Chocolate Beauty Products for Chocoholics - Easter Gift Ideas

Now that Easter is just a few days away, you might be after a last minute gift for that special someone, or better yet want to take advantage of the Easter Sales many brands and stores will have. It was after i took an intoxicating whiff of the delectable Perricone MD Cocoa Moisture Mask that i came up with the idea of this blog post. I mean how many women out there actually love the smell of chocolate? So i thought that i would share some of my personal favourite 'Cocoa-induced' products, that could make wonderful gifts for the chocolate lover in your life this Easter.....

For the Chocolate Lover...

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palettes

This should be a no brainer. Chances are if your special lady loves chocolate and makeup she already knows about these pretty little eyeshadow palettes. The Too Faced Chocolate eyeshadow palettes consist of 16 eyeshadows to cater to every neutral-eyeshadow fans ddesire. If the person you are shopping for enjoys eyeshadows with a combination of everyday neutrals, warms and cool toned eyeshadows they would enjoy the original Chocolate Bar Palette.  If they prefer warmer eyeshadows then i recommend the Semi Sweet Chocolate bar palette; and if they are a girly-girl and love the colour pink and also enjoy the occasional pop of colour, then i highly recommend the Chocolate Bon Bons Palette. The quality of Too Faced eyeshadows are creamy, long-wearing and easy to blend, as i mentioned here & here.

Retails for: £39 UK - Link | $49 USA - Link
UK Stockists: Debenhams & Selfridges

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette
Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette


Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

Another delectable Too Faced product. It seems that Too Faced Cosmetics enjoy the sweet scent of cocoa, and they definitely know what women want. The Too Faced Soleil bronzer comes in two shades in light/medium (milk soleil) and medium/dark (chocolate soleil) depending on your skin tone. Both bronzer powders are matte in finish, finely-milled, blend like a dream and satisfy the sweet tooth lovers needs. I mean who doesn't want their face to smell like chocolate?

Retails for: £25 UK - Link | $30 USA - Link
UK Stockists: Debenhams & Selfridges


Perricone MD Cocoa Moisture Mask

This pricey little mask is by one of my favourite skincare brands. As with most of the products i have tried by Perricone MD this beauty doesn't disappoint. From the sweet inviting aroma to the luscious creamy texture, this mask ticks both the touch and scent sensory experience. Simply slather around a teaspoon amount of the mask all over your face and let it sit on your skin for a good 10-15 minutes. Massage in again, and you will notice the consistency become a little thicker, then allow it to sit for an additional 10 minutes. Then simply rinse off with warm water, or use a wash cloth if you prefer a little physical exfoliation. Skin will be left feeling super plump and moist, as well as looking refreshed, bright and firm. Anyone with dry skin who needs extra moisture will love this! 

Retails for: £52 UK - Link | $69 USA - Link
UK Stockists: Perricone MD UK, Look Fantastic, John Lewis, Cult Beauty, QVC & Mankind.


Evolve Organic Beauty Radiant Glow Mask

Honestly the aroma of this mask is simply mouth-watering from the second you unscrew the lid. Its so good its almost good enough to eat! Unlike the Perricone MD which is more of a hydrating rich cream, this is a thick and sticky oil-enriched exfoliating mask. Packed full of rich oils like Sweet Almond and Sunflower it helps to nourish, as well as using raw cacao powder and clay to detoxify the skin. Fine coconut granules add a physical element to the mask and help to physically sloth away any dead skin cells. Skin is left incredibly smooth and looking bright and full of life.

Retails for: £20 UK - Link | $36 Canada - Link
UK Stockists: Naturisimo, Cos Natural, My Showcase & Flourish Beauty


Happy Place Cosmetics Chocolate Doughnut Soap*

I discovered this adorable product when Kirsty was kind enough to surprise my son with it (she really is such a wonderful person). Her creations are always so sweet and personal. I love that these doughnut soaps can be personalised, it makes them wonderful unique gifts. The chocolate scent is intoxicating but without being overly strong, i think its cute how my son jokes around saying that "people will want to eat me, i smell so good" after he uses it in the shower, bless him lol. The soap is incredibly nourishing and not at all drying on the skin, like a lot of store bought soaps. You can keep up to date with all her scents here, and see what other Cocoa enriched products she makes here (the chocolate brownie face scrub sounds divine). Its a wonderful and affordable gift that is unisex and great for kids also. Also all of HPC Products are Natural, Organic & Cruelty Free.

Retails for: £6 UK - Link 


May Lindstrom The Honey Mud

This rich palatable mask is a personal favourite of mine. The concoction of the sweet and antibacterial honey with the rich and strong cacao powder is delightfully moreish. As decadent as they come, this sweet mask helps to soothe the skin, making it especially great if you have inflamed or uncooperative skin. It also deeply nourishes and helps with congestion, leaving you with incredibly baby-soft, regenerated skin. I like that it offers a therapeutic sensory experience as well as physical. The sweet scent also lingers on the skin after it has been rinsed off which i love. Pricey but the perfect luxurious treat.

Retails for: £87 UK - Link | $90 USA - Link | $120 Canada - Link
UK Stockists: Content Beauty & Wellbeing, CultBeauty, Liberty London & Naturisimo Net-a-Porter

Do you have any Chocolate beauty products that you love? I would love to know....

Thanks for Reading Lovelies

Jamey xo

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