Best of Beauty Awards 2016 - My Skincare Favourites and fails

Yes, I know this blogpost is beyond late but after two months of not having a working laptop and going through some personal issues ( which i will talk about in a future blogpost ) i found myself stuck in a rut. I chose to take time out to work on myself and come back when i was ready. Better late than never i always say. Yearly favourites are by far my favourite blogposts to read. Skincare is where i invest most of my money, and last year i discovered so many new wonderful skincare products. Originally i was going to do a large combined blogpost ( hair, lifestyle, skincare & makeup ) but decided on doing them separately instead. Within this post I will be sharing all of the skincare products that i loved last year from face cleansers and serums, to body oils and shower gels. Some of the products will be new discoveries and others will be tried and true long-term favourites. I will be sharing all the products i loved as well as the products i just didn't. So, I hope you enjoy.....
Personally i feel that skincare is the most important beauty step, because you have to love the skin your in. So i always tell people that they should nurture their bodies largest organ, their skin. If you take care of your skin first, you'll find that you need and often want to use less makeup, plus its amazing for self confidence. 2016 was the year my passion for skincare really took over in an obsessive way! Whatsapp skincare conversations between my dear friend Kelly and myself reignited a spark within us both, that we had somehow lost the previous year ( makeup took over lol ). The past couple of years i have found so much inner confidence to be my true self, not care what others think and to let my inner geek come out. I stepped away from concentrating solely on makeup and shared my passion for skincare on both my blog and Instagram. In doing so i discovered so many wonderful and like-minded skincare pages and blogs, and of course many wonderful new brands. 
2016 my skincare goal was to overcome some of the skin issues i was experiencing like acne breakouts, milia, dry patches and hyperpigmentation. I added extra steps into my routine and really discovered ingredients my skin benefits well from. I now enjoy my skincare routine as a relaxing and sensory experience, as opposed to a tedious chore. I discovered that heavily fragranced skincare products were not only irritating my skin but were also overpowering and nauseating, so if i do not like the scent of a product often i wont use it! I also stepped away from mud and clay products that dried my skin out, and embraced my 'oily' areas by using face oils to balance out sebum production. Last year i found myself gravitating towards more niche, green and eco beauty brands which my bank balance didn't love, but my skin and Instagram account did lol. I thoroughly enjoyed testing out a huge range of skincare products last year, many of which have now become holy grail staples in my routine, now i will share them with you.....

Makeup Removal & Cleansers

So, after having another baby and relying heavily on the convenience of Micellar waters ( Bioderma & Katherine Daniels are my favourites ) for a good couple of years - along with gel cleansers of course. I found that overusing them was starting to take it's toll on my skin, my skin began to act out! It wasn't until 2016 that I started using oil based cleansers and my skin started to clear up! The cleanser that started it all was the Su-Man Purifying Cleansing Gel-Oil. This delightfully lightweight gel-to-oil cleanser opened up my world to oil cleansing. Not just for removing makeup, but to also nourish, nurture, hydrate and pamper my skin at the same time. I began to find my cleansing routine more of a holistic experience, as opposed to a chore. Every single gel-to-oil cleanser i test out, i compare to the Su-Man cleanser. Midway through last year i discovered the Oskia Renaissance cleanser. Which is like it's baby sister sister; Just slightly thinner in consistency, but almost identical. Last year was another poor health year that improved towards the end of the year  ( i suffer with an auto immune disease ). Whenever i feel under the weather i always reach for the Pai Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser which replaced my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. It's just an incredibly gentle, soothing and uplifting cream cleanser that doesn't irritate my skin when it's inflamed or sore. I swear whenever my skin is suffering or feels the slightest out of whack this cleanser helps to nurse my skin back to good health. In fact it's so gentle that i introduced it to my daughters, who now use it every night with a hot cloth ( because good habits start at home ).

 Throughout the winter months i find that i crave richer, more buttery cleansers and the Emma Hardie Amazing Face Morninga Cleansing Balm stole my heart big time. It's a beautiful decadently-rich oil balm that really nourishes the skin, leaving it super clean and glowing with an intoxicating scent to relax and regenerate the mind. My most used daytime cleansers were the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Rapid Radiance Cleanse cleanser and the Grown Alchemist Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser. I not only love the refreshing signature scent of the Rapid Radiance Cleanse that many of the Skinesis products have, but i also love that it purifies my skin whilst being extremely gentle; Leaving me with super clean, soft, bright refreshed looking skin. It also helps to reduce sebum production. If you have oily/combination skin but like that healthy glow to your skin, then i would highly recommend this. The Grown Alchemist cleanser really compliments the Clarisonic and is unisex ( so perfect if your getting your man into skincare ). On days i was running late and didn't have time to wash my face in the morning then i would opt for the *Perricone Md Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment, this removes every trace of dirt and is extremely gentle on the skin even around the eyes. Often buy these treatments in pairs on QVC when they have their deals ( like this one ). I am a bit of a floozy with face cleansers ( i really do own far too many ), so i am shocked i even loved this many last year lol.

Products Mentioned
Bioderma Sensibio - £10 Link |  Katherine Daniels Miceller - £19 Link |  Su-Man Cleanser - £40 Link
Oskia Cleanser - £29.50 Link |  Pai Cleanser - £28 Link |  Emma Hardie Morninga Balm - £38 Link
Skinesis Cleanser - £29 Link |  Grown Alchemist Cleanser - £26 Link
*Perricone MD Blue Plasma - £36 Link

Toners & Mists

2016 was the year i added an Essence into my skincare routine. The first essence i ever tried was the Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence Mist, but i had not fallen in love with the 'added skincare-step' until i discovered the Su-Man Rehydrating Toning Essence. It just gives me everything i could ever want in an essence or toner. I dabbled with some other watery essences from Belif, but so far none have left my skin quite as hydrated as the Su-Man one. Buttermilk Skincare surprised me with the *Cosrx Advanced Snail Snail Essence and initially I was a little grossed out. However after seeing the wonderful benefits that snail secretion has on my skin, i am now firmly sitting on the on the snail loving train. TootToot! Currently my skin is the most youthful, clear and plump it has looked since i was a kid! I am 32! Of course before applying my essence i apply a toner. I reached for the January Labs Restorative Tonic Mist not just out of convenience because it's in mist form or because Caroline Hirons recommended it, but because it just works beautifully with my skin. I also really enjoyed the A.S Apothecary Geranium Cleansing Water #13 which i discovered one day stalking the Content Beauty website. I've since fallen for quite a few of this small British brands products ( brand spotlight post coming up soon ). I loved AHA & BHA toners too, in particular the Bravura London Exfoliating Toners ( the Ginseng which is good for all skin types and the *Calendula which is great for normal to problem skin ) and the *Benton Aloe BHA Skin Toner. All have helped dramatically with congestion, pores and blackheads. For refreshing touch up's throughout the day i experimented with a lot of facial mists and the two i reached for the most ( and have repurchased back ups of ) are the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Essence and the Farmacy Skin Dew.

Products Mentioned
Missha Mist - £24 Link |  Su-Man Essence - £37 Link
*Cosrx Snail Essence - £25 Link or $14.93 Link |  January Labs Toner - £18 Link
A.S Apothecary Tonic - £28 Link |  Bravura Toners £12.40 each Ginseng Link *Calendula Link
*Benton BHA - £13 Link or $17.86 Link |  Omorovicza QofH Mist - £25 Link
Farmacy Skin Dew - £38 Link

Serums & Eyes

As i mentioned previously i suffered with pretty bad milia all through  2014 & 2015. So 2016 i really concentrated on getting rid of it. No matter which eye creams i used they always give me milia, so i started using serums instead with the odd exception of a cream every now and again at night. It's so difficult because richer creams have more anti-ageing benefits but i have to go by what my skin can handle. The Aesop Parsley Seed Eye Serum changed my life! Not only did it help clear up the milia i had but it also helped with the dark pigmentation and skin sensitivity under my eyes. It started a love affair for eye serums and i soon discovered the cooling *Elemis pro collagen eye serum. I haven't found that this helps with pigmentation, but it is incredibly hydrating and ultra soothing, making it perfect for the daytime and specially when my hay fever is playing up. I discovered the Bakel Cool Eyes through Rae which was so pricey. However i find its one of those rare eye products that gives instant results! It literally is botox in an eye cream - wrinkles be gone!! The only downside is it can make my sensitive eyes sting a little, so i reach for this when i need a quick fix or am going somewhere special and need my concealer to look flawless.

When i really want a special under eye treat nothing beats the Lina Hanson Global Treasures balm. The beautiful green balm with gold flecks and a sweet warm chocolate and coffee aroma, really helps to nourish and hydrate my under eyes. This has become an every night staple and has helped with my fine lines. The consistency of it means a little really does go a long way. I always find after cleansing my sensitive eyes feel a little sore, this balm helps to soothe that. I started taking my face serums up higher to under my eyes and the Kypris Antixodant Dew is medicine in a bottle that everyone needs in their skincare routine. I honestly do not know how i ever lived without this serum. It soothes, brightens and hydrates, it really is a holy grail wonder product. Another serum i adored was the Su-Man Velvet Skin Brightening Serum, which has an unusual silky texture, and a little goes a very long way. My go-to night serum was the Missha Time Revolution Borabit Ampoule which is apparently an affordable dupe for the Estee Lauder Overnight Treatment. The Missha ampoule has helped to keep my skin supple and bright. It's one of those products that you think is doing nothing, until you stop using it, then believe me you notice! I plan on purchasing the Estee Lauder to see the comparison between the two.

Products Mentioned
Aesop Eye Serum - £57 Link |  Elemis Eye Serum - £42.50 Link  |  Bakel Cool Eyes - £86 Link
Lina Hanson Balm - £86 Link |  Kypris Serum - £69 Link |  Su-Man Serum - £98 Link
Missha Serum - £36 Link or $28.25 Link

Face Oils & Elixirs

2016 was definitely the year i upped my facial oil game. Though i have combination-oily skin my skin adores face oils. After discovering the Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil back in 2015 and falling in love with the effects, i decided to broaden my horizons in 2016 and invested in some pricey little apothecary beauties. Though i purchased the Sunday Riley Luna night oil and am a fan of it, i didn't start using it until this year. I purchased Luna after falling in love with the Artemis and Juno Oils by Sunday Riley. Sadly Artemis has now been discontinued and replaced with UFO which is on my wish list to get, but i love that the rich oil leaves my skin looking incredibly glowy and plump while feeling incredibly hydrated. Juno is a nice anti-ageing hydrating face oil. However my favourite discovery was definitely the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial, which is known as an elixir. This magic in a bottle literally gives me the most beautiful skin overnight! Whenever my skin is looking a little lacklustre or lifeless, i reach for this beauty and i have lost count of how many times i have recommended it to friends. I also discovered the *Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil which not only smells divine but feels equally beautiful on the skin. Its incredibly lightweight and absorbs completely into the skin. I find that due to its consistency that it works well for both day and night on my combination skin. Another oil i discovered last year was the Guy Morgan Apothecary Salem Rose Hair & Nail Oil which has really helped nourish the cuticles around my nails and absorbs really quickly without leaving a greasy residue behind.

Products Mentioned
Pai Roship Oil - £ Link |  Sunday Riley Luna - £85 Link
Sunday Riley Artemis - £60 Discontinued |  Sunday Riley Juno - £70 Link
Skinesis Overnight Facial - £46 Link |  Dermalogica Phyto Oil - £62 Link
Guy Morgan Nail Oil - £38.50 Link

Moisturisers & Sunscreen

I have mentioned quite a bit now that moisturisers are the most difficult product for me to buy as my skin gets easily congested and breaks out! So many mpoisturosers have the unnecessary ingredient of fragrance in them and skin congesting humectants and oils like coconut oil and mineral oil, which actually cause my skin to break out and get milia bumps. Sadly i had to pass on a lot of my moisturisers to friends and family. Last summer I had the worse reaction to the Sunday Riley Tidal Moisturiser which i was absolutely gutted about ( it's not exactly cheap either ) but i will say that i definitely wont be trying their new CEO moisturiser out. Chris of TophCam wasn't a fan of it and i trust his judgement. The only daytime moisturiser i have been able to use consistently for years was the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser. After trying an array of night time creams, the Korres Black Pine Antiwrinkle Firming Night Cream has been my staple for years and is my favourite night cream ever. Though it does have a heavily fragrance to it that some might find a little potent, i personally adore it and i don't find that it irritates my skin. I just love how soft, supple and hydrated this leaves my skin come morning.

Last year i thought that my skin needed more than just a basic moisturiser to hydrate my skin, but this year i realised my skin doesn't need a fancy moisturiser as my serums do most of the work. If i need that extra boost then i can always use a sleeping pack or overnight masks instead. Before realizing this year that i was overdoing it with treatment products, 2016 saw me testing out a good fair few moisturisers. Only two stood out at me which are the Blithe Crystal Iceplant Pressed Serum and the *Jane Scrivner 'OO'  Over Oil Cream. The Blithe Crystal Iceplant is infused with 63% Iceplant extract which acts as a moisture magnet as they have the ability to survive the Saharan climate. Also chocked full of fermented olive and argan oils that help to hydrate and soothe, this moisturiser is incredibly lightweight and cooling. Making it sublime for those with oily and combination skin types, who find that moisturisers can clog pores and exacerbate congestion. It's also a fantastic product if you are short of time and want to condense two steps into one. The Jane Scrivner 'OO' cream is rich buttery goodness but in a lightweight lotion form! It's honestly like no other cream i have used before and for me was love at first use. It's a wonderful refreshing products that absorbs quickly and works for both day and night. Now, it must be obvious by now that Sunscreen is the most important step in a skincare routine. When it comes to anti-ageing prevention is key. I find so many sunscreens to be incredibly oily and somewhat irritating on the skin. This year i have fallen for the Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Hydrating Shield SPF50 PA++++ but last year I discovered the Radical Skin Perfecting Screen SPF30 and loved it's lightweight texture and subtle tint that helped to wake up my skin and make it look brighter.It's also a sunscreen that ideal for those who don't wear makeup.

Products Mentioned
Clinique Lotion - £30 Link |  Korres Night Cream - £39 Link
Blithe Pressed Serum - £44 Link | Jane Scrivner OO Cream - £39 Link
Elizabeth Arden City Smart SPF - £55 Link |  Radical Sunscreen - £38 Link

Masks & Target Treatment

Though i have added a lot of face masks to my collection, i am actually quite lazy. Where as many of my friends do regular face masks each week, I am one of those people who thinks if it isn't broken don't fix! I like to listen to my skin and what it needs without overcompensating it. There is not point doing a moisture mask if my skin doesn't need that extra moisture and there is no point doing a clarifying mask if my skin isn't congested. However there were a few mask discoveries from 2016 i fell deeply in love with. The Kate Somerville Exfolikate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment is not quite a mask but was my go-to product for a deep exfoliation. I like that it mixes a chemical and physical exfoliation together and the unusual green colour and refreshing scent makes it a fun product to use. Another treatment i fell for was the Bravura Salicylic Acid 2%. This treatment helps treat blemishes and improves congestion across my nose. Honestly it's one of my best discoveries of 2016! Teamed with the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patches i managed to help speed up the recovery of my breakouts and reduce the scarring.

On to face masks, the Caudalie Detox Mask is still my favourite face mask of all time! If you want a mask that will reset your skin, this is it! A beautiful french red-clay mask that helps to detoxify the skin but without drying it out like a lot of mud masks can. The result is diminished dry patches, smaller pores and smooth, fresh looking skin. The Emma Hardie Amazing Face Age Support Instant Radiance Face Mask ( woah that was a mouthful!!! ) is the complete opposite. It's job is to really hydrate and nourish the skin, i also find that it helps with reducing pore size. I recommend this mask to all of my friends over 30. Then a mask that does all of the above is the May Lindstrom The Honey Mud. This fragrant cocoa pudding-like mask applies smoothly over the skin and detoxifies whilst also nourishing. I swear every time i use this as either a cleanser or mask i have an instant craving for sweet chocolate mousse, mmm. I have been using sheet masks for a couple of years now and i currently like to use them around once or twice a week. The only sheet masks i found myself consistently reaching for were the Blithe sheet masks. The Blue Blithe Abalone Intensive Masks are definitely my favourite. My skin is always left feeling deeply nourished and looking super bright and healthy.

Products Mentioned
Kate Somerville Exfolikate - $85 Link |  Bravura Salicylic Acid 2% - £9.59 Link
Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch - $3.17 Link or £3.90 Link | Caudalie Detox Mask - £22 Link
Emma Hardie Mask - £36 Link |  May Lindstrom The Honey Mud - £64 Link
Blithe Sheet Masks - £42 ( for 10 sheets ) Abalone Link & Sea Cucumber Link


I have very dry lips, and always have done; but my lips have been extra dry over the past so many months due to the cold weather. I discovered the lip saving Verso Lip Serum, but sadly it was a 2017 discovery. However I do think that the Grown Alchemist Watermelon & Vanilla Lip Balm deserves an honourable mention. It's incredibly hydrating but also gives a beautiful wet-look to the lips that makes the lips look incredibly juicy and plump. I often wore this lip balm over a lip liner or lipstick for a glossy full-looking pout, that also hydrates. It's not as long lasting as the verso but it really is a nice everyday lip balm. I was kindly sent a bloggers beauty box by YesStyle and i fell in love instantly with the *Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I like that it comes with a teeny silicone applicator brush ( no dirty nails yay ) and it glides across the lips like silk, literally rescuing my dry lips overnight. It's also fantastic for prepping your lips before a liquid lipstick. I wore this every night and still do now.

Products Mentioned
Verso Lip Serum - £55 Link |  Grown Alchemist Lip Balm - £14 Link
*Laneige Lip Mask - £17.90 Link or $13.45 Link / UK £18.50 Link

Bath & Body 

I'm more picky when it comes to body care products. I use the site to look at the ingredients in my products, especially when it comes to something i am applying all over my body or my children. Unilever seems to have a monopoly on bath and body products so it proved difficult finding products i felt were low in toxicity. Most of the soap bars we use are natural and handmade ( often vegan ) by small British brands or by Lush. Body washes we thoroughly enjoyed are the Soap & Glory Clean on Me Creamy Shower Gel and the Michael Todd Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash. I have sensitive skin more on my body than on my face and i find when washing intimate areas i can get easily irritated. For years i used Dreamwash by Lush ( which they discontinued but is still available in the USA. However here in the UK they have replaced it with the Dreamwash Roulade, which i will have to pick up to try out. I struggled to find anything i could use besides washing with aqueous cream, that was until i discovered the Canesten Gentle Refreshing Mousse. It's extremely gentle and doesn't dry out my skin which i love. If you have any intimate washes you enjoy using please let me know below.

Being a single mom to 4 kids i am always short of time so moisturising often gets missed ( naughty i know ) so that's why i love to use a multitask product in the bath or shower. The Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner has been a holy grail product of mine for years. Its so buttery rich and smells amazing! I will forever be a fan! The Elemental Herbology Detox Bath Infusion oil is what i love when i have a bath and want to completely detox my body and mind. I'm now on my third bottle and no other bath oil i have tried has come close to how much i love this, yet. I didn't discover a body cream i actually loved until this year which is the Aerin Rose De Grasse Body Cream which is a decadently rich buttery cream that smells absolutely amazing!!! However last year i discovered the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Body Treatment. It has the same beautiful scent as the Overnight face mask and helps to give my skin this beautiful glow whilst adding moisture at the same time. I cannot wait to use it come summertime over top of a tan, as i only discovered it in the autumn time.

Products Mentioned
Soap & Glory Shower Gel - £6.50 Link |  Michael Todd Rose Body Wash - £12 Link
Lush Dreamwash |  Canesten Refreshing Mousse - £8.99 Link
Lush Ro's Argan - £16.50 Link |  Elemental Herbology Detox - £21 Link
Skinesis Overnight Body - £49 Link | Aerin Rose Body Cream - £64 Link

2016 Skincare Product Dislikes

Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser £24
The texture was gloopy and greasy, but what i disliked the most was that it left a tacky greasy film behind on my skin that i had to scrub so get off! I would have to exfoliate and follow up with another cleanser, too much hard work and disappointment for me. I passed this along to my sister.

Banila Co Clean It Zero Sherbert Cleansing Balm £20
Initially i loved how this removed makeup from my skin, However my skin and sensitive eyes didn't agree with the mineral oil in this. No matter if i used a lot or a little, my eyes would be left blurry for a good hour after using. The Purity version has better ingredients so i will try that one to see how i get on.

Sunday Riley Tidal £60
I wanted to like this so much, but it broke me out so so bad! I thought since it had the Korean style water cream idea that it wouldn't be congesting on my skin, but i was so wrong! I also found it a little deceiving that they didn't advertise fragrance online but that it can be seen on the box. Sneaky, and fragrance is something that often irritates my skin when used in moisturisers. If you have easily congested acne prone skin i would avoid this, and its not hydrating enough for those with dry skin. I would say this suits normal skin types best. My review is here.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks £47.50 for 6
I have never had such a bad allergic reaction to an eye product in my life!!! I shared my experience over on my Instagram about these eye masks. I was left with burns after only applying it to my face for a couple of minutes. I wont try out again as it took a week for the pain to completely subside and i don't want to experience that pain again! Such a shame. £47 down the drain!

*Benton Honest Cleansing Foam £10
Luckily i only had samples of this but i found it really drying, my face was literally squeaky clean and stripped of all it's moisture. This is another product that is great at balancing oily skin but was sadly not for me.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil £38
I just didn't find that this did anything for my skin. I find a lot of kiehls products hit or miss and feel most of their products are aimed at younger people under 30 and don't always have that extra oomph my skin needs. I really liked the lightweight texture of this but it did nothing but just sit on top of my skin. This is another product that is great for those with oilier skin.

Bravura Detoxifying Eucalyptus Toner £12.90
Now this wasn't a complete dislike, as i personally love the Bravura toners. However i just don't reach for this one over the other two simply because of the strong Eucalyptus fragrance. Personal preference, however my friend Toni adores this so it has gone to a good home. This is another product that's great for those with oily skin as it contains AHA's and BHA's.

Sensai Silky Purifying Mud Soap £40
I think this is the most drying squeaky clean cleanser i have ever tried! It only took me just one use to realise that i hated it for my skin. However my friend Toni loves it for her oily acne-prone skin.

Decleor Micellar Oil £26
I loved the concept of this, it was intriguing. Though i liked how lightweight this oil felt, it was another oil product that left a residue on my skin and i didn't find that it removed eye makeup as well as some of my other oil cleansers. Can you guess who this went to lol?

Hourglass no 28 Lip Treatment Oil £34
Sadly this was another product i had an allergic reaction to. I loved the cooling sensation of the gold tip but after just two weeks of initially loving the lip oil, my lips broke out in really bad blisters and were cracked and bleeding. It took a good 5 weeks for them to completely heal. I ended up passing it along to a friend who really enjoyed it. I've been too scared to try another lip oil since.

Ren Clarimatte T Zone Balancing Gel £22
This was just another product that i didn't really dislike, but that just didn't wow me. I didn't really find that it hydrated my skin. Toni says she loves how matte this helps keep her skin, whilst also hydrating.

Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado £20
I don't get why this is such a popular eye cream? Though i would say that its a fantastic one for those with younger skin. I just found it so thick that it was too hard to blend out. I have sensitive eyes that get sore easily and every time i applied this cream they would end up feeling sore and bruised. I also found that it sat on top of my skin and i developed milia bumps.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream £32.50
This was another eye cream that just wouldn't absorb into my skin. I loved the texture but i just couldn't get it to work if i didn't use an eye serum underneath.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water £4.99
I picked this up expecting it to be a bioderma dupe, however it was not. I didn't find it to be as effective, it took a bit more rubbing to remove mascara and it had a funky smell. If i want an affordable micellar water i prefer the Boots Botanics one.

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream £20
Though this was hydrating, it just wasn't as hydrating as a serum, and it didn't combat any darkness or fine lines. This is great if you have younger skin and want a basic eye cream to moisturise and brighten at the same time.

Please remember that just because i did not personally get a long with a product, it does not mean that it's a bad product or will not work for you. Skincare is different for everyone, and often it is about trial and error. I just like to be incredibly honest about my experience with products.
To see more of the skincare products i have tested, enjoyed and disliked then click here.

So that was my best of 2016 skincare favourites, the products that made the biggest impact on my skin last year. There were other products i enjoyed but that i just didn't use enough to warrant a position in this post or i just didn't love as much. What were your newest discoveries of 2016 and your firm favourites? I would love to know so, leave your comment or blog links below

Thanks for Reading Lovelies

Jamey xo

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  1. I feel the same way too, at 36 my skin is at the best condition ever, I have been taking care of it and according to my friends 'I am using too many products' but I don't care, it is worth it!! I have added a few products on my wishlist, this post is extremely helpful in discovering new products and brands.


    1. Hi Yiota im glad my post was helpful and you have discovered some new products to try out.
      As for your friends only your know your skin best, if having a long routine works for your skin then stick with it. For me personally i have some days my routines are long and some its short, i always just go by how i feel and what my skin needs. Thank you for stopping by xo

  2. I must say, your choice is really very impressive. Skin care is really very important this time and I think its very important for every girl to be concerned about her skin and it's care.

  3. skincare is very important indeed Tressie :)

  4. A beautiful post full of so many skincare gems! You can tell that skincare flame has been well and truly ignited!
    Yes to Skin always. Kelly xx
    P.S .Those WhatsApp convos may get us committed though I fear on some level! LOL