NYX Prismatic Eyeshadow Review & Swatches - Bedroom Eyes, Punk Heart & Fireball

As a huge lover of NYX products i was super excited when they came to Boots in the UK. I no longer have to worry about buying in bulk from the states with huge customs, and it's assuring that i can buy a small amount of products and they arrive within a couple of days. Last year i fell in love with the Makeup Geek foiled eyeshadows so when i saw that NYX had their own foiled, high-shimmer eyeshadows and i could purchase them in the UK, i knew i had to get them.

 There are a 12 shades in the Prismatic range and i purchased three of them. I chose shades i knew i would wear often and get use out of. I didn't get any more shades that are great for highlighting as i already own so many highlighting eyeshadow shades. This year i am trying not to purchase items for the sake of blogging purposes and only buy new products i know i will continue to use after reviewing and blogging about. I have enjoyed playing with these eyeshadows for about 5 weeks now.

As for the eyeshadows, all of the eyeshadows are pretty long-wearing lasting around 8 hours. I like to use an eye primer beforehand and recommend the MAC 24hr eye base. Every eyeshadow has a slight gold sheen to them, creating a touch of warmth. The NYX eyeshadows come in sleek black and silver plastic compacts, unlike the usual all black packaging nyx usually have. I adore the pretty little 'signature NYX' bow which is also silver, i think we all know now that i am a magpie to anything shiny. Each eyeshadow contains 0.043 oz/ 1.24g of product.

Alright, packaging aside; Lets talk about the quality of the eyeshadows. If you look really closely at the surface of the eyeshadows you will see teeny iridescent micro-glitter particles. But it turns out that the eyeshadows don't translate as glitter on the eye, but more of a reflective sparkle. I would describe them as a high-pigmented foiled eyeshadows that can be built up to be super foiled and metallic when applied wet. Each shadow is pigmented, they don't apply as opaque as the makeup geek foiled eyeshadows when dry, but can be built up well. There is zero fallout and the eyeshadows apply to the lid like a dream without enhancing creases and lines like some other shimmer shadows can. The texture is smooth and buttery with an almost creamy feeling. I experience no patchiness and no difficulty whatsoever with blending out or smoking out the shadows on the lower lash-line. The eyeshadows have excellent colour pay-off with a soft, smooth texture that blend really easily on the skin. If the eyeshadows were depotted and put into a z-palette you could easily mistake them for a MAC or Urban Decay eyeshadow, fantastic high-quality. I give these eyeshadows my highest recommendation.

Bedroom Eyes

Bedroom Eyes | Is a beautiful warm Bronzed Gold. It makes a perfect everyday shade on the lid and can also be used in the center of the lid to intensify a smokey eye. Bedroom eyes is described as a “deep brown metallic.” I would describe it is a medium-dark, bronzey-brown with warm undertones and a frosted sheen. The texture is incredibly soft and almost crumbly, so it can be a little powdery to work with. It has good colour coverage and blends easily on the skin.

Dry Swatches L-R: Inglot - Zoeva 'Sweet Sound' Naturally Yours palette- MUA (Makeup Academy) Luxe Paradise palette - Marc Jacobs The Lolita palette - Viseart Sultry Muse palette - Mac Tempting - NYX Bedroom Eyes - Charlotte Tilbury the Golden Goddess quad - Charlotte Tilbury eyes to mesmerise in Marie Antoinette.

Punk Heart

Punk Heart | Is a beautiful Plum violet shade. I love how the purple of this shadow can be changed depending on the coloured base used underneath. For instance over a white base it appears a more vibrant violet shade, and over a black base it is a stunning deep aubergine. It is probably my favourite shade out of all three of the eyeshadows that i picked up, and it compliments my dark brown eyes beautifully. Punk Heart is described as a “deep plum with purple shimmer.” I would describe it as a medium-dark, plummy purple with warm, reddish-brown undertones and a frosted finish. It had fairly good pigmentation with a drier, more powdery texture that is blendable and adheres well to the skin.

Dry Swatches L-R: Zoeva 'Delicate Acidity' Cocoa Blend palette - Too Faced 'Sugar Plum' Joy to the Girls LE palette - Burberry Midnight Plum - Kiko wet & dry shadow in 204 - NYX Punk Heart - Makeup Geek Sensuous - Models Prefer Hook me Up quad - Beth Bender Kiss This Guy palette.


Fireball | Is a beautiful unique shade. It is just slightly more pinky-red toned that Makeup Geek's Flame thrower and in my eyes is a more wearable orange. I find that Punk heart and Fireball team beautifully together, Fireball all over the lid and Punk heart smoked out on the bottom lash-line; The colours really compliment each other well and i will be wearing this combination quite a bit throughout the springtime. It's a nice demure way to add colour into an everyday look without it being too much. To some Fireball look like a MAC Cranberry dupe but in my eyes Fireball is nothing like cranberry if it closer to any MAC eyeshadow it would be coppering. Fireball is described as a rusty orange, and it’s a pretty medium-warm, reddish-copper.

Dry Swatches L-R: Inglot 605 - Makeup Academy (MUA cosmetics) Luxe Paradise palette - NYX Fireball - Makeup Geek Flamethrower - Viseart Sultry Muse palette - MAC Coppering - Inglot 15.

Swatches of the NYX Prismatic eyeshadows in Bedroom Eyes - Punk Heart & Fireball applied dry.

The NYX Prismatic eyeshadows retails in the UK for £5 each and are available from Boots.
They retail for $6 each in the USA and are available from NYX & Ulta

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