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Buttermilk is a New UK Based Korean Skincare website based in London. I came across them one day through the discovery section on Instagram and once i saw that they were going to be stocking the impossible to get Korean products i had been lusting after for what seems like forever, i had to follow them and impatiently await their official launch date. Planning to place a sneaky order come pay day, i was overjoyed when they reached out to me to ask me if i wanted to sample a few of their products. Being a Korean skincare lover i jumped at the chance to try out a few of their products. I made a few suggestions of products i was interested in and was expecting to receive one to try out. So you can understand why i was so blown away and overcome with emotion when i opened the box to find every single product i had talked in it, plus more!!!

I am honestly so beyond thankful to have the opportunity to try out some of the beauty products i have been lusting after for ages! Without even looking through all the items on the Buttermilk website i knew i wanted to try products from Aromatica and Klairs. I have been drooling over their products all year on Instagram and i kept telling myself i will order them at some point from the states, but always put it off because a delivery never feels quite as exciting when the delivery company holds it hostage, and it comes with huge customs *sigh. I was pleased to also see that they also stock two of my favourite Korean brands Cosrx and Missha, as well as products by Benton ( another brand i really want to try out ) and the super popular Tony Moly. They seem to have thought very carefully about the brands they sell through their website and decided to choose top quality products that are still affordable.

My package arrived the next day and all of the products arrived beautifully presented in black tissue paper, within a large sturdy white box. The Klairs products also came sealed within their boxes which i really liked, as it prevents leakage. First impression's about the company is that i feel they went above and beyond to make my experience positive the whole way through, and as someone who is a huge on presentation and customer service i was very impressed. It's always nice to find companies that take pride in their presentation and taking care of their customers, which is why i am a firm fan of Selfridges, Bravura, Liberty London and Beautylish. I found their website extremely easy to navigate and products are easy to find by sections, brands or skin types. Buttermilk also do a tailored skincare routine where they help you figure out which products will work with your skin type, and also how to incorporate them into a Korean 10 step skincare routine. I also like that they have a wish list option on the site, so you can save all the products your lusting after; and they also have little mini personal reviews on individual product listings. Buttermilk skincare really makes you feel cared for, and not just another buyer. 

 So lets take a peek at what i got shall we....Some products i have already been using and you can expect updates and reviews either on my blog or over on my Instagram.


This mask was a personal recommendation from Jenna the founder of Buttermilk. She really listened in detail about my skin and it's concerns, leaving me at ease with her recommendations. My dear friend the beautiful Renee of Gothamista reviewed the Lindsay rubber masks last year and raved about them and i have been intrigued ever since - she's such an instigator. If you don't follow her Youtube yet, you need to. She really knows her stuff when it comes to Korean skincare and skincare in general, plus she's a total sweetheart. You will be hooked to her channel before you know it. Rubber masks are brilliant because they are far more effective than sheet masks - which are already fantastic! Each pot has enough for one face mask ( unless you have a teeny head lol ).  The Lindsay Cool ( Tea-Tree mask ) is suitable for those with Combination to Oily\Acne prone skin. Packed full with Tea Tree, Alginate and Clays rich in minerals it's perfect for soothing and treating troubled skin, whilst the rubber texture prevents any of the nutrients from escaping leaving a nice cooling effect on the skin.


This bad boy has been on my wish list for a while but i wanted to wait until i had finished another couple of snail products i currently own in my stash before purchasing. So, i was ecstatic when i saw that they had included it in my package. I'm personally a huge fan of 'snail product' and the results ( though initially it did gross me out at first ), but i am a little unsure how i feel about them now after hearing from some Korean women that they scare the snails into producing mucus. That seems a bit mean for something that is just for our beauty gain. I actually really like snails as creatures ( we have tons in our garden ) so this does dishearten me a little. Anyway sad story aside, the Cosrx snail mucin power essence is one of Cosrx's most popular products. It is incredibly hydrating and anti-ageing helping the skin to produce more collagen and improve elasticity. This is supposed to be amazing for anyone with acne-prone or problematic skin as it also helps to repair the skin.


If all goes well with this product you know i will be buying the coinciding toner. This is the product i am probably the most excited to try out. I am extremely fussy about moisturiser products, and this moisturiser is not only my favourite lightweight formulation ( gel cream ) but it also comes in pump form *hallelujah! All of Aromatica's products are natural and vegan, formulated without any toxic chemical ingredients. The Aromatica Sea Daffodil Aqua Gel cream contains 84% organic aloe vera leaf extract, babassu seed oil, allantonin and rosehip oil which all help to really hydrate and calm the skin, whilst preventing any congestion. Making it a fantastic option for those with Oily-Combination skin types but also sensitive skin. Could this replace my Belif Aqua bomb and Blithe Crystal Iceplant Pressed Serum? Oh it would be amazing if Buttermilk stocked Blithe products!


Klairs pride themselves on producing simple yet powerful skincare products. This serum has been hailed the ultimate antioxidant serum by Korean fans. Once again this is another Renee influence. Packed with lots of antioxidants including Vitamin C, the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Serum should help to reduce fine lines and skin pigmentation evening out your complexion, leaving you with rejuvenated and bright looking skin. I am currently still testing out the Drunk Elephant C-Firma so once i have that review up i will incorporate this into my routine probably along with this cream sometime at the end of August.

I think its pretty obvious now that i am a cleanser addict and one cleansing product i am extremely picky about is oil based cleansers. I briefly mentioned my 3 favourite oil cleansers on the blog before, but the ingredients within this really piqued my interest. The Klairs black deep cleansing oil contains numerous natural 'black' oils like black bean oil, blackcurrant seed oil and black sesame seed oil to help soothe the skin, deliver vitamins and minerals, maintain moisture and also control sebum production. I have not seen many oils that claim to actually help us with oilier skin-types. It promises to clean deep into the pores without irritating the skin - making this fantastic for acne-prone skin sufferers.

Despite this being one of the biggest products in Korea, i actually hadn't heard of this produche Buttermilk website. It's mystery and lack of 'hype' is what drew me to it, plus it contains an spf of 40++ and i am all about that anti-ageing skincare life. So, what's not to love?! The Klairs Illuminating Blemish cream is a one colour suits all bb cream that is suitable for both men and women. It can be used either as a base alone or as a primer underneath foundation. It claims to moisturise and protect the skin whilst evening out skin tone and helping to keep sebum production under control. I' must say that i am super excited to see how this holds up on my skin during these warm, sticky days. I will say that after going over the ingredients list, i am a little nervous about the silicone agents, as i find that a lot of silicone products cause my skin to become congested and break out. So we will see how this works out. 


Tony Moly Strawberry Seeds 3 step nose pack - £2.20
Now that i have an amazing skincare routine in place and am using face oils a little bit less, i have noticed less congestion and blackheads on my nose. However i do still get the occasional bout of blackheads when i wear a little too much makeup ( and am too tired to remove it properly - naughty me ) or my skin is just feeling a little congested and is in dire need of a clay 'skin reset' mask. This strawberry seed mask really interests me with the 3 part system and i don't usually think to give my little nose a good pampering. Plus how adorable is this packaging?

I am gutted i didn't see that Buttermilk stocked Benton products until after i chose my products. However at least now i can buy some of the Benton products come payday, hooray. The Snail Bee trend has taken the beauty industry by storm. People tend to prefer the snail mixed with the bee venom, like it seems less gross or something lol. This sheet mask is enriched with the infamous Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence, which consists of no water, and is jam packed with Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water, Snail Secretion Filtrate and Bee Venom. It promises to moisturise and soothe the skin and improve the skins texture. I've never actually used anything with Bee Venom in it yet, simply out of fear; but i think this is a great way to start, to see if i actually like, or would have an allergic reaction to it lol ( my mom is allergic to bee's ).


I also received some other small samples of Benton, Aromatica and Cosrx products i am enjoying testing out. Expect updates through my Instagram.


A feature Buttermilk offers is tailored skincare advice, so if you contact them ( via help@buttermilkskincare.com ) a member of staff will swiftly contact you back and help make recommendations for your skin type and skin problems. They can also help you to figure out which products to incorporate into your Korean 10 Step routine. I found the products i chose through the Oily and Combination skincare links, as i know my skin extremely well.  

Some Korean skincare favourites of mine available on Buttermilk are:
Banila Co Clean It Zero ( Link ) £16, Cosrx BHA blackhead Power Liquid ( Link ) £24, Cosrx LowpH Good Monring Gel Cleanser ( Link ) £15, Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule ( Link ) £36 and Tony Moly I'm Real Tea Tree Mask ( Link ) £2.50.

You can also sign up to receive newsletters on new products and mini reviews by Jenna herself, it's kind of like receiving an email from a friend telling you "hey try this out, it worked wonders on me". First time shoppers also receive a 10% off discount on their first order. I like that Buttermilk are a business who use the products they stand by selling - rather than just pushing products on people. I really am excited to see this small company grow and see which new lines and brands they will stock in the future also ( hopefully blithe and Neogen lol ).

Buttermilk Links:

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