Jane Scrivner Skincare Over Oil Cream & Affirmative Face Oil Review

I discovered the wonderful 'Jane Scrivner Skincare' brand when the dear Fiona talked about her Nourishing Cleansing balm on her Instagram. I always trust her judgement and impeccable taste, as we seem to  enjoy a lot of the same products and brands. So i was even more excited when Jane reached out to me and asked if i wanted to sample some of her face oils. Being a huge fan of oils of course i jumped at the chance....

I knew i was receiving a couple of face oils, but i was taken back to find that i received a selection of her best selling skincare products ( some of which were on my wishlist ) and two of her new products set to release! Both of the products have since released this Friday just passed. I was honestly so blown away by her generous package, it honestly felt like Christmas. I'm one of those people that when i find products i really enjoy, i want to spread the love and like to pamper my friends with them also. So i have not only been enjoying testing these products on myself, but also on one of my best friends. The first products i actually gravitated towards were her two new releases and i will say now, that i am loving them!

The first thing you notice about Jane's products is just how luxurious her packaging is with beautiful rose gold accents and simple, yet classy labels. The only qualm i have with some 'luxury skincare brands' is that they often don't include any directions or ingredients on the products on the packaging themselves, just on the box ( May Lindstrom, Lina Hanson and Bakel are all over brands who do this too ). It's not something that bothers me personally, but just in case i recommend holding onto the packaging ( or leaflet she includes ) until you become familiar with the products in your routine.

What ultimately drew me to this brand was that it's a natural skincare line driven by one amazingly passionate woman. As you may be able to tell i am all about supporting other women, especially those in skincare, even more so in natural skincare ( I refer back to some names I mentioned earlier ) and especially a brand that is British. Jane understands that a good complexion helps to enhance ones confidence and she has spent years travelling the world to source the most purest and most powerful ingredients there are to help achieve that. Almost everything in her small collection is rich in antioxidants and skin-loving nutrients, but best of all they are all very effective. For those of you who like natural skincare you will be glad to know that there are no added nasties of any kind in any of Jane's products. I personally like to use a mix of chemical and natural skincare products, but i must say that i find great comfort in knowing what i am putting on my face has no potential irritants. With Jane Scrivner products your skin is left glowing, radiant and youthful, making her line perfect for us skincare lovers over the age of 30. I really admire Jane's drive and desire to help others find their confidence in the skin their in. As someone who enjoys helping other people with skincare and self esteem issues, i really admire this about her. She really knows which ingredients are effective and work together in harmony, and has dedicated her time and skincare line to giving us the best skin we could possibly have. Another small detail i really like about her skincare line is that included with every skincare product is a small note card that she gives skincare tips and advice, and you also get a leaflet with all the details of her products in her collection along with the directions and ingredients - utter Genius. 

Now that i have shared a little with about why this brand is so awesome, lets look into the two new skincare heroes that has joined Jane's collection this fall.....

This is by far one of the best moisturisers I have ever tested out! As I mentioned here I am extremely high maintenance when it comes to the moisturisers i use in my routine and it takes a great deal to impress me. I expect everything from a moisturiser: 1|. It has to be lightweight 2|. yet incredibly effective and hydrating 3|. while preventing my skin from getting oily or congested 4|. and it has to nourish both my Dry and Oily areas of my combination-skin face. It's a pretty mammoth task if you ask me. I've lost count of the amount of moisturisers that have broke me out, so when i find one i like i tend to stick to it. The Jane Scrivner Over Oil cream is a decadently-rich whipped textured moisturiser that is surprisingly lightweight. Packed full of wonderful oils itself it's specifically formulated to apply over top of a face oil, helping to maximise it's benefits. I have never been so impressed with a moisturiser upon first try, and have never encountered any moisturiser like it. I find that nearly all moisturisers that aren't water-gel in texture make my skin congested, especially over top of an oil. So I am elated that i have finally found one that's creamy and ticks all my boxes. 'OO' Cream is both water and oil based which helps to ensure that the skin's natural acid mantle is maintained, deeply nourished and replenished. Skin is left fortified, hydrated and protected. This moisturiser is a key product to helping maintain the skins cellular structure and elasticity increasing cell turnover and boosting collagen production, whilst forming a protective layer to any outside irritants. It really is fantastic for all ages and skin types and is especially great for those over 40 with more mature skin. The colour is a unique apricot shade which absorbs almost immediately into the skin. Despite looking rich and whipped this applies like a light water-based moisturiser on the skin without leaving any kind of sticky residue behind. Honestly your skin will feel smoother than silk and it will be left looking glowing, plump and youthful. A little goes a long way so it will last for ages, and have i mentioned its utterly delightful scent? Best of all because this does not look greasy it can be worn both am or pm. I also wear this on its own without an oil underneath as it does a wonderful job of hydrating my combination skin without making my oily areas more greasy. I would go as far to say that this is in my top 3 skincare finds of 2016. I cannot recommend it enough. Though i personally prefer moisturisers in squeeze tubes or bottles with pumps, i just use one of the many moisturiser spoons i have to get the amount of product i need ( this does come with it's own scoop ). This way no germs or bacteria get into the jar. The jar is plastic so it is also travel friendly.

Swatch of the Jane Scrivner Over Oil Cream. 

Ingredients: English spring water aqua, oat kernel extract avena sativa (o), aloe vera aloe barbadensis, sun flower helianthus annuss (o), shea butter butyrospermum parkii (o), cetearyl alcohol argan argania spinosa (o), rose hip extract rosa canina (o), white birch betula pendula, glyceryl stearate, calendula calendula officinalis, phenylethyl alcohol natural, coco glucosides eye bright euphrasia officinalis, orange citrus aurantium (o), palmarosa cymbopogon martini, rose geranium pelargonium graveolens (o), tocopherol vitamin e, rose absolute rosa centefolia, vanilla vanilla plantifolia, benzoin styrax benzoin, sodium phytate, sodium hydroxide, benzyl alcohol. *citral *euganol *geraniol *citronellol *farnesol *linalool *limonene *benzyl benzoate *benzyl cinnamate. *= naturally occuring in Essential Oils. Contains 80% Certified Organic Ingredients, remaining 20% is 100% natural ingredients. Free from: sulphates, parabens, lanolin, mineral oils, artificial colours, artificial fragrances, SLS and petrochemicals.

Lets look at some of the unique ingredients its formulated with:

Colloidal Oatmeal - Oats are rich in beta-glucans which is a natural skin healer. They can reduce skin inflammation and activate immune cells in the skin. A fantastic ingredient for acne-prone or itchy skin conditions.
Rosehip extract - A regenerating oil with a high content of fatty acids. Reduces scars, boosts collagen production and locks in moisture. 
Betulinic Acid - An anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient that originates from White Birch Bark. 
Tocopherol - Fat soluble Vitamin E that helps enhance barrier function.
Aloe Vera - Can serve as an anti inflammatory soothing and calming the skin. It can help heal blemishes and sunburn, while also protecting the skin from UV damage.


This golden-yellow face oil definitely gets its colour from the beautiful fruity ingredients within it ( red mandarin, apricot and red raspberry seed oil - which is a beautiful gold colour ). Despite Affirmative containing a lot of citrus ingredients it has a very unique herbal scent that reminds me somewhat of Tamanu oil, but with a slight sweetness to it which comes from the red raspberry seed oil. This incredibly light textured super-oil absorbs within minutes when gently pressed into the skin. You literally only need one pump to coat your entire face and neck, of course i like to indulge so at times i use two. I find it hard to discover high-quality face oils that don't sit on my skin 'somewhat'. Of course i don't mind some face oils that don't completely absorb ( like Sunday Riley and Sarah Chapman ) but only at night time, as come morning time i can just rinse my face with water. Any oil i use in the daytime has to absorb fully otherwise not only will my makeup not sit right, but i will look like a complete grease ball after just a few minutes - eek. Because of this oils fast-absorbing capabilities i really enjoy this for the daytime as well as at night. This 'superfood' nutrient-rich, cocktail of oils helps to tone and regenerate the skin. Collagen production is increased and skins elasticity is improved. The first thing i notice is just how my skin looks instantly more firmer and plump, with the most beautiful glow ( but not shiny thanks to the balancing Moringa oil ). Honestly you will need barely any highlight and might even want to flaunt your bare face after using this! I can only see more beneficial things happening to my skin the more that i use it. I also recommend using this under the 'OO' Cream for even better results of firmer, brighter, nourished and protected skin. I like that affirmative comes in a bottle with a pump, and i can see how much product i have used. 

Lets look at some of the wonderful oils in this elixir:

Apricot kernel - Balances and nourishes the skin
Jojoba - Moisturising oil closest to our skins own natural sebum ( see here for more information on this wonderful oil ). 
Moringa Oil - Extremely rich in Phytonutrients and antioxidants. Its anti-ageing, purifying and makes the skin glow naturally.
Acai - Rich in antioxidants and Vitamins A,B,C & E. Anti-ageing and improves damaged skin.
Red Raspberry Seed Oil - Rich in Vitamin E and A. anti-inflammatory and has natural sun protection.
Sea Buckthorn - Another oil i discussed here that is packed full of vitamin C, promotes skin healing and hydration.

Ingredients: Prunus armeniaca (organic) apricot kernel, simmondsia chinensis (organic) jojoba, moringa oleifera seed, rubus idaeus (red raspberry seed oil), Euterpe oleracea (acai) fruit oil, punica granatum (pomegranate) fruit oil, hippophae rhamnoiedes (seabuckthorn) oil, citrus reticulata rosso (organic), citrus limonium (organic), citrus bergamia** (organic), lavandula officinalis, citrus aurantium (neroli), rosmarinus officinalis. *linalool,*limonene, *citral, *geraniol, *citronellol, *hydroxycitronellal. 
( * =Naturally occurring in essential oils **=Bergaptene free )


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I have thoroughly enjoyed adding both of these products into my skincare routine over the past few weeks. Do let me know if you would love a top 5 skincare finds of 2016, i would love to share the products i cannot live without that changed my skin this year. I will also be talking more about Jane on the blog shortly.

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