Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Review & Swatches

So at the beginning of the week over on my Instagram, I asked my lovely supporters which review they wanted on Friday and most people said the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette, so here it is....
I love Urban Decay eyeshadows, especially their single shadows and the infamous Naked palettes. The Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics palette is my favourite of them all and is definitely my most used. I love that the shadows are silky smooth and long-wearing and that the palette is compact for travel; but most of all I love that all of the eyeshadows are matte. So you already know my heart skipped a beat when Loreal's PR team emailed me to tell me about their impending release of the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette. An all matte palette but with 12 brand new shadows!!! After impatiently lusting after it for six weeks the day finally came that it arrived at my door. So if you would like to know how I feel about the palette, then keep on reading.... 

The Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette contains 12 brand new and exclusive eyeshadows, all with a matte finish. If you are a big fan of matte eyeshadows then you will love this palette. As expected the quality of the shadows are the exact same fantastic quality as the Naked Basic palettes. Buttery smooth texture with really good pigmentation. I like that shadows are 'pigmented' but not so pigmented that there is a lot of fall out and blending takes forever. Colour can be built up beautifully with these shadows and they blend out like an absolute dream. Like with the Viseart eyeshadows I find Urban Decay eyeshadows perform ok swatched but perform phenomenally with a brush on the eyes.

I will say that I am loving the different concept of the packaging with this palette. It's dramatic like you would expect with the Urban Decay Vice palettes, but compact. Instead of your usual rectangular palette it comes in a beautiful rose-gold squared palette, It's definitely aesthetically pleasing. Urban Decay always kills it with their packaging, like I mentioned here. When the palette arrived I was a little annoyed that my mirror was not properly attached and the glue wasn't holding it in place. Luckily the mirror hadn't smashed or damaged any of my shadows. I just used my own super glue and glued it back down. Despite the minor mishap with the mirror I will say that the large sized mirror is fantastic. The quality of it is really crisp and clear and it also makes this palette fantastic for travel. I find that It's always easy to take just one matte eyeshadow palette and a couple of single shimmer-shadows if I am wanting a touch of bling, rather than two separate palettes. 

Top Row:
Blow | A demi-matte bone with slight pearl
Nudie | A matte soft neutral beige
Commando | A matte soft light taupe-brown light
Tempted | A matte cool-toned pale brown
Instinct | A matte medium dusty rose pink
Lethal | A deep matte reddish brown

Bottom Row:
Pre-Game | A matte cream with yellow undertone
Extra Bitter | A matte burnt orange
Faith | A matte medium warm brown
Lockout | A matte medium-neutral brown
Magnet | A matte medium-dark grey
Blackjack | A smoky black

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Swatches: L-R: Blow - Nudie - Commando - Tempted - Instinct - Lethal.
Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Swatches: L-R: Pre-Game - Extra Bitter - Faith - Lockout - Magnet - Blackjack.

You can see in the swatches above just how creamy and smooth the eyeshadows are and you can create a wide array of eye looks with just these 12 shades. So do you need the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette? If you are someone who likes a matte eyeshadow on a day to day basis and like a variety of neutral, cool and warm tones then yes I highly recommend. The mix of warm, neutral and cool shades make it a great palette for every matte eyeshadow lover out there. I don't find that the warm shades lean too warm, so they will compliment even the coolest skin-tone and the cool shades are just neutral enough to flatter even the deepest skin-tones. It really is just a nice all round decent eyeshadow palette that is fantastic for everyday use and pretty much has every neutral eyeshadow you would ever need. If you have lusted after the Viseart Neutral Matte palette but cannot justify the price, then i would highly recommend trying the Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette. 

As I prefer matte eyeshadows for every day use, the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette is a huge hit for me. Every shadow is easy to work with and it doesn't take me long to create a simple eye look.
The Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette retails for £38.50 in the UK via:
UrbanDecay.co.uk - Selfridges & Debenhams.
In the USA it retails for $54 and is available from: Urbandecay.com & Sephora

Are you a matte eyeshadow fan? What is your favourite Urban Decay Naked palette?

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  1. I've been seeing this palette everywhere, it's gorgeous! I don't use matte shades often otherwise I would definitely get this palette x


    1. I love matte shades but i do enjoy a nice shimmer across the lid xo

  2. I just found your blog through your instagram and I'm LOVING it already! Xx


  3. Ah I am loving the look of your blog! Found you through Bloglovin'. Great post - I've heard only great things about this palette and it's harming my bank account slowly yet surely...


    1. awww im glad you found me :) i hope you will enjoy my blog hun xo

  4. I need to try this!x