and as Viseart is still a small brand ( despite being well known by makeup artists ) that is why the packaging is basic. There is nothing fancy here but personally as much as i love gorgeous packaging ( rose gold anyone? ) i would prefer great quality products with basic packaging, than exquisite packaging with mediocre quality items. The packaging definitely reflects something you’d find in a make up artist’s kit rather than a personal makeup bag, but as stated these palettes are aimed for the use of professional makeup artists. Viseart products are made without petroleum, parabens ( yay ), silicons, butylene glycol or propylene glycol, phthalates or any artificial dyes. As i have got older i have been looking more into the ingredients in the products that i use; Specifically foundation, concealers, eyeliners and eyeshadows. Basically anything i either wear all over my face on the daily or is worn around my sensitive eye area.

 What really drew me to this palette was the similarity in shades to the Neutral mattes palette, i actually didn't research this palette at all before buying. I purchased this palette it on a whim as i knew i wanted to try one matte and one shimmer palette by Viseart. I chose the Sultry Muse palette because it was the closest to neutral shades, with warm tones. One thing i have found as i have gotten older is that i have got more skin and a hood above my eyes, when i apply shimmer to the lid the skin folds over the crease and i end up with eyeshadow above the crease which isn't very flattering and brings the wrong attention to the area i am trying to disguise! However these eyeshadows do not transfer on me at all and they stay put all day especially when used in conjunction with a good primer. I usually find shimmer eyeshadows wear off quicker than matte shadows, but it's not the case with the Viseart eyeshadows. In terms of the 12 eyeshadow shades, the palette runs pretty warm and neutral in tone, even the silver shade in the palette is not too cool toned. It consists of lots of golds, bronzes and earthy tones. Each shade is rich in colour and buttery smooth. The shimmer is a very tasteful grown-up kind of shimmer, therefor it flatters ladies of a mature age also. Honestly in my eyes this palette is perfect.

Unlike when i first swatched the Neutral Mattes palette which you can read about here, it was Love and first Swatch when i first swatched the Sultry Muse palette. Instantly after swatching, i had to apply the eyeshadows to my lids. The quality and formula is exactly what you would expect for such a high-end price tag and more, the pigmentation and shimmer honestly is unreal. The best way for me to describe this palette is 'the sun shining on a million little Fairies, Unicorns and Diamonds sprinkled with Pixie dust' all in one magical eyeshadow palette. The magic is in the texture, the depth of colour, and the way the super finely-milled powders behave on skin; Despite these being shimmer i do not experience any fall-out, which is rare. The shadows are tightly packed and the brush only picks up exactly what it needs with no excess powder. I don't have to worry about shimmer or glitters down my cheeks, and it's is nice to have a shimmery eyeshadow palette that i can use after i have applied my full face of makeup. The colours glide effortlessly over the eyelids with good pigmentation, i have even applied my eyeshadows in the car on the highway using this palette! Honestly these are an absolute delight to pat onto the eyelids.

 I have used this palette quite a bit since purchasing back in September and it has become one of my makeup staples. The only downfall for me ( which is a silly and minor one ) is that none of the eyeshadows come with shade names or numbers to use for reference when doing tutorials on the palette. However i did manage to find the names ( via sephora ) which i have linked below.

Eyeshadow Shades:

1.) Yves - Frosted Silvery White ( with white & silver micro glitters )
2.) Camille - Light Satin Bronze
3.) Kifu - Champagne Sparkle
4.) Gitte - Light Taupe

5.) Tym - Shimmery Rosy-Pink
6.) Jori - Dark Chocolate Brown
7.) Clndi - Light Warm Peachy Copper
8.) Chatille - Reddened Brown ( almost a deep burgundy )

9.) Chloe- Light Silvery Grey
10.) Melorie - True Rose Gold
11.) Diane - Dark Smoky Charcoal Grey
12.) Ceska - Yellow based Gold

The top row consists of mostly light-toned shades from a beautiful almost-silvered white, rich golds and bronzes. The shades Yves, Camille and Gitte ( 1, 2 & 4 ) are unbelievably soft; I have honestly never felt any eyeshadow formulation like it! They are super rich in pigment when applied dry and out of this world when applied wet. Kifu ( 3 ) is the only somewhat-disappointing shade in the palette, it is more dry in texture and not as pigmented as the rest of the shadows; I'm not sure if it's because it has more 'obvious' glitter particles in it, and often glitters tend to be more on the dry side. However, it is still a pretty colour and is stunning on the inner part of the eye. The middle row has more warm, earthy tones: Tym & Jori ( 5 & 6 ) are unbelievably smooth also it's like touching a cloud. Tym is definitely one of my favourites in the palette, its such a beautiful unique shade i honestly own nothing else like it. Clndi & Catille ( 7 & 8 ) are not quite as soft and 5 & 6 but are still creamy smooth and unbelievably rich in colour and opaqueness. Clndi appears a lot more vibrant on the eyelid, it's absolutely stunning.

The bottom row has more neutral shades with a straight up silver, which has some silver micro-glitter particles in it ( though it has glitter like shade 3 its much softer and definitely more pigmented ). The shade Diane ( 11 ) looks almost black but its actually a really deep and dark grey. Once again shades ( 9, 10, 11 & 12 ) are all unbelievably soft. I cannot fault this palette whatsoever and even though the shade 'Kifu' may not be as soft or as pigmented as the other 11 shadows in the palette, it is exactly the same texture as you would get in a Lorac or Too Faced Palette meaning its still great quality, it just doesn't have as much sprinkles of pixie dust ;)

My personal favourites within the palette are 'Yves' which i use the most, it is the most beautiful eye-catching inner corner highlight. 'Camille' is the most perfect light bronze and is stunning packed all over the lid. 'Tym' is such a beautiful and unique rosy pink with a slight hint of bronze and gold to it, i own no other colour like this in my collection. 'Jori' which is a beautiful rich brown looks beautiful all over the lid, to deepen the outer corner and smoked out on the lower lash-line! 'Clndi' and 'Chatille' are both beautiful, deep, rich shades that look stunning through the crease.

Swatches of Viseart Sultry Muse 05 Palette
Swatches of Viseart Sultry Muse 05 Palette
Swatches of Viseart Sultry Muse 05 Palette

The palette retails for $80 or £59.95 which i have heard many people say is extortionate - I disagree; That makes each eyeshadow just £5/ $6.70 each, much cheaper than that of MAC, Urban Decay and the same price as makeup geek. Yes the price tag is high but not much higher than that of a Lorac palette and the quantity is amazing and the the quality of this eyeshadow palette is out of this world. The eyeshadows within this palette remind me of the Tom Ford Shimmers ( which before this palette were my all time favourite ) and now i rate these the best shimmer eyeshadows on the market today. I honestly don't think i have loved an eyeshadow formula as much as i love these. The Viseart palette contains a whopping 24g of product and the pigmentation is so unreal you only need the tiniest bit of product. Because so little product is needed when applying, this palette will last you a very long time. I am sure that the price tag is higher because they are hand made and you are paying for the ingredients and the quality of the pigment, which in my opinion makes it worth it. The palette is surprisingly small & compact compared to some other palettes making it a great palette for travel ( i have taken it out travelling with me numerous times along with the Neutral Mattes ). You will have to carry a separate mirror though as this palette does not include one.

Overall Thoughts:

The superb quality, wearable neutral shades and 24g of product make this a really good buy. The performance is phenomenal and unlike any other shimmer eyeshadow you have ever used. Surprisingly you can create quite a few looks using just this palette even with it having no matte shades, as the rich colours add depth in the crease and don't contain any glitter. Very little product is needed to create an eye look meaning this palette will last you a long time. Is this palette something a non-makeup artist needs? Umm Yes!!! lol i could very happily just live with this shimmer eyeshadow palette for the rest of my life it has every neutral shade i would ever need.Viseart have a total of seven Eyeshadow Palettes and also have Lip palettesPowder CompactsCream FoundationsCorrector/Contour/Camouflage palettesblushers and much more available. Which if the quality is the same as the eyeshadows i definitely want to try out in the future. The next couple of palettes i will be purchasing will be the Bridal Satin 03 and the Cool Mattes palettes within the next couple of months. In the future i would love to add the Dark Mattes 04 and Paris Nude 06 palettes to my collection also.

Price and Purchasing

The Visart Sultry Muse 05 palette retails for £59.95 and is available to purchase from Love Makeup for all of us in the UK.
It retails for $75-$80 in the USA and is available to purchase from SephoraAlcone CoFrends Beauty ( which has a huge selection ) and Beautylish.

You can follow Viseart Paris on Instagram here and you can also follow the wonderful Beautylish here. Like Viseart's on facebook here. The Viseart Paris website is currently under maintenance, so their social media is the best way to get in touch and find out what is new.

Viseart Sultry Muse 05 & Neutral Matte 01 Palettes.

What do you think? Could you justify the price and purchase this palette?

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