Bronzers For Fair, Light and Medium Skin Tones

I own a lot of bronzers ranging from highstreet to premium high-end. There is not a day that goes by that i don't wear bronzer on my cheeks - it just adds life back to my face. I personally struggle to find bronzers that won't make me look like an oompa-loompa or Donald Trump on halloween i mean everyday lol. My skin is actually rather fair for my mix of nationalities so i need a bronzer to flatter me when i am fair as well as when i am tanned. I don't think i am asking for too much, but J-Lo's skin would be wonderful. I find that most bronzers work for either one skin-tone or the other, but i have found true love in five bronzers that flatter both perfectly.


Hourglass Radiant Bronze Light Ambient Lighting Bronzer - UK £42 Link | USA $50 Link.

The Warmest Bronzer in the whole line up. I usually try to avoid really warm bronzers, and on fair skin-tones this appears very warm. However because of the 'ambient lighting powder' running through it, i find that it reflects a lot of light, somehow subduing the orange-ness ( if that's even a word lol ). I do find that because this leans very warm i have to use a light hand. The powder is incredibly smooth and the result is a gorgeous beach-bronzed tan, with a lit-from-within ethereal glow. I think i might also add the Luminous bronze to my collection since i love the formulation so much. If you are wanting that whole beach babe 'i just came back from the beach' kind of glow, then the Hourglass Radiant Bronze is is the bronzer for you.


It Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Ombre Bronzer in Warm Radiance - USA $34 Link ( not yet available in the uk ).

The Newest Entry bronzer in the line up. My newest love is this stunning Ombre bronzer by It Cosmetics ( isn't it pleasing on the eye? ). I spent forever yearning after this, so when i saw that the wonderful Beautylish shipped 'It Cosmetics' products to the UK i just had to get this beauty. The packaging is a bit basic but the product inside is far from it! The ombre effect starts off as a more of a matte medium-deep, red-toned brown that works it way up to a light shimmery some-what beige. Despite the micro-shimmer, swirled together this gives the most beautiful glow to the cheeks and isn't obnoxious for more mature women to wear. Teamed with the Wayne Goss 00 brush is utter perfection. If you have imperfect skin but still love a little bit of shimmer then the It Cosmetics Ombre radiance bronzer is for you.


W7 Holly Wood Bronze & Glow - UK £2.99 Link.

The Most Natural bronzer in the line up. Originally i purchased this bronzer from JustMyLook for comparison purposes against the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar bronze and glow. I will be honest i expected it to be a cheap flop, so i was astounded when on first use i fell in love. My love only grew stronger and stronger with each passing day. This is the Most Affordable bronzer in this line up and looks the most natural on the skin. If you have fair skin i highly then i highly recommend that you check out this bronzer. It leaves such a beautiful healthy sheen on the skin that you are guaranteed to get people complimenting you on how great your complexion looks. If you have fair to light-medium skin and find a lot of bronzers make you look like Donald Trump or Donatella Versace ( which i hope is not the look you are not aiming for lol ) or perhaps you are on a tight budget? ..... then the W7 Hollywood bronze & glow is the bronzer for you.


Bare Minerals The Beach is Waiting READY Colour Boost Bronzer - Was £34 Limited Edition.

The Deepest Bronzer in the line up. This bronzer is truly stunning and should be made a permanent item for Bare Minerals -  i for one would buy so many back up's. Originally i bought this for the brush it came with ( crazy right ? ) but my love for this beauty happened on the first try. It has three sections with a mixture of a matte red toned bronzer, a shimmery medium-warm bronze and a light shimmery bronze. I like to mix all three together to get a beautiful healthy glow across the face. If Jennifer Lopez designed a golden-goddess powder bronzer, it would be this beauty. As it is a bit deeper than the rest with more obvious shimmer ( fine shimmer not glitter ) i tend to wear this during the spring and summer months when i have a bit more colour. If you enjoy a shimmery bronzer that catches attention then this is the bronzer for you. Bare minerals does bring out limited edition bronzers every summer.


Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze - UK £49 - Link | USA $68 Link.

The Most Lux of the line up. I remember taking a huge gulp when i spent £50 on this bronzer and it was Charlotte Tilbuy products that started my whole love for high end beauty products. Over £1000 spent later on Tilbury products and i am still very much in love. The Filmstar Bronze & Glow bronzer is a subtle light-to-medium bronzer. It has more of a satin finish with teeny tiny micro shimmers which help to add dimension and luminosity to the skin. This was the first bronzer i fell in love with after my Rimmel ( which was actually too oranage for me - but what did i know back then? ). It's not over pigmented, but is finely milled and builds up colour beautifully on the cheeks. I also think despite containing shimmer, fair skin girls can softly contour with this. If you see the swatches ( down before ) you will notice that this and the £2.99 W7 bronzer are pretty much identical! The only difference is the Charlotte Tilbury is just slightly longer wearing and comes in beautiful Luxe packaging. If you are after a natural bronzer that builds up easily and you don't mind splurging then give the Filmstar bronze and glow a try.


I really like love all these bronzers because they all give life to the face. Each and every one has a slight sheen to them which helps to add dimension and give a soft sun-kissed radiance. I also find that i can wear these bronzers pretty much all year round. Come rain or shine. There is a bronzer for everyone in this line up from the natural effortless makeup beauties to the full on glamour bomb-shells. A good bronzer really can help bring warmth and dimension back to your face if chosen right. It is a beauty product i cannot live without.


Swatches L-R: Hourglass Radiant Bronze Light - ,It Cosmetics Ombre bronzer -  W7 hollywood bronze -  Bare Minerals the beach is waiting & Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar bronze.


Here is a list of the brushes i love to use with my bronzers:
Wayne Goss 00 Brush $85 Link
Sephora Pro airbrush #55 brush $34 Link
Labelle Gold fluffy & angled brush ( No longer Available ) Link.
Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush £13 Link
I am not a fan of the larger more dense bronzer brushes! I do own a few and i find that they distribute far too much product for my liking. I would rather use a natural haired brush that picks up less product that can be built up, than a synthetic brush that applies too much and im forever blending. I like my bronzer soft and natural, just like how i like my blush and most of my makeup frankly.


Other Bronzers i am interested in trying out are:
Nars Laguna Liquid Bronzer - £26.50 Link
Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Summer Bronzer - £40 Link
Both products should be added to my collection after my spending ban is lifted lol.

Do you have any favourite bronzers or recommendations?

Thanks for Reading Lovelies

Jamey xo

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