Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet Review & Swatches

If you have followed my Blog or Instagram for a while, then it should come as no surprise that I am not the biggest fan of matte liquid lipsticks! Though I naturally have very full lips they are extremely sensitive and dry. So, I find most matte lipsticks don't flatter them well and also irritate them. The result is an incredibly 'uncomfortable' lipstick on my lips that eventually crumbles away after just a few hours - yuck! I have tried so many liquid lipsticks and when i do occasionally opt for wearing one it's mostly by this brand. There is a lot of technology in the Armani Beauty Lip Magnets as they promise to give you the look of a matte lipstick but the feeling of a satin lip pencil. So if you are someone like myself who sits on the fence unsure about matte liquid lipsticks, then I would highly recommend that you give the Armani  Lip Magnet Liquid Lipsticks a shot. You could quite possibly become a fan of the matte lip look....

Something i admire about Armani Beauty is that they are always launching new innovative beauty products. I've been a huge fan of their foundations for a quite some time now as they just work so beautifully with the skin. So, I was super excited when I received eight of the eighteen new Lip Magnet Liquid Lipsticks that just released. I did receive nine but two were the exact same shade ( oops ). So I know my dear friend Kelly is going to enjoy that one. The Armani Beauty Lip Magnet features a lightweight liquid formulation that dries to an  incredibly comfortable matte finish. It feels so lightweight it almost feels like your wearing nothing on the lips! A combination of water-fine oils & pigments fuse together to create the comfortable formula and reveal insane concentrated colour! Shortly after application the water-in-oil evaporates leaving behind an opaque matte finish. The consistency is honestly unlike anything I have ever felt before and I can only describe it as like liquid silk. The formulation is actually four times thinner than the traditional liquid lipstick, which makes these an absolute breeze to apply. They don't feel at all greasy, sticky or even drying.... it's honestly like some kind of magic! Just like the rest of the lightweight and comfortable products in the Armani Maestro family, the Lip Magnets give the same amazing results. 

The calligraphic applicator makes it easy for precise and easy application, the pointed tip is perfect for creating shape and navigating around the cupids bow easily. Before you panic, despite the fluid consistency these do not bleed at all!! It's incredibly easy to fill the lips in evenly and quickly and the applicator also helps to distribute the liquid evenly. For full colour intensity you will need two coats of the lipstick and some shades I find only need one. I find that they layer really well without any flaking or uneven patches. Just make sure to let the first coat dry before applying the second. I personally like to use my finger to gently dab the lipstick in when it's almost dry, I just find that this works well for me. Like with all the matte lipsticks I own, I do like to wear a nice lip primer underneath, but this is only because my lips are extremely sensitive and I like to protect them. However I have tested these out without the primer and they are equally as great, so don't feel that you need to use one.

The Lasting power is different depending on the lipstick itself. I did find a couple of the shades didn't wear as long as some others, but as these wear off they give a really pretty ombre faded look to the lips, that gives them this almost natural bitten stain. You will not experience any crusty ring around the mouth with these, which happens with a quite lot of matte liquid lipsticks. I would say that these fully opaque wear around 7-8 hours on me. I do get a teeny bit of transfer depending on the shade. Wearing a lip liner underneath I also find helps the lipstick to last even longer. I have also worn a couple of the shades layered with a creamy lipstick and a lipgloss and the wear is still around 4-5 hours. So pretty darn good if you ask me! I do wish there were more nude shades in the range as these are the shades I usually gravitate towards. A few of the shades are a bit too bright for myself personally especially for everyday wear, but they sure have been fun to try out and step out of my comfort zone....

The packaging is sleek and cute, but I do feel that the red can clash a little with the shades within the tube. Personally they would have looked even nicer ( and not just in my instagram posts lol ) with the traditional Armani black packaging, but I can understand that they wanted them in-keeping with the rest of their maestro range which also has red packaging ( minus the foundation). I would also like to note that despite the tubes being clear, the shades inside tend to be a bit brighter than they appear on the outside. Some of the shades come off almost neon. So, anyway thats enough raving about them, lets take a look at the shades shall we....

302 Hollywood -  A bright poppy red
500 Maharajah - A deep raspberry fuchsia pink
501 Eccentrico - A super bright neon fuchsia pink
502 Mania - Mid toned Neon barbie pink
503 Glow - Rosey pink
504 Nuda - Salmon pink
505 Second Skin - A Deep rosey mauve
601 Attitude - A dark vampy Plum

Armani Lip Magnet Lipstick Swatches ( 1 layer Wet ) L-R:  302, 500, 501, 502, 503, 504, 505 & 601

Armani Lip Magnet Lipstick Swatches ( 1 layer Dry ) L-R: 302, 500, 501, 502, 503, 504, 505 & 601

My personal favourites are the shades 302, 505 and 601. All 3 are perfect for this autumn season too. The rest I find are more suited for the warm summery months.

I really am very impressed indeed with these and I am so thankful I've had the opportunity to try these amazing lipsticks out. I cannot wait to explore some of the other shades in store and buy more. Each Armani Lip Magnet retails for £27 each. They are currently exclusive to Selfridges and Armani online, but they will be released nationwide through all Armani Beauty retailers on the 28th of October. 

Which shade are you the most drawn to?
Are you a fan of matte liquid lipsticks, I would love to know your views.

Thanks for Reading Lovelies

Jamey xo

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  1. WOW! They really are stunning aren't they and being big Armani and matte lip lover fan, this is one launch that excites me a lot. They sound a great formulation from what you have said and they are such stunning shades.
    You can never beat a bright red so that always catches my eye ... love love love.
    Fabulous review! Kelly xx

    1. Oh good because I have included the 302 red in your package hun, I hope you love these xo